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“I used [Perpetuem] as my primary nutrition throughout the Tunnel Hill Ultramarathon (50 mile; maybe I’ll do the 100 next year). I was never hungry or had a lack of energy. No cramps or stomach issues. What a great product! Thank you.” - Online Reviewer Click the link in our bio to save on Perpetuem during our 2018 Family and Friends Sale! #howihammer


Family and Friends Sale prices have been extended through 12/25! Click the link in our bio to get the perfect last minute gifts for the athletes in your life. 🎁 🎁 #howihammer . Photo Courtesy of @run_n_shoot


Katherine Jeter is not your ordinary 80-year-old woman! To celebrate becoming an octogenarian, Katherine and 15 friends cycled the 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway located in Tennessee in less than 10 days. Beyond having fun during the ride, Katherine is working to raise $80,000 for @globalbike to get bicycles to women in rural Tanzania to help them access health care and economic resources. As an enthusiastic endurance athlete, Katherine is no stranger to long distance events. In fact, in 2013 she summoned Mt. Kilimanjaro, where she earned her nickname, Bibi, meaning grandmother in Swahili. . Do you have a story you would like to share? Send us an email at letters@hammernutrition.com! We can’t wait to hear from you. #howihammer


We had an amazing time last night at @threeforksgrille for our 2018 holiday party. Local food and great company made celebrating the season even better! #howihammer


“There’s no magic pill to get us to run longer, but this comes pretty dang close! I use the Anti-Fatigue Caps before tough workouts all week, and it helps me out the door and keep pushing. On the really long runs over 2 hours, I’ll use an additional few to continue pushing a little further. Highly recommend giving this one a try!” -Online Reviewer Click the link in our bio for 20% Anti-Fatigue Caps until December 15th!


“I cycle a minimum of two to three 70+ miles per week. Perpetuem allows me to work consistently at a higher intensity. I feel less lactic acid build up and am able to generate power without the fatigue at the 3+ hour mark.” - Online Reviewer . Click the link in our bio to save 15% off Perpetuem! #howihammer


Are you fueling properly during exercise? . Take 1 Hammer Gel 15 minutes before exercise, and continue to take 1 serving every 30-45 minutes during your workout! . Click the link in our bio to save up to 50% on Hammer Nutrition fuels, supplements, and more. . #howihammer


Our 30th Annual Family and Friends Sale ends in 10 days! Make sure to place your orders before December 15th to enjoy up to 50% off Hammer Gel, Recoverite, Clearance items and more. Click the link in our bio to order now! #howihammer


Hammer Nutrition views from Malaysia! #howihammer . Photo: @freyernick


@hammernutritionvn Sponsored Athlete, @clairejosquin pushed her limits at the Ho Chi Minh City Techcombank Half Marathon to finish in 3rd place with a time of 1:45:00! With a podium finish behind her, Claire is now preparing for her first full Marathon in Saigon next month. #howihammer


Rather than relying on NSAIDs for pain and inflammation, Luke Fitzwater takes Tissue Rejuvenator to alleviate daily aches! #howihammer . Click the link in our bio to save 20% on Tissue Rejuvenator during our Family and Friends Sale!


“As a new product, it’s always a question of should I or shouldn’t I? YES you should. I’ve been using this product since it was released and it is nothing short of awesome. I’ve noticed a decrease in muscle soreness since I started using which has been great since training has really ramped up for the fall season. I’ve also noticed improved sleep quality as well. As usual, Hammer hit the nail on the head with this great product” - Online Reviewer . Photo: @ivebeen_framed


Canadian Hammer Ambassador Ron Amos and U.S based Hammer Ambassador Victor Sheldon were able to meet up in California at the Udo Heinz Memorial ride earlier this month! . What events have you met other members of the Hammer Family? #howihammer


#Repost @fancypedals ・・・ Do your calves cramp up on your endurance runs? Then add this supper set to the end of your leg day! 💪 3 x supersets Calf raises at half your body weight x12 Farmer Carry toe walk with half your body weight for 60s 2 minutes recovery. You can do more weight (if you can hold it) or less if you can make the duration. The weight isn’t as important as the reps and duration for this exercise (we’re after muscular endurance here, not max strength). The first set of these doesn’t usually get to you, but by the 3rd! Wooeee! 🔥💪👊 Give it a shot and let me know how you make out. If you know someone who needs to add this to their routine, tag them below! . . . #howihammer #legday #calves #superset #crosstraining #inspirefae #nolimitsendurance #nolimitsendurancecoaching #runner #running #run #irun #muscularendurance #swimbikerun #triathlon #triathlete #ironman #ironmantraining #plyometrics #calisthenics #fitness #fitspo #fitspiration #personaltrainer #runcoach #tricoach #calfraises #farmerscarry


Are you going for a ride after work? Consume a serving of Fully Charged 30 minutes before starting to increase energy and improve power output! Click the link in our bio to order Fully Charged during our 30th Annual Family and Friends sale. #howihammer


@nickyd358 relies on HEED for long-lasting energy to stay on the trails as long as possible! Nick’s favorite flavor is Mandarin Orange! What’s yours?? . HEED is on sale now! Click the link in our bio to enjoy our 30th Annual Family and Friends Sale! #howihammer . 📷: @kevin.horstmann