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Welcome to Grubbly! 💚 Grubblies are sustainably harvested in the USA to nourish the fluffy ones you love. 🐔🐥 #grubblieshappyhour 📍 Atlanta, GA

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Meet sweet Daisy. She takes her health very seriously with a strict diet of healthy feed and Grubblies to help those gorgeous feathers and thick eggshells. Because looking and feeling your best means eating right. Are we right, ladies?🐥✨ #grubblygirls


Shout it from the roof tops, the Mayflowers & Co are on Instagram!!! Give these birdies a warm welcome from the Grubbly Insta fam 😍 Follow here 👇@themayflowersandco


“I vow to share my Grubblies with you and only you for the rest of my life.” ...All of these incredible photos are shot by @erinsattic 😍 Go follow this incredible human! We’re in awe by her big heart, style, sense of humor... and her fluffy ones. 🤗 We posted some of our favorites to our Facebook page too. Check out the full wedding album and follow the Mayflowers & Co on Facebook! #grubblyspotlight


The ceremony was a dream. Rumor has it that VERA WING designed the birdie-bride’s dress. She was watching her feathers for months, thanks to Grubblies. Simply spectacular. @erinsattic captured the whole wedding... head to Facebook for more from the Mayflowers & Co! ✨


You may now give the bride a peck!!! Yup, two love birds in our Grubbly family tied the knot.... and the whole wedding album is going to knock your chicken-printed socks off. Head to our Facebook page to see our favorites and follow the Mayflowers & Co on Facebook! #grubblyspotlight 📷 by the incredibly talented Erin from @erinsattic 💚


“Our monthly Grubbly Farms delivery came yesterday and as you can see my flock was sooo excited! A while ago I was on a mission to find a healthy treat for my girls that was not imported from China. I was surprised to find that the majority of mealworms are all from China and that was not something I was interested in feeding my flock. Luckily my research helped me find Grubbly Farms and I couldn’t be happier supporting this amazing company that is making a difference for our future and a more sustainable planet. Check out their website and read their story!” -Melissa G. #grubblyspotlight #repost @chickencoopscoop 💚


“This Frosty really is a jolly, happy soul.” *eats entire bowl* #grubblieshappyhour🥂✨☃️


“Wait. Were these Grubblies supposed to be a gift in a few weeks??? Eat quietly. Maybe mom won’t notice.” . . You can catch these fluffy California beauties struttin’ down their catwalk/coop, snacking on the good stuff. We 💚 @sdfarmlife and can’t wait to share more!


Remember this? We can’t wait for December!!! Who’s with us... 🙋‍♀️😂 * Don’t forget! Today’s the LAST DAY of our biggest sale all year!!! Use code FRIDAY20 for 20% off. Link in bio! 💚


Devan practicing his hearts for our Black Friday Thank You Notes 📝 😂 Thank you everyone!!! We’re so so grateful to say that our hands are officially cramping! 🤗 #chickenscratch * * Tomorrow is the last day of our biggest sale all year!! Use code FRIDAY20 for 20% off. Link in bio!


Grubbliesgiving at Fallen Oak Farms! We 💚 you, Shelley!! #Grubblyspotlight * Use code FRIDAY20 for 20% off your Treat Tank. Link in bio to shop! ✨


Enjoy 20% off Grubblies! + SWIPE to learn 3 winter feeding tips to help keep your fluffy ones warm. ❄️ * Use code FRIDAY20 at checkout. Link in bio! 👏✨


🍂🍁 Thankful for Y-O-U! 🍂🍁 * * Fluffy ones, we hope you have the most delicious Grubbliesgiving. (Grubblies happy hours all week long, 100% required.) We love you Grubbly fam!!! So beyond thankful for you, every single day. Have the most wonderful time with your family and friends! 💚 photo by the lovely @the_henry_hens


“Hi new friends!! Welcome to the Grubbly family! For those of you who don’t know me, the name’s Waffles. Take it from me and my fabulous feathers, I think you’re pretty awesome. Have the best Monday!” -Love from Waffles✨


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Because of your Grubbly love and support, we’re able to donate Grubblies to Hurricane relief shelters to help families nourish their flocks, cats and dogs with protein. This photo says a million words! 💚 #grubblylove