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🖤 schs ‘20

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A musical mastermind. You’ve given so much positivity to my life and for others. I never knew you on the personal level, but i know you were always trying to give out positive outlooks on life. Treating all your fans as family. Live streaming so much. You were in Florida for a charity event you were planning to do. You’ve done so much, you were an icon. An inspiration for so many. Thank you, Rest In Peace Vro. 🖤🕊


Grace, i’m really proud that you graduated, but i’m also really sad that you are leaving. You’ve been there for me whenever i needed it these past two years, and for that you’ve been a best friend to me. Thank you for driving me to school just to talk to me about what was going on, and also staying with me for about a whole period when i was in a rough time. All in all thank you Grace, i will miss you so much.


FaZe Blaziken’s high school PC: @steveven09


the season may be over, but my love for you all is never ending