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...goodnight moon ❤️🙏🔥💪


Refuge in the mountains. Thanks to our generous friends, we were able to free up hotel rooms for other evacuated families in need. THANK YOU Jeff & Chris for providing us with a peaceful, beautiful place to stay while we wait out the evacuation. Red flag warnings just extended through Wednesday but things are still looking OK for now at our home! 🙏 Sending love and gratitude out in every direction!


It’s been a surreal night. As we receive news from dear friends who have lost their homes, we are gutted, yet grateful that the most important thing - our families & loved ones - are out of harms way. News is the blaze is progressing towards our canyon & home. Praying for everyone in the path of the fire and sending respect & strength to the firefighters. Thank you all for your support & love. ❤️⭐️🙏


Woolsey Wildfire. We’re evacuating to safety now. Sending love to everyone affected. Stay calm & safe out there folks! ❤️


Overdub day!! @nerdentine adding a little extra sauce to another new tune!


I hope everyone had a SPECTACULAR week of Halloween festivities! We didn’t get very far trick or treating...daddy stopped for Huggies and the rest is history. #raisingarizona #halloween #iwantthatbabyhi


I had a blast hanging out with these fine fellows and talking all things #muscleshoals last night @grammymuseum ! If you haven’t heard it yet, I’d highly recommend you check out the Muscle Shoals “Small Town, Big Sound” compilation ! It’s rad.


Happy birthday to the delicious @kellyelainephoto !! You capture hearts (and beautiful images) everywhere you go❤️


2 weeks ago, I was walking through the crowd at night 1 of Grand Point North, taking in the beauty of the festival when we got a phone call that there was a fire raging in the backyard of our home in California. We could barely make out what our neighbor was saying over the music and cheering at my festival. By the time we got to a quiet spot, he relayed that the fire department had arrived and the blaze was thankfully extinguished. It never touched our house, but the fire had engulfed the back hillside of our property and would have continued up the mountain to a large group of oak trees and a propane tank if it weren’t for an incredibly brave neighbor who noticed the fire, jumped the fence before the fire department had arrived and saturated the perimeter with a garden hose. When we spoke on the phone with the fire chief, he said that there was no indication of what caused the fire. Needless to say, this was deeply unsettling and it all happened just before I was meant to go onstage. Although rattled, I found myself feeling quite riveted by life. I delved more deeply into each song, each strum of the guitar, each nuance of the show because I felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I wanted to share this very scary personal experience because I hope it will help others to see that good things and bad things can happen in tandem. It’s not about what “life throws at you”, but how you move through it. Some things that feel unbearable can also be deeply empowering. When I returned home, we met the fire chief in person and while we still don’t know what caused the fire, he did say we did an excellent job on our brush clearance and that it may well have saved our house and the neighborhood. Growing up in Vermont, I wasn’t super familiar with the importance of brush clearance but everyone living in an arid climate should be aware that it makes ALL the difference! I created this crystal grid to reflect my deep gratitude to my neighbors & the fire department and my humble respect to the fire. From here on out, I will always show my respect & gratitude, not just for the good things that come my way, but for the bad things as well. 🔥🙏


One more lil snippet from last nights festivities @barefoot_recording