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. Your love is the wind Lifting me ever higher Giving direction


Understand, love, peace Seeking out the first of these Finding the others . . . . . Two weeks ago, I was out walking about and making photos in Glen Echo Ravine. It's a beautiful area/park here in Columbus with the Glen Echo Creek running through it into the Olentangy River. These three "sisters" caught my eye, and I'm always glad to make a photograph with three of something. The trios always bring to mind, faith, hope and love; and peace, love and understanding . This particular shot just resonated with the second of the three and I started playing around in my head how to incorporate peace, love and understanding into a haiku. Together in that form already have 7 syllables, but several months ago, I already did a haiku with that as the second line. I worked them around a bit more and crafted the first line . Then I pondered on that line, and the thoughts that occurred to me is that if you take the time and make the effort to understand someone else and where they are coming from, you will come to love them and from that love and understanding you will find peace and acceptance. Just took a bit more time to distill those thoughts into the haiku . Thank you to everyone for all the warm wishes on my previous post announcing the coming show which my work will be a part. It was so heart warming to see all the responses. I hope everyone will have a fantastic week ahead of them 🙏🏼😊🙏🏼 namaste


About a month ago, I shared with you that in April my photography and haiku would be part of a gallery show. I’m here to share the details . There are three of us presenting our photography; Rose Klockner @rose_klocker_photography Vincent Nobel and myself will be presenting . Uncommon Vision . Photography, at is most basic level, is always about common things, rocks, trees, leaves, buildings, lights, people, animals. Anyone can take a photo, but what makes the common into art? Vision. The ability to see beauty, where others see the mundane. Whether it’s a street light, a fogged swept mountain, or cracked mud; whether they travel or stay close to home, it is the artist’s vision that brings out the uncommon beauty in all the things they photograph . Arthur’s photos, along with his haiku, speak of love, connection and the beauty of the human connection. Rose and Vincent try to honor the soul of nature and inspire others to explore and preserve its beauty. Taken together, they hope these photos bring you an “Uncommon Vision” of the world around you . The show is opening on April 7 at Wild Goose Creative @wildgoosecrestive It’s located at 2491 Summit St. Columbus OH 43202. It will open for Wild Goose members at 6:00pm and the public at 7:00pm. The show will be there through the remainder of April . This image will be among the 26 which I am exhibiting. Very excited about this and I hope to see you there for the opening!


As you move through life In dark moments remember Angels everywhere . . . . . Two weeks ago I nabbed this shot as I participated in one of the winter hikes that @cbusmetroparks organizes each year . I was walking along looking around for interesting scenes and paused for a moment, looked down and was greeted by this angel . Composed the haiku, and also wanted to share the thought with everyone that while a popular perception is that angels are these divine beings with wings, I also believe that each of us has a touch of the divine within and so we are angels too. We are literally surrounded by other angels . I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to properly share the profound gratitude I have for each of you wonderful angels that graciously support and encouragement me. It is so heart warming to hear my work resonates with you. Thank you very much for all of it 🙏🏼😊🙏🏼 namaste


. A final order It’s cost: eternal silence Give me life’s chaos . . . . . This past weekend was my first time shooting in a local cemetery. It was a cold grey day, so did not stay too long, but was drawn the the orderliness of this section. Snapped a few shots, and this one is my favorite . As I started thinking about what I saw to compose the haiku, the idea of order came to mind with the tombstones lined up so nicely. It caused me to start thinking how we all try to control things in our lives so they are orderly, and due to some things at work how we will try to line things up for the future, so we can know what is coming. Then I thought, how boring would life be if we really could see the future. Because once we saw it, we would have “lived” it. We would have”fixed” it to a certain shape which could not be changed, and that it is the ability to change which is so integral to being alive, and that in death, changing stops and everything is perfectly in order . And then I had it, death brings the final order, but we are silenced forever, and I would much rather have the chaos then have to be silent and unchanging . So while there certainly is a lot to be said for keeping your ducks in a row, please remember that the occasional goose showing up is what becomes noteworthy and that just maybe you can embrace the chaos, the unknown, a bit more going forward in life. Namaste


. Sitting peacefully Relaxing into moment Before taking flight . . . . . Got out shooting Sunday, wrote the haiku Monday, but just now writing the rest of this. I think this is an osprey; he floated up into this tree as I was walking along a path and was gracious enough to hang out a bit, let me get a couple of shots before taking off . Which kinda inspired the haiku, but it’s also kinda about me right now. After 3+ years of posting daily, it was just time to relax for a bit. Obviously, I’m posting again, but not sure about the frequency, because I have a few things going on . One thing I will share is that in April I will have the honor and privilege to show a collection of my photography and haiku @wildgoosecreative as part of a photography gallery for their monthly series . I’m in the process of choosing 20-30 to be printed, haiku written on the matte, and then framed for hanging. So that’s going on and chewing up a bit of my time. More details to follow as the opening gets closer . Thanks to everyone who is still along for the ride with me. Your encouragement and support are priceless, and I’m not sure that I will find the words to properly express my deep appreciation for it all. Namaste 🙏🏼😃🙏🏼


. Light and warmth of love Pushing against cold and dark Creating magic


. A moment alone Allowing for reflection Before moving on


. Sharing meal with friends Wonderful time together With great company


. Sometimes your sideways Will be looking fantastic Keep on being you


. Under the surface More information is found Understanding grows


. Out there at the end Surrender into leaping Learning you can fly


. Presence always felt Even without being seen Love, eternally


. Ominous doorway Significant obstacle Without your love’s strength


. A moment frozen Is really just illusion Only love persists


. Quiet reflections Of nature’s chilly beauty Winter wonderland


. Keep moving forward Overcome adversity Living your bright truth


. Wildness on display Coming forth from winter’s chill Chaotic beauty