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hey angels <3 ✨ one of my new year’s resolutions was to drink more water!🚰 so far, it’s been going well!! 💗 i loveee my chilly’s water bottle & it’s really motivated me 🥰 kept the water really cool too!! ❄️ - - i haven’t done this in a while so: —qotd: what’s something positive about your day ❤️ - - [tags] #water #drink #drinking #waterbottle #bottle #chillys #bloggerstyle #blog #blogger #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #fashion #lifestyle #discoverunder10k #aesthetic #tumblr #positivity #motivation #positive #bloggersuk #bloggerlife #bloggers #newyearsresolutions #goals #goal #goalsetting #shopping #homeware ☁️


zebra mildliners 🦓 - hey gals 🥰 my new blog post has just gone up 🥳 it’s a full review of the zebra mildliners ✏️ i thought i would share my current fave stationary item!! ✨ it’s kinda bullet journal themed, so if you’re into that please check it out 💝 + swipe for a sneak of my bujo 😉 - - qotd: what’s your fave item of stationary? 🌈 - - [tags] #stationary #bujo #bulletjournal #zebra #zebrapens #highlighter #highlighters #art #blog #blogger #discoverunder10k #lifestyleblog #rainbow #favourites #stationaryhaul #bujoinspo #playlist #blogstagram #bujoideas #music #newblog #blogpost #photography #colour #bright #review #exporepage #discoverbloggers #englishblogger #bloggersuk


heyyyy ✨ - tonight’s blog post is up!! 🥰 its a blogger interview post with one of my faves @lovecarlyallison 💗 this is one of the series that i am launching on my blog 🥳 each month, i will be asking a blogger to do an interview for my blog 💘 I love doing this to get to know the blogger better, but also to give them another platform 💻 this month it was carly’s turn! 🎉 please check that out, link in bio 😚 just a reminder that last month, it was raquel’s turn 💝 raquel is another amazing blogger, so please check out the interview she did which is on the blog 🤪 + her gram: @therayofsunshineblog!! 💛 - - qotd: how was your day today? what is one good thing that happened to you today? 🥰 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [tags] #blog #blogger #interview #interviewee #lifestyle #discoverbloggers #art #pencils #art #discoverunder10k #photography #lifestyleblog #blogging #newblog #blogpost #guestblogger #bloggerinterview #fashion #bulletjournal #bujo


one of my new year’s resolutions was to get back into reading 💘 for my birthday i received the last two books in the ‘to all the boys i’ve loved before series’ 🥰 not even joking, i read both of them within 48 hours!! 💝 they were INCRED ✨ i defintely reccomend them to everyone (especially if you’re a fan of the film!! 🤪 @lanacondor @ncentineo ) 💫 - - qotd: what’s your fave book? / currently reading? 📖


heyyy 💓 happy sunday! 🥰 so many of you are going back to school tomorrow, if not this week, so i have the perfect blog post for you 🥳 today i shared my study + revision tips ✏️ loads of you have asked me for this, so i hope i finally delivered!! ✨ give it a cheeky read • link in bio 😚 - - qotd: how are you feeling about back to school? 💓 - my dms are always open if you want a quick chat!! 💖, it’s okay to not be okay 🥰


1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY 🥳 one whole year as a blogger WOW 🤪 it’s been such an amazing journey but i’ve loved almost every minute of it + that’s down to all of you 💗 thanks for constantly supporting me, and reading my blogs and sending me such kind messages 💞 - this journey had been good and bad; i’ve made some AMAZING internet friends, but also lost some friends irl 💔 i’ve had some lovely comments said that have boosted my confidence so so much 😚 and then other that have been so horrible and nocked it right back down again 😟 - but the whole journey has been worth it, and i love all of you so so much ❤️❤️❤️ - i can’t wait for the future and for this amazing journey to continue 🤩 to see what can become! cheers to you all and one year 🥂


happy christmas eve eve 🎄✨ | new blog post has just gone live 💞 it’s all about my birthday + what i got up to 🥳 if you’re interested, link in bio 🥰 these are my new trainers 🤩 they’re the nike air MAX 97’s i think 💖 i’m obsessed 🤪 • qotd: christmas eve plans? 🎊


15 🥳🎊 | thanks so so much for all the birthday messages today 💗 it means the world to me 🥰 i feel so grateful for the support i receive from all of you on a daily basis 💖 i love you all endlessly 💞 • qotd: what are your plans for christmas 🎄✨


my christmas playlist 2018 | link in bio 🎧🥰 • hey gals!! new blog post is up now 💗 it’s a collab with my fave ella; @purely.ella 🎄✨ she shared her christmas playlist too! check out her blog post 🤩 it’s my birthday tomorrow & i’m so excited!! 🎊 i broke up from school today + i have a lovely day planned tomorrow 🥳 • qotd: what are your plans tomorrow? + when do you. break up from school? 🥰❤️


a guide to last minute christmas shopping | link in bio 🎁✨ hey huns 🥰 tonight’s blog post has just gone live 😊 i’m super excited about this blog post; i shared with you my tips for last minute christmas shopping!! 🎄💗 it really just rolled of my tongue, so i’d love if you could check it out!! 🤩 • qotd: what’s the top thing on your christmas wishlist this year? 🎅🏼❄️


new blog post • fave christmas movies 🤩🥰hey gals! tonight’s blog post has just gone up 🎉 i’m super excited because it’s my group collab with all my fave gals 🎄✨: @livv.gracee @lifeoflibs1 @lovesophblog_ @lifeasnajida @thoughtfultash @asprinkleofellarose ⭐️ check out my blog post • link in bio • 💗 & all their blog posts 🤩 • qotd: fave christmas movie? 🎥💖 mines defo arthur christmas!! 🎅🏼


WINTER EVENING ROUTINE ❄️✨ link in bio 🎄 please go give this a read!! 🥰 i tried my best to make it as interesting as possible!! 🤩 & let me know what you think of it 💗 • qotd: are you happy with the 2018 strictly WINNER?! ⭐️😝 i’m so excited for the christmas day special!! 🎅🏼


omg these pancakes were so yummy 🥞 just wanted to let everyone know, there was no blog post tonight because it’s CHRISTMAS COLLAB WEEK 🎄✨ i’m collabing with my fave gals: • @livv.gracee • @lifeasnajida • @asprinkleofellarose • @lifeoflibs1 • @lovesophblog_ • @thoughtfultash 🎄most of our posts will be going up on the weekend 🥰 my post is going up on sunday, so this week there will be a blog on saturday + sunday 🤪 • qotd: fave breakfast food? 🥐


10 things to do this christmas 🎄✨ • link in bio • 💗 woah guys i’m so sorry, revision has totally taken over this week! ✏️ i have four tests coming up, 3 in the next 3 days 😫 i promise i’ll be more active from now on, & if not from friday!! 🥰 thanks for sticking by me though huns ❤️❤️ tonight blog post is now up + it’s a collab with one of my faves @libsteenlife 🤪 make sure you check out her blog post too angels ✨ love you all xx • qotd: how has your day been? 🌈


ahh it’s my bullet journal🤩 woah i’m so excited to finally share this with you all 💗 new blog post up too, a much more in depth post on my BUJO 🤪 • link in bio • 👑 + omgg it’s almost christmas i’m so frickin excited 🎄✨ • qotd: fave stationary item ✏️ + which of my blogmas posts has been your fave? 💗🥰


instamas day 7 ✨ • hey gals 💗 sorry i missed last nights post, i had wayyy too much schoolwork! 😫 anyways... @grazia is my fave mag everrr 🤪🥰 + now it’s christmas i can’t wait for the new editions! 🎉 i have a new blog post out, & it’s an interview of my fave blogger @therayofsunshineblog 🤩 Raquel is so lovely & inspirational + her blog is insane 🤪💗 please check it out - link in bio - ❤️ • qotd: fave magazine?¿ + how has your week been? ☺️💫