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Is this a kissing book?

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Singing RUNNING ON EMPTY with a very FULL HEART! ❤️


Look who surprised us this weekend !! So much fun reuniting with my dear friend☀️👣


Here’s the almighty Ani DiFranco finishing up her set last night...then Jackson Browne hit the stage and greeted a rising crescent moon with his mind-blowing presence & collection of songs...then Bernie Sanders stepped on stage for a rousing welcome speech ...then the rock ‘n’ roll kicked into high gear with an epic night of music...then Kenny Chesney surprised everyone with our rendition of You &’s too much to recap!!! I can’t wait to get down to the festival site and start it all over again today! I feel so incredibly lucky. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!


It’s all happening!! 💫


Let the FESTIVITIES BEGIN! Day 1 of @grandpointnorth STARTS NOW! We had an amazing day sound-checking and prepping the grounds at Waterfront Park yesterday, topped off with a boat ride and SPARKLER jam in honor of the NOW 30-year-old @alisontavel !!! #sparkle #birthday #celebrate #grandpointnorth #vermont


Just finished the poster art! This is my 8th year hosting a music festival & every year I’m more and more grateful for the opportunity to share music in my amazing home. Saturday is sold out but there are still tickets for Sunday! Looks like perfect weather all weekend!! 🍁☀️🌲


My two favorite people in the whole world ...rubbing their cooties all over Musty’s kit. #drummer #unclesally @nerdentine @mattmusty


Quick trip to San Fran and an amazing day at @tamsoundsummit !! Here we are playing “Friend of the Devil” in the glorious sun with @bobweir also my sis delivered her baby boy moments before I hit the stage! thanks universe. 🎈🤟🏼 photo by @alisontavel


Heading up the PCH to plaY with Bob Weir & Herbie Hancock at SOUND SUMMIT!



THIS IS HAPPENING!!! See you all next weekend!


My sister channeling her inner goddess in American Flatbread’s garden of creation!! Happy due date Charlotte!!