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Is this a kissing book?

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Last song of the set and he’s still raging!! This little guy got a big dose of our wild rock and roll circus today thanks to the best crew/Sagansitters in the universe! #love


When you play Park City, you meet Olympic gold medalist Vermonters and talk shop about tractors 🤟🏼🥇🤟🏼 🚜 thank you @hannahkearneysflatstanley for letting me try out YOUR heavy metal!!! #parkcity #olympics #rockandroll


OFF WE GO! Heading into Mountain Time for more shows this weekend🌈 #rockandroll #family 📷 @bennyyurco


Early morning soundcheck!! I forgot what it was like to roll out of bed in the tour bus, guzzle half a cup of instant coffee and slowly wake up to the sound of sub woofers kicking in under the stage beneath my feet. Feels good!


You can probably tell that everyone’s pretty pumped to be back onstage together💃🏼🧜🏼‍♂️




I was already over-the-moon psyched with this years lineup, and now I’m even more thrilled to announce that Jackson Browne and Ani DiFranco will be joining this years Grand Point North Festival! This is one of the most exciting add-ons we’ve ever had. It’s a dream come true to host these artists who have played such a huge role in my musical journey. I can’t freaking wait for September!! @grandpointnorth @highergroundmusic #summer #festival #rockandroll #grandpointnorth #party #jacksonbrowne #anidifranco


Who needs toys when you have A BOX #lessmeansmore


Eric’s soldering again!! This time it’s a 150-foot snake cable so we can record drums & piano in the living room... also it’s rainbow-colored so I’m happy:) 🌈🎤🌈 #studio #rainbow


Stone cold. My dad just sent us this pic and I had to share. Thank you @charlottethepotter for helping me build my character and all the most important ways ❤️💪🏼 #sisters


The future is here. Sagan's ready to go where no infant has gone before!! @nasa #nasa #space #baby


SOUNDCHECK! It's an honor to be here performing with the National Symphony Orchestra. Thank you @nasa for inviting me!