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A beautiful journey with new friends @wanderboyspresents // also my favorite moment of @jedidiahjenkins casting spells in the forest.


The @wanderboyspresents - young, wild and free




GO VOTE!! IT’S IMPORTANT!! // I had a lot of questions about this election and felt stupid for not being so informed myself. But I asked close friends who’s knowledge superseded my own so that I could confidently walk into the polls and vote. They shared helpful links to help me wrap my brain around it. By now we all understand that this election is very important, even if you are unsure, ask a friend, no judgement, because it’s better to ask and learn rather than sit in silence on a day such as today. ♥️♥️♥️ (@thejenini)


Fall feelings 😌


K so I guess we skipped fall ⛄️


Working on a photo book called LEO. Out next year 📕 // outtakes with @rocky_barnes @theemarcusallen


Discussions of architecture, future travels, and flaming hot Cheeto obsession with @oliviavlopez


“Researchers in the new field of interruption science have found that it takes an average of twenty-five minutes to recover from a phone call. Yet such interruptions come every eleven minutes—which means we’re never caught up with our lives. — In an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.” - Pico Iyer


Tucker // NYC