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Today’s #WCW is dedicated SOLELY to my favourite person in the whole world, @alyssarush. LOOK at what a timeless, flawless beauty she is! Not only that, she’s funny, intelligent and hard-working. Her unwavering strength has manifested over the years and presented a huge opportunity to move to Australia. She flies out in exactly 1 week, so I just wanted to say, I love you and I’m so proud! Swipe for some of our many shared memories ❤️ #sisters #family #beautiful #inspiration #strongwomen


Just in case you’re wondering who the genius behind my profile art is, let’s take a minute to appreciate @brizelll and her skills 😍 #sguk #artistsoninstagram #digitalart #altmodel #gamer


Poor mental health isn’t always visible. I’ve been dealing with generalised anxiety and panic disorder for a number of years now, and it’s been so important having cosplay, music, modelling as an outlet. I often have very unproductive days and struggle to leave the house, while looking like I have my shit together to those who don’t know about the daily struggle. About a year ago, I experienced severe depression after my band stopped going. I gained a lot of weight from not having the strength to face going outside, and people said I looked ‘healthier.’ - I’ve been binging on bad food and not doing any exercise, I would hardly call that healthy! I’m on my way to a better place, and maybe I’ll experience another episode like this in future, but it always passes. Life can be tough if you’re living with a chronic mental illness, or even going through a difficult time in your life. Please remember that it’s okay to feel like this, and don’t underestimate the power of sharing your experience with someone! ❤️ #worldmentalhealthday #bmocosplay #adventuretime #sguk @suicidegirls


Charmander shirt by @happymonday_store 🔥 #sguk @suicidegirls


It’s October 3rd. It’s also Wednesday. Let that sink in 💖 #meangirls


My life is hectic at the moment, how do you unwind? Throwback from earlier this year, the cactus hair is still in full force 💚


Today was the first day on my postgraduate course! I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed, but what an incredible experience. I’m interested to see what the next three years brings! 💚 @suicidegirls #sguk


Happy Friday! What are your plans? Hair is Turquoise mixed with Alpine Green by @directions_hair_colour #sguk


I fancied a change 🐸 @suicidegirls #sguk


One more 💖


Who thinks I should pay a visit to @georginaliliane soon to expand my beautiful sea-viking granddad into a full sleeve? It would be great to have this piece completed in time for @suicidegirlsuk shootfest next May! I’ll be using money from OnlyFans and SuicideGirls tips to fund it, so I can create awesome images! (Links in bio) 📸 @shotbyvalo


I loved working with @shotbyvalo recently, I feel beautiful here 💕 go look at her work! What did you guys get up to today? I took a day off from everything 💖 #sguk #sgh #lushwigspinklemonade


Some of my favourite graffiti is dotted around Bristol and Brighton. What other cities do you know with cool graffiti? #rickandmorty #graffiti #ricksanchez




Wiggam wouldn’t share his donuts 🐷


Body positive post! As you can see I’ve got some thicc bits which I’m showing off in full force, I gained weight over the last few years, and don’t fully feel like myself, but it hasn’t stopped me from modelling and embracing myself. I would encourage every single one of you to do the same and be patient with your bod ❤️ these awesome photos are by @shotbyvalo 📸 There’s also some new content up on my onlyfans which I post non-ig friendly stuff to at least twice a week, link in bio! 🍑 #sundaybumday #sgsundies #sguk #lushwigspinklemonade #pinkhair #catears #girlswithtattoos


What have you been up to today? I had a gaming day, grinding for the reward ladder with FA Lysandre on #PTCGO 😩 the watermark won’t fit in the post, this photo is by @shotbyvalo - she’s amazing and takes loads of cool shots like this, including sets for @suicidegirls 💖 #lushwigspinklemonade


Waheyy it’s #FriskyFriday! Any exciting weekend plans? 💖 wig is Pink Lemonade by @lush_wigs and this adorable top is from @happymonday_store 😍 @shotbyvalo 📸 #sguk #jigglypuff #thicc #lushwigspinklemonade