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This week’s table decoration. Got these wonderful flowers for the “... ever after” vase from the wonderful people @flowersonorchardln who were doing a pop up shop outside of @kittiescakes this morning. If you’re in Columbus keep an eye out for other pop up opportunities to get some beauties like these.


. How will I avoid The fire you inspire Passion that consumes . . . . . Today’s prompt is roasted. That led me to thinking of fire and flames and hot; from there I wandered into thinking of the passion that can be ignited between people and the haiku came to me, and then the sense of the image


. Solitary spot Peaceful, yet disconnected Is it only way . . . . . The prompt is tranquil. The image that came to my mind was the cliche “desert island” with a single tree, so did my best with that . The thoughts that came along and inspired the haiku is that while being on the island might be peaceful, you would also be disconnected from everything else, and is that really worth it? . I believe that we can find peacefulness without sacrificing our connections. That with the proper frame of mind, our connections can actually nurture peacefulness.


. If you don’t face it It will leave your soul poisoned To get out, go through . . . . . Tried something different this evening. Evidently there is this thing that’s been going on for years now, Inktober. Check the second and third slides for details about this . I’m no stranger to a daily challenge, and not sure I’ll hit every day of this, or that if I hit every day that each post will be something drawn/inked . This first one though, I took a shot at some lettering of the word fear. I suspect it’s a necessary part of life, or would not be around. That being said, I believe that by facing it, and examining it, you will get past it . Frank Herbert describes this beautifully in his Dune series with the Bene Gesserit Litany against Fear . “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain” . It is this attitude that will be the antidote to the venom that fear can be . As always, I’m deeply appreciative of all the support and encouragement this community gives to me. That blessing feeds me in so many ways 🙏🏼🙂🙏🏼


. Is this the feeling Of being adrift at sea No security


. When it came to me Having the light of your love Keeps darkness at bay


. You just need to breathe While accepting each moment Learning peacefulness


. A monster rising, Or whimsical reminder Beauty’s everywhere . . . . . This is the work of @badtrumpeteer He worked on this wrecked car during the 2016 Indepents Day Festival, and it found this spot atop a pile of bricks in a Franklinton parking lot . He is a talented artist. For me, his work is magical. He creates subjects that are so full of life, my mind starts creating stories about them . Go take a peek at his gallery and see if you agree. I firmly believe it will be worth the time.


Star of the show for lunch today. 😋😋 #nomnom


Two photos about 47 years apart. The first was printed in November 1964, mom and me perusing the paper on the front stoop; the second was taken early Summer 2011, Tabitha, mom and me during a visit . In comments, I’ve shared with a few people that mom passed away earlier this month. If you go two posts back, you’ll find my way of saying good bye within the boundaries of how I usually post . This one is just me sharing with everyone that I was so blessed to be loved by her. That I could not be the person I am without all the guidance and support she provided over the years . Please understand her passing was a blessing. She had lived a full 90+ years, and at the end of May came home from the hospital on hospice care because the fight against Father Time and Mother Nature was no longer worth the effort. She was able to go peacefully into her next life, and was ready for it. Also understand that while I may not be able to chat with her on the phone, and have gotten the last birthday card from her, I have not lost her!!!! She will be with me always, and that brings me smiles!!


. Battered not broken Still will be moving forward Powered by your love


. You’ve walked your road now A blessing to all of us Thank you very much


. Big city skyline Feeling the call to return Will it be answered


. Is it alchemy Or other type of magic That brings this to life


. Tremendous beauty Coming from wild and free growth Feel it in your heart


. Though darkness will come Beauty of your love still shines Giving me strength, warmth


. X marking a spot What treasure might be hidden Will you search it out


. Do I open up Dare to be vulnerable Will you find beauty