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Photographer & New York Times bestselling author creating limited edition prints for the stylish home. • Make Every Day a Getaway™ at the link below.

Behind the scenes of Gray Malin at The Beverly Hills Hotel ✨ Which image is your favorite? Link in profile to see them all #GrayMalinAtTheBHH


Introducing my newest series, Gray Malin at The Beverly Hills Hotel ✨Take a step back in time to the Hollywood glamour of yesteryear at the historic @BevHillsHotel ☀️ link in profile to view the entire collection #GrayMalinAtTheBHH • This marks the first time the hotel has collaborated on a fine art photography collection.


Excited to share a new series shot at a very special hotel is debuting tomorrow morning ✨Get ready for #GrayMalinAtTheBHH


Monday with a side of glamour ✨ Learn how to curate the perfect gallery wall, according to at today


I’ve been drinking… 🍉🍉 shop work from Far Far Away at


Morning 🍵 Pictured: The Queen


Do you know who this man is? He is the co-founder of instagram who recently stepped down as CEO. The article took me by surprise and I wanted to share an important message from him that everyone should remember when they scroll their feed: • I think far too often people lose sight of how amazing their life is, regardless of what situation they’re in. • What I have learned over the years is to spend time valuing the things you have.. and it’s not the trappings that people typically associate with success... it’s the things around family, around time alone, around intellectual curiosity. • None of which can be captured as well in an Instagram post. ~ @kevin • Instagram impacts us all differently but it’s important to remember that the best things in life cannot be fully captured in an Instagram image.


Secret beach 💦 Pictured: Sixty-Nine Beach, Hawai'i


Weekend mood 💤🐵 #GrayMalinAtTheParker


Weekend cheers ✨


Trick or treat 🎃 Today we’re sharing 5 Halloween costume ideas inspired by our favorite Bon Voyage icons 👉🏻 Pictured: The Pop Artist


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