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Sundays are for scheming. The only question is...east or west? #heywildsam


The pattern of coffee and people.


So honored to attend the Authentic Mexico Gourmet Gala tonight, where our @austinwoman September cover story star Monica Peraza was celebrated with an inaugural community leadership award in her name. It’s a blessing to write about and meet such inspiring women, and as such I am armed tonight with my favorite @ninaberenato ring, @kendrascott bracelet, earrings from @lucgreenlee - shoes from @insta_angelaamaya - my roommate’s dress and a vintage clutch that belonged to my grandmother. Women empower women, y’all! Grateful for all the women who inspire and empower me every day.


(1/3) Montan-niversary | Today marks one whole year since we set off for Montana. It was all Steinbeck’s fault: I read Travels with Charley last April, sitting outside on the porch while Lucydog caught fireflies and crickets nearby. “We could do that,” I thought, and that was all it took to set the wheels in motion. I honestly don’t remember how I settled on Montana: if #Steinbeck stopped there, it was not a highlight in the book, but it captivated me. By July, the route there and back changed countless times, and unforeseen life events delayed my start date twice. We set off at last on July 20th, now as important a date to me as New Year’s Eve and as much a reason to reflect, resolve, and celebrate. • • • • • #goingtothesunroad #hikingdogsofinsta #backcountrypaws #pitbullsofinstagram #hikingwithdogs #campingwithdogs #adventureswithdogs #thesewanderingpaws


(2/3) Montan-niversary | How do you measure the success of a year? I estimate I’ve driven over 16,000 miles, had more writing opportunities than I could have dreamed, achieved a few personal goals, failed a few others. Most of all, I hope I’ve cultivated the kinds of things you can’t quantify: a deeper sense of joy, a firmer grasp on steadfast love. If travel teaches anything, it’s that scenery changes quickly – on the road and in life – and the mercies are new every morning. I am grateful for memories like this, for the mountains and the Grand Canyon and my new love for West Texas, but also for ordinary moments made extraordinary by the people that surround me. The daily glimpses of grace and glory.


(3/3) Montan-niversary | Can you spot Lucydog living her best life? This fall, I plan to write the whole story of that trip. Not as an article, but for myself. So consider this your teaser; I hope you’ll read along. No “Top Ten National Parks” lists, just stories and experiences: swimming in glacial lakes with bald eagles overhead, fresh huckleberries from a roadside mercantile, s’mores around the campfire with strangers, and that first Texas sunset I saw outside Amarillo on my way back.


Samantha “built a business from the ground up, allowing it to bloom in unlikely places like a bluebonnet in the crack of an Austin sidewalk.” = one of my favorite recent lines, not because I wrote it, but because it’s true! Read all about @bricolagecf at the link in my bio and TELL me you are not inspired, I dare you. 📸: @paigenphoto


One of my goals this year is to cover every corner of the Lone Star State, east to west, north to south. Here’s one cozy little corner I found in Galveston, designed by the incredible @shannoneddingsinteriors for @carrmansion - Read more about what to do on the island in my recent piece for @tribeza (link in bio). 📷: @maggiekloss


HOME (2/3): And yet...I feel the most at "home" when I am on the move: in a train, on a flight, in the car with my dog. I think about scenes like this hike in the Tetons last summer: we covered 9 states in three weeks, never staying in one place more than 3 nights. And I never felt unsettled; in fact, I've never felt more at home - which was healing in a time when I was working hard to recover some pieces of myself that I had lost. I found those pieces on the road, but I also found them when I came back to the people I love here in Texas. So I guess...


HOME (1/3): I've been thinking a lot about "home" lately, about the balance between settling in and forging ahead. Today at lunch I said goodbye to my brother before his move to Colorado. One of the best things about coming back to Texas has been living closer to him, one of the kindest, funniest, most passionate people I know - at once a peacemaker and the life of the party. I'm excited for his next adventure, but I hate moving: I hate moving myself, and I hate when others move. And yet...


If I run in Marathon, it counts as marathon training, yes?


Impromptu trip to check out the new @brickvaultbrewery at Marathon’s @gagehotel




My favorite state turned 182 on Friday. Three 7th generation Texans blew out the candles. Captured in my element with this 📸 by @natalie_longmire #texasforever


Anyone in Texas remember what the sun feels like? #tbt to the wind in our ears, on the road with the embodied joy that is #lucydumdum