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this isnt serious i just like making fun of yasmin i love her #loveislove this isn’t an lgbt page stop following me i know im using your tags but stop


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sorry i haven’t posted babes i’m recovering from my mental breakdowns still but anyways this image is so #relatable and #true !! i a l w a y s do this. not actually because i’ve had plenty of practice saying i’m bisexual bc i don’t shut the hell up about it but it’s just a silly little #dankmeme if you guys know what that is. i swear a looot but like i said i’m trying to swear less since literally the only people that rlly look at my posts and talk to me anymore are 8 year olds that i exploited for clout by showing how #gay i am on musical.ly! are any of you guys here btw? i love you guys so much i have 10,000 fans on there and about 6,000 of them came from all of the gay themes for the entirety of pride month. i’m gonna be so famous when i grow up i’m gonna be a gay icon! haha sorry i meant to say bisexual, looks like that’s another coin for the “saying i’m gay when i’m bisexual jar” jar! (source:figure 1b,right) i’ll post some more later so you guys don’t forget how gay i am, whoops i meant to say bisexual darnit that’s another!!! at least you guys know i’m bi now, and just a quick little reminder-IM BISEXUAL 🌈🌈🌈🌈 i’ll talk to you guys soon, i love you (only to my female and nonbinaries and genderfluids men can die ) and of course remember, #loveislove #gay #imeanbisexual #imeanbisexualilikegirlsandnonbinarypeoplemorethanboysbutimstillattractedtoboys


hahaha yessss this is just a whole ass mood!! sorry for swearing so much, i’m gonna try to tone it down for my younger audience since most of my snapchat contacts are underage girls that followed me strictly because i make le epic #gay memes on my musical.ly. anyways, FUCK YOU CHRISTIANS YOU INTOLERANT MOTHERFUCKERS I HOPE YOU ROT IN THE VERY HELL YOU FABRICATED AND DAMNED US GAYS (i mean bisexual i’m bi guys i like boys and girls but girls and nonbinaries really get my prepubescent underdeveloped hormonal complex fired up😏) TO LIVE IN FOR ETERNITY FUCK YOU ALL YOUR GOD IS FALSE AND THE ONE TRUE GOD IS GAY AND FUCKS OTHER WOMEN BECAUSE THEY ARE A FEMALE IDENTIFYING INDIVIDUAL FUCK ALL OF YOU this is a good example of good christians though! they’re assholes for their beliefs but that’s okay sometimes i don’t say thank you when someone holds the door open for me so we all have our hatred i guess. i am sobbing in the library right now. not actually babes don’t worry still not actually crying haha i got you guys there didn’t i? crying and sobbing just meant like bc if how emotional this stuff makes me :) i’m gonna go “bust some fat nuts” to some #nonbinaries i’ll see you guys in the next one! Remember, #loveislove #imbisexualdontforgetit #genderfluid #iwanttotakemylifeandspitinthefaceofwhatevergodthesechristianfuckersbelieveinanddefyhiseverywordandembracethearmsofthesatantheyfear


👏🏽say👏🏽it👏🏽louder👏🏽for👏🏽the👏🏽people👏🏽in👏🏽the👏🏽back👏🏽!!! this is such a #dank image i love this so much this is a very important message and please excuse my completely fucking abysmal cropping skills i’m bisexual and i like boys and girls but girls and nonbinaries are more attractive to me #imbi Remember, #loveislove #genderfluidity #rememberwhenisaidiwasbi #wholemood


i love the twent one pilot boys so much!! my best friend/daddy met me through them, i love him so much :) but here’s a reminder that i don’t love boys! boys are grody and dicks are ugly 😝😝 my favorite twenty one pilot song is most likely heathens bc it was in that movie with the lil wayne song i think. was it? idk gamers let me know down in the comments below #suicidesquad #suicideattemptnumber7 this is just a little psa to you disgusting heterosexual sinners that i am in fact much more attracted to females than males!! i am not gay but bisexual. btw, i like boys and girls and everything in between and outside :)) sorry boys, this is the last time i’ll say it: GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU HETERO PIECE OF SHIT!!!! 😡😡sorry for being so #savage and trolling you #normies but i’m tired of straight people saying things like “gay is a sin” or “it’s a phase” it is totally not you #unepic normies!!! i know who i am and who i’m attracted to, so much so that i fall for people that don’t live anywhere near me and i’ve never seen irl. #longdistance daddy is the only boy i will ever look at. he makes me feel like shit when he bully’s me and i don’t say anything because i’m self destructive and i like it 😏😏 by the way, i’m not gay! i’m bisexual, haven’t said that in a few sentences sorry. don’t want any nasty boys trying to hit on me, if they do it for more than 20 minutes i’ll have to send naughty pictures of myself and watch them send things back 😣😣why are boys so sexual :( anyways bros, i’ll see you in the next one Remember, #loveislove #brofist #gay #imeanbisexualilikegirlsandnonbinarypeoplemorethanboysbutimstillattractedtoboys #mymentalhealthisquestionablebutitsokaybecauseimgayimeanbisexualilikeboysandgirlsbutibustfatnutswheniseenonbinarupeopleandalsogirls


haha guys this is for all of my #unepicgamers following me that say silly remarks like “it annoys me when gay ppl mention their sexuality so much like okay we get it” :) also omg the 5th slide is so #true and #dank it’s definitely soooo me! back in 7th grade which was like 20 minutes ago bc i’m a CHILD it was just so me omg i’m #crying !!! not because i’m sad because i’m laughing don’t worry babes 😘alright i’m gonna go bug the shit out of daddy i’ll see you next time gamers! Remember, #loveislove #lgbtaaip2 #gay #lgbt #lesbian