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Sex, drugs.. you know the rest 🎶 #rocknroll


CW• This probably looks like a standard throwback photo. It's not. My wrist is bandaged in this photo. In the bathroom at DTE while waiting for Rob Zombie to perform. Early October 2017 I wasnt handling life well & apparently I couldnt handle someone not answering their phone either. I was so alone one evening around 10pm. Loneliness hit me like a semi & I NEEDED to hear ANYONES voice but I was completely alone. My only 'help'at the time was out of state so I resorted to the razor in the cupboard & watched the tissue & muscle of my forearm open up like the tearing of saran wrap. I knew I was dying after about 5 minutes when the convulsing kicked into hyper drive & my arm soaked through towels and sheets into my mattress. For some reason I wrapped my arm in towels tied in knots so tight you wouldn't believe I did it with only one arm. I woke up in the morning & called a friend who I knew would be able to patch me up to the point of non infection. I then carried about my day like nothing ever happened. Went to a fucking concert & told everyone I burned myself at work. Sure I had a few nodding off moments & my left arm was in massive pulsating pain for weeks. It's been almost 1 year & the muscle still tears under the scar tissue and I can see visible blood trapped underneath. Its been almost 1 year & I still wish I hadn't woken up that October morning. Depressions everywhere. Stop reading off hallmark cards when you're trying to dismiss your friends depressive behaviors. We likely wont be around much longer.


S a u c y 🥃


W E D D I N G P A R T Y 🥂🌼 my boyfriend got wastey pants at the reception so I drove him nearly an hour to get the best tacos around. Wheres my award?


I 🖤 FILM PHOTOS 🎞 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📸 @kevin_does


Staring at squirrels 🐿 📸 @kevin_does


I hate myself. And I dont say that because I need the reassurance of thousands of complete strangers or friends or family. I genuinely have spent the last... however many years deeply hating myself. & as much as i would love to pinpoint it & blame it on my psyche or my inability to keep up with the physical appearance i strive for - I cannot. But right now - I'm going to focus on maybe just liking myself. Maybe its because my underwear are a pretty color or because I've always liked myself most with my hair tied in knots & my face pink from sunshine. Today I like me. I hope you like you, too.


Sunshine • Smiles • Hammocks • Bedhead for days. & flannel. Cant forget flannel🧥❣ 📸 @kevin_does


@levis 👖🥝


I'll always be your muse 🦋


🌫 Waiting out the rain 🌫 📸 @kevin_does


#MoPop was of course - amazing. 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 📸 @kevin_does


Puff says goodmorning 🌼


Best bedtime feel - Wearing tall boyfriends oversized clothing to sleep like a smol human 👔


Too much leg for this position - Spending a power outage in a chilis parking lot because, salsa 📸 @kevin_does


Sipped beers at a park & turned into a gargoyle 🐘 📸 @kevin_does


Whatever crush Wednesday 👑 Let's take a moment to appreciate such a beautiful face. #RIP to polygamy. I'm pretty sure this stallion has trapped me in monogamy for good. #italianstallion


I love days where I dont have to get out of bed at all 🙏💫