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Glacier National Park

Featuring a collection of visitor memories. Tag us or use #GlacierNPS for a chance to be featured! We do not share watermarked images.

That blue. Winter is beautiful in every shade. Thanks to @wilderness_addict for this one. [Image of a deep blue #MiddleFork #FlatheadRiver winding as it narrows into the distance. Falling snowflakes appear over the deep blue water as stars in the night sky, while conifer trees are reflected along the creek margins. The creek banks are snow covered, and the snow-frosted conifers on either side of the creek lead back to the distant hills, dimmed by fog.]


We all benefit from diversity, not only in the natural world, but also in our communities. Today we celebrate the nonviolent work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose leadership led to the #CivilRightsAct more than 50 years ago. Entrance fees are waived at all public lands today. #KeepHopeAlive #MLKday #MartinLutherKingDay [Image description: A narrow creek cascades over rocks down an alpine meadow surrounded by an array of wildflowers, including bright pink monkeyflowers and yellow groundsel. The rocky face of #MountClements rises in the background.] NPS photo by JFrank


One of the many moods of #ManyGlacier's #SwiftcurrentLake as captured by @chrisdavis_photography. [In a #BlackAndWhitePhotography image, Swiftcurrent Lake appears inky black and perfectly calm. A snow-frosted #MountGrinnell is surrounded by moving clouds that appear as streaks of light radiating from the mountain in this long exposure.]


Solitude. Peace. Quiet. Just a few of the things you can find here in winter. And a reminder, there will be no entrance fees charged for any public lands this Monday for #MartinLutherKingDay. Thanks to @samanthahikes for the snap. [Image description: A lone hiker walks down an empty, snow-covered road. Snow-laden conifers tower above on either side of the road with high branches arching over the roadway.]


Adding a pop of color to our winter season feed with a late #TBT from @adventures_az. [Image description: Neon pink fireweed wildflowers along a trailside in the foreground lead to a couple of hikers on the #HighlineTrail, which winds along a bright green slope with patches of stunted conifers known as krummholz below the #GardenWall.]


This image from @followinghawks captures the essence of today pretty well. It was at least 20 degrees colder in the park than in the valley only 15 miles away with a blizzardy wind blowing freshly falling snow through the air. Bitter cold and beautiful. The storm is forecasted to ramp up tomorrow through Friday and bring us several more inches of snow. [Image description: A foggy sky obscures distant views with the snow-covered #LakeMcDonald dock at Apgar in the foreground, and framed on the left by a large, barren cottonwood tree.]


Who else loves looking at the world from a new perspective? Thanks to @maggspenner for showing us this angle. [Image description: close-up view of frost crystals forming on the surface of #LakeMcDonald. Clouds hovering over mountain peaks in the distance are highlighted with a peach-casted alpine glow.]


Looks cold out there, but temps are predicted to rise above freezing today. We appreciate our visitors like @amandaminatra who have shared their photos of current conditions. [Image description: A greenish-blue #McDonaldCreek is encroached by snow-covered ice along the margins and over the low falls upstream. Snow-frosted conifers line the creek, and light, low-hanging misty clouds hang in front of the snowy mountain in the background.]


Cross-country ski conditions are great right now. Temperatures have warmed to the 20sF. We are crossing our fingers that it won't rain soon. Do check for avalanche forecasts before venturing into the backcountry. Also, we would love it if you would go to our webpage and report trail conditions while we are office-bound. Thanks to @bmatthewimages for the snap. [Image description: A Nordic ski trail winds through deep snow surrounded by heavily snow-laden conifers.]


Winter arrived overnight. #snowfall #winterwonderland #winter2017 [image: Lodgepole pine branches bend under the weight of over a foot of new snow.] (bh)


Last week, before the road closure moved from Avalanche to Lake McDonald Lodge, visitor Matt Teigen hiked up to the West Side Tunnel and captured this gorgeous shot that reminds us that as temperatures drop and winter storms move in, we may find hazardous conditions. Right now a winter storm warning is in effect until 11 AM Tuesday. There is also an avalanche watch in effect. Photo by Matt Teigen [The image is framed by the West Side Tunnel on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The road is coated in a sheet of shining ice. Within the tunnel ice hangs down like drapes. At the end of the tunnel a curtain of pale blue ice covers a third of the tunnel entrance. A wall of gray and tan limestone is seen through the ice in the distance.]


Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day on the east side of Glacier National Park. @naturedrew16 shared this stunning shot he took while hiking on the Going-to-the-sun Road from the St. Mary vehicle closure. Bravo! 👏 [Image description: The Going-to-the-Sun Road veers to the right out of frame. A portion of St. Mary Lake's teal colored water peeks into frame from the left. Snow capped mountains tower in the background below a blue sky streaked with a few long clouds.]