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Taking a swing at growing my own, I'm now on my 2nd round and I'm trying to build on what little knowledge I have.

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Floating cause I #lovetreescali ❤️🌲


Hot air balloon was fun over Temecula


Next round going into the tent! Rocking that @lovetreesofficial nutrients along with some @tnb_naturals Co2 enhancer. Looking forward to see how this turns out.


Some of my jungle pie I just trimmed today that I grew with only @lovetreesofficial nutrients ❤️🌲 and enhanced with @tnb_naturals Co2 bottle🇨🇦. Looking pretty good I think but please share your thoughts


This year's Christmas tree. My girl decorated it the way she wanted, which makes me happy since she had never really been into Christmas or decorating in the past but now she's all about it. I've rubbed off on her finally lol ❤️🌲


Some beautiful jungle pie!


Before and after picture of my Darth Vader OG. Had to cut it down a bit early but it looks and smells great. This was my smallest runt of a plant and it had given me almost a ounce. Not bad. Looks way frostier in person and grown with @lovetreesofficial nutrients only and enhanced with @tnb_naturals Co2


Did some major defoliating today to these


First photo: Oct 10th. 2nd & 3rd photo are today. The growth on the small plants and clones had been insane. They're out growing their space!


The lower nug that I cut down about a week ago, dried enough to trim a bit and jar. This is my experimental jungle pie nug. Looking pretty good and smells great


Clipped this off of my jungle pie. The lowest branch on the plant. This is about 6 weeks along maybe, smells like sweet banana cream. Grown with @lovetreesofficial ❤️🌲


Things are coming along ok during week 5 of flower, I'm really hoping they'll chunk up soon. Being fed the full line of @lovetreesofficial nutrients, and only them.


A beautiful sunset in Long Beach from Rosie's dog beach