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💚 Chickens LOVE Grubblies 🇺🇸 USA Farm-Grown Grubs 🐔 Healthier Feathers. Stronger Eggshells 🍾 Cheers to Happy, Healthy Chickens! #grubblieshappyhour

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An egg🥚 & one big smile! 💚


10% of the ocean’s catch is fed to animals in the form of fishmeal causing devastating effects to our ocean. By replacing fishmeal with our sustainable, nutrient-rich Grubs, we can nourish our animals, protect our oceans and provide relief to our landfills. Click the link in our bio to learn more! 🌊 #grubblylove


“Hey Monday, let me go!!” -Annie


Sunday brunchin’ ☀️🥂 with @runawaybun #grubblieshappyhour Tea party @herbinbackyards * * Chicken mama snack hack: Put Grubblies in anything to get your chickens to eat & hydrate. Easy as 🥧


Saturdayy mo-OoOo—OooOoo-rnings ☀️ (that’s our @lilhankwilliams yodeling voice, take it or leave it. Please take it 😂💚)


When you’re this cute, you can demand VIP bag service ‘round the cluck...⏰ #grubblieshappyhour


Waffles couldn’t wait until Wednesday to share her wisdom. Tag a friend who radiates love and encourages others! 💚 #grubblylove


Expectation vs. Reality. ➡️🤦🏼‍♀️ (Swipe for our blooper pic with Waffles 😁) #featheredbloopers with @8coolcats & @dunkin.ducks! * We also just learned about #chitchslapped with @drinkingwithchickens ...this is the definition of it! 🤣 #righttotheface


Eggstra! Eggstra! Read all about it! ➡️ Swipe to reveal the lucky flock who won a Grubblies Treat Tank!!! A sincere thank you to every single family & and their chickens for joining #Grubblieshappyhour - we were so excited to draw a name today. So many happy hours = so many smiles = some VERY happy chickens. 😍 Now bring on the weekend!!! ✨🥂💚


Waffles & our Grubbly team need YOUR HELP! Our Grubblies Treat Tank has been a non-stop best seller and we’d love to share your reviews. 😍 *Please comment below or DM us your review. We’ll feature some in upcoming emails with your name and IG account. If you’ve never purchased one, but know someone who has, please comment their name below so they see this. Thanks so much Grubbly fam, we 💚 you & are so grateful!!


“This tastes yummy!” -Fitz, the newest fluffy addition to the Grubbly family 🐾


Sunday eats + happy feet #therewasdancingtoo


Name ideas for our sweet little roo? 😍💚


Hi hello!!! 👋😀 Our final July giveaways are coming up, ending with a biggie!! Keep sharing your snack times to enter, and tag us so we can see all those happy, healthy fluffy ones enjoying their Grubblies!! LOVING these! 🥂✨💚 #grubblieshappyhour


“Until you truly spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.” -Waffles ✨ #waffleswednesday


Peel back the layers, and you may find something sweet. ✨ #tuesdaymotivation #grubblylove


🍑 Bottoms up! #grubblieshappyhour


*Powered by a happy heart, soothing sunshine, and a little bit of chocolate 💚 #crazychickenlady #ollieinspired