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Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I am continuously thankful for people who support and encourage me to be creative, who push me to be a better person everyday, and love me even when I'm not at my best. I hope and pray everyone is blessed this holiday season!


Spent my afternoon in the woods yesterday. I've been unfortunately grounded at work for about 6 weeks now because of Hurricane Michael and how busy it makes hotel life.. I've been missing my adventures something serious. It's kind of sad right now though because all my favorite spots look so different. You can see all the downed trees in the picture from the storm. One had fallen across the covered bridge that was built in 1889. Hoping to spend my couple holiday days off in the woods looking for points that have been uncovered by the turned over trees. Haven't gotten an nice arrowheads in a couple months.. what's been going on in your world?


Finally getting closer to being not so swamped at work from the Hurricane. Ready to get back in the swing of exploring and get my camera out of its bag. Where have you been exploring lately?


Sittin' in the mornin' sun, I'll be sittin' when the evenin' comes.. ♫


I probably won't get a full day off work again for the next two weeks to snap any pics (going on two weeks already).. good thing I have a couple hundred shots from vacation I have yet to break into. 😊


Who says having your head in the clouds has to be a bad thing?


It happens so suddenly. We are going about our own mundane tasks when a phrase of music, a shafts of sunlight on a snowy roof, a handful of yellow butterflies, or the arc of a bird diving to the Earth, pierces us. For one brief moment, we are lifted out of our daily routines into the untold realms of light and beauty. Then the moment is gone and we are back on Earth, but we are not the same. 💚


Calling up the weekend like.. 📯📯


Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. #RalphWaldoEmerson


Good Morning Grammers! I'm up and exploring the Smoky Mountains today... what's on your Wednesday agenda?


Back in my element. 💜


So excited to be able to take some much needed vacation time starting Saturday. I really need a battery recharge and I can't think of a better way to do it than to go spend a week in the mountains. 💜


Spider Lilly Sunsets


Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. #normanmaclean


Daydreamin'..... Only ten more days and I'll be back in TN to catch the Titans v. Eagles at Nissan Stadium in Nashville then I'm off to hike and explore for 5 days in the Smokies. So excited to be watching sunrises and sunsets at elevated angles again. Who's ready for some fall mountain pics?


Spent my afternoon alone in the woods. It's funny, I feel like that's such a normal thing to do. Then I start really thinking about it and how I take for granted having the ability to sneak away somewhere quiet to reflect. I think there's something perfect in being able to feel comfortable alone. It's a strength and confidence that can't be taught instead found and is immediately apparent to those around you. It's strength knowing that no matter what, you have the perseverance to overcome all obstacles placed in your path because of who God has designed you to be. "The Lord is greater than the giants you face." 1 John 4:4