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Our kinda Sunday 👌🏼❄️ | @hamainibrothers


Teiva still can’t snowboard so we decided this weekend to swap the snow ❄️ for the beach 🌊. Walking Brixton is kinda like walking a wild Rhino so if anyone has some tips for that, that would great 👌🏼😂


Mucho love 💙 | @hamainibrothers ❄️


Time to enjoy these last days of 2018 ❄️💙 .... and work off all those calories consumed over the last few days 😜


Happy Christmas vibes to all of you from us ❄️💙


Even after years of practice it still seems to take a lot of effort, bit of screaming and a few tears to get two kids ready for the snow by 9am each day 😂 .... but at least the reward is worth it❄️💙


I love you Mondays 💙 - Back to the hustle...:


So maybe I will quit all this media stuff and just start competing instead now that I got my own jersey? 😜 This year I feel good because I know how damn hard we ALL worked to make it the best year ever. Thanks to @kemahliselim and @yourizoon for seriously putting in endless hours and effort, and all those @worldkiteboardingchampionships crew and riders for making each event awesome and so much fun | @caseproductionsuk for being the best crew to work with, and my girl @romantsovaphoto for being the best friend always. Love u guys... see u next year ❤️


The final day in Cumbuco, Brazil 🇧🇷 Def the best location for the final event of the year ✌🏼


Very stoked for this lil’ shredder... World Champ at age 14? Insane, congrats @mikaili_sol 🙌🏼 Full respect for your focus and determination❤️ (and coach @ingrosso_fabio 👏🏼) | @worldkiteboardingchampionships @romantsovaphoto


What a day 🇧🇷🙌🏼 Still got a long way to go before I can give a proper interview in Portuguese tho 😂| @carlosmariobebe 📸 @romantsovaphoto


Elite Championship Day One Highligbts from paradise 🇧🇷💦🤟🏼| @caseproductionsuk | @worldkiteboardingchampionships


Finals day in Dakhla 💥 @worldkiteboardingchampionships @caseproductionsuk