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Two wheel rider, doing what I love! I heart @lisettkr151.

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Last lap pass over bambam felt good 😁


Personally best MXON with 7th and 12th in the races! P9 with Team Estonia! It was 5th year in row with team Estonia and we have been every time top 10 from small country! Well done from my teammates @tanelleok & @hardiroosiorg! Thanks to EMF, @redemptionracingmx, @pol_motors @andy.dejong.94 @lisettkr151 for organizing and making our weekend enjoyable! Also thanks to @dfinn63 for the bike and crazy fans around track and behind tv supporting us! #mxon #redbuuuuud #2018 1st pic by @ginomaes


P5 today and P12 with Team Estonia for tomorrow! Kit looks good, thanks @noescaperacing!! #redbud #mxon @pol_motors


Friday at Redbud! Track looks good with bit mud on top! I’m riding Open class for Team Estonia! #teamestonia #24


KĂ”ik krossihuvilised, ootan Teid lihvima natukene pidurdamis- ja kurvitehnikat sĂŒgisele pinnasele, arvatavasti soone ja muda trenni tegema! Laager toimub 13.-14.10. Plaan trenni teha Tihemetsas ja PĂ€rnumaal pĂ”llu peal kui muidugi ilm soosib! Tule teeme veel koos viimaseid sĂ”ite enne maa kĂŒlmumist. KĂ”ik info ja registreerimine kullasracing@gmail.com


Nice day yesterday exploring the Chicago city!


Had great race on saturday! Won both races and was fun team race to end the day! Nice to see many people coming out to remember TÔnu as well! #tÔnulill #memorialrace


Thank you @revlinemx for new đŸ”„sticker set! My evening is booked! đŸ€˜


Few shots by @janis.pastars.35 at Latvian Championship last sunday!


Saturday won both motos in Estonian Championship! Won all motos which I participated this year in Estonian Championship! 3rd in Championship despite missing 2 rounds! Sunday won both motos in Latvian Championship round! Quite easy wins and enjoyed riding a lot! #husqvarna #ilvestransport #pallasrakennus #palmsmehaanikakoda #purkupeikko #elergon #prohole #tervisecatering #salinvest #pÀrnumc @viimsispaspordiklubi @mecafit89 @ortema.de @medicalserviceestonia @tsmuextremeareena #ride100percent @noescaperacing @deftfamily #sidiboots #revlinemxgraphics Pics by Genadi Katenev and Motostart Photography


Juba homme viimane EMV etapp Tihemetsas! Kohtume seal! 📾 Genadi Katenev


Unfortunately had no luck this weekend in Assen! We had good speed in free/time and warmup. Qualy race had to go with half throttle due to mechanical issue. 1st race was going good and was fighting for 14th place when fuel started to finish, managed to go last lap slowly and with pushing until finish line with 23rd position. 2nd race had again mechanical so had to stop! Thanks for my @pol_motors team for helping and giving the best! We come back in Redbud! #husqvarna #autoservicevisserhoogkerk #dejongkoeriersdiensten @noescaperacing #bell @deftfamily #deftfamily.nl #sidiboots #ride100percent #ilvestransport #palmsmehaanikakoda #elergon #salinvest #tervisecatering #purkupeikko @proholeoydrilling #pallasrakennus @viimsispaspordiklubi @mecafit @123tuulilasi @ortema.de #pÀrnumc @medicalserviceestonia Pic by Alex Skoczek


Cool shot from last weekend! 📾 @geoffreyvandereecken2


Great day at Belgium Championship! First time at old school track in Orp-Le-Grand! I enjoyed that track a lot! Battled with some top riders for 4-3-4 results. Happy for the holeshot in superfinal and for the day! Thanks @andy.dejong.94 for the rear brake oil change every session! 🙈 @polmotors #husqvarna #autoservicevisserhoogkerk @noescaperacing #bell @deftfamily #deftfamily.nl #sidiboots #ride100percent #ilvestransport #palmsmehaanikakoda #elergon #salinvest #tervisecatering #purkupeikko #prohole #pallasrakennus @viimsispaspordiklubi @mecafit @123tuulilasi @ortema.de #pĂ€rnumc @medicalserviceestonia Picture by Danny Hermans



Some shots with 2-stroke and 4-stroke from Finnish Championship! Photos by Juhani Lind