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˗ˏˋ expelliarmus ˎˊ˗ 🌻 goal:750 🌻

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[Don't be afraid of change] ____________________________ Fc:733 ____________________________ @patri.grace : took the pic Love this one <3


. [time will tell] __________________ FC: 706 __________________


• [Everyday is a new beggining] __________________ fc-692


. [be a voice not an echo] ——————— Repost💕 ———————


New theme 3/3


New theme 2/3


New theme 1/3


• ‘Just take it one day at a time' ---------------- FC:637 : Tysm!! ---------------- So I was struggling to get inspired for the pic or any pic for that matter, but I got one.Its not the best but it'll do : ) Thanks to all of you for being super active!


• 'The story goes on' —————————- So I'm not even gonna bother saying I'm sorry again but I was extremely lazy all week and didn't bother posting...My violin exams are next week so I should be more relaxed then ; ) Ty all so much for not unfollowing me aha!


'The more you care, the more you have to lose' - Harry Potter -------------------- FC: 568 -------------------- Did anyone ever notice stressed is desserts spelt backwards!


"Being worried about something,won't make it go away" ------------------- FC:565. ( Ty x)


'Life is beautiful' ---------------------------- FC:553 !!!!! ---------------------------- Hey guys so I've been REALLY bad this month but I've been going through a tough patch and I've been super busy but I'm gonna try to be more active and post more but I'm sorry for being an inactive acc!! <3 #gloriablogs


{ Don't stop when you're tired,stop when you're done } ----------------------- fc:507 xx ----------------------- Thank you all so much, you've all been so active and I'm really appreciative. <3 ----------------------- @peachypatri


{Be your own kind of beautiful} ------------- fc-485 qotd- whats your favourite book? A- Harry potter and the deathly hallows -------------


'We were born to be real, not to be perfect' 👍♥️👌💕 FC: 456 Ty💜 Idk what to say so...hi😂😂 Like and comment plz 💛 @peachypatri


'I want to be like water.Run through fingers,but can hold up a ship' ⛲🌊💦💧🚢🛳️⛵🖐️⛴️ FC: 384 (♥️) Hey guys, So I am trying to have good pics but it's hard as I have a VERY busy schedule.You all have been sooo active and I'm super appreciative💕


'Good shoes take you good places' ♥️♥️♥️ FC: 362 (TYSM 💕) This pic is really bad I know I hate it but I was so busy and didn't have time to take anything this week I promise I'll try to do better pictures from now on. QOTD: Converse or vans A: Converse


'Flowers express natures happiness' ✨🌿🌻🌱🌹🏵️💐🌺🌸🌷🥀 Ty all sooo much for 350 followers♥️ FC:351💕