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あなたのワイフ Model • Guitarist • Otaku Profile pic shot by @heyloxley 📸 📍 MCM London Comic Con 2018

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Some of my favourite graffiti is dotted around Bristol and Brighton. What other cities do you know with cool graffiti? #rickandmorty #graffiti #ricksanchez




Wiggam wouldn’t share his donuts 🐷


Body positive post! As you can see I’ve got some thicc bits which I’m showing off in full force, I gained weight over the last few years, and don’t fully feel like myself, but it hasn’t stopped me from modelling and embracing myself. I would encourage every single one of you to do the same and be patient with your bod ❤️ these awesome photos are by @shotbyvalo 📸 There’s also some new content up on my onlyfans which I post non-ig friendly stuff to at least twice a week, link in bio! 🍑 #sundaybumday #sgsundies #sguk #lushwigspinklemonade #pinkhair #catears #girlswithtattoos


What have you been up to today? I had a gaming day, grinding for the reward ladder with FA Lysandre on #PTCGO 😩 the watermark won’t fit in the post, this photo is by @shotbyvalo - she’s amazing and takes loads of cool shots like this, including sets for @suicidegirls 💖 #lushwigspinklemonade


Waheyy it’s #FriskyFriday! Any exciting weekend plans? 💖 wig is Pink Lemonade by @lush_wigs and this adorable top is from @happymonday_store 😍 @shotbyvalo 📸 #sguk #jigglypuff #thicc #lushwigspinklemonade


I reckon I resemble a koala with my hair like this! They’re totally my spirit animal. What’s your spirit animal? 🐨 #sguk


I love this set from @vspink - it’s so pretty! 📸 by @jerryfitzjames


My next @suicidegirls set drops in 1 week! Shot by @jerryfitzjames 📸


Family is everything 💕 whether they’re blood related or your chosen family, hold on to them! Snapped in London before watching #schoolofrockthemusical and it was EPIC 🙌


You lucky lot get two photos, ‘cause Instagram dimensions didn’t like just one! Wearing this awesome #sailorscout shirt by @softkittyclothing 💖 @shotbyvalo 📸 @suicidegirls #sguk #lushwigspinklemonade


I am wiped out after my shoot today with the awesome @emcoulterphotography 💖 #lushwigspinklemonade #furry #nekogirl


How about all this British sun, aye? ☀️


All in pink for pride day at work! 💖 #adventuretime #lushwigspinklemonade


Best £7 I ever spent was on this shirt 🤙 #bartsimpson


Here’s a bit of a song I wrote a long time ago with some friends while we were studying together, ft. Pikachu 😏 I’m starting my postgraduate journey soon to become a Music Therapist, and I’m really excited about it! I applied after I took a hiatus from everything music-related after my band fizzled out and stopped playing, when we formed I had just come out of a tough relationship and it honestly saved me, things were starting to happen for us and I was so excited about the career I had planned with this group of likeminded musicians, but that soon changed when one of the members decided the grass was greener, and cancelled all of our summer gigs for selfish reasons. I was depressed about it for a good 6 months, and developed symptoms of agoraphobia and PTSD, along with already suffering with GAD! The symptoms were closely linked to the past relationship rather than what happened with my band. I then realised the reason I was able to feel strong and happy before, was because I was making music regularly with others. Since then I’ve been getting better, and playing more. It’s hard to pull yourself out of a rut, but your wellbeing is always worth working on, and don’t forget the things that make you happy ❤️ #musician #songwriter #selflove #mentalhealthawareness


My #Galadriel cosplay set by @littlehowesontheprairie has now been submitted to @suicidegirls 🧝🏻‍♀️ #lordoftherings #ladygaladriel #cosplayer


“Things we lose always have a way of coming back to us in the end.” - #LunaLovegood #cosplayer #sghopeful #sguk @suicidegirls