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the ‘h’ is silent..you can call me Hat for short @_asapfit_ • Lift • Run • Art • Silversmith • Sales • Cats • Dogs • RPStrength


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I received an early Christmas gift today!! 🥰 @tritortoise #grow #learn #travel


Pintxos ~ Almond Stuffed Medjool Dates, Bacon, Honey Gastrique with Gascon ( Cerbois Armagnac • St. Germain • Citrus) and then traditional Gâteau Basque for dessert. #basquefoodie


This is so satisfying especially since I made them myself. So many damn devices. One for MacBook charger, iPad charger, phone charger, my iPad headphones, and phone headphones, and my watch charger.


Thank you @erin.jorgenson ♥️ Favorite thing to drink From my favorite people From one of favorite places #coffee #Portland #bff


My mom on right and my uncle on the left. Mexico. Long ago.


Long novel warning: In January 2017 I passed out a few times nothing new.. I do that often, dumb vasovagel syncope. But this last time went to hospital for first time because if it. That was the first events of year with lots of changes. I also got laid off again.. nothing new. It’s happened several times. But my life is drastically different now. I work in a totally different industry of health and fitness instead of health and medicine. As we all start to think about the end of this year and the start of next year we may start to think about our resolutions. I don’t make resolutions instead I make ongoing goals. I haven’t figured it all out all the specifics yet but here’s the little things that keep me going. I do look back at what I’ve done, so I know where I’m going next. I said before this was the year of growth. I think that I was successful in growing despite all the crap 2018 put me through. This year I learned how to macrame, improved my watercolor painting, basket making, propagating succulents, improved my silversmithing earring making, took up embroidery, learned line botanical drawing. Not having worked out for health reasons for most of the beginning of the year was rough but I went from a few pull-ups to almost 9 strict. I got no repped for that last one hahahaha. I managed to PR while cutting. I finally got a rope climb which is a big deal to me having cut weight while maintaining strength. I trained for a half marathon even though it got cancelled. I’m still working on all the “things”, but I have great support and coaches, so the rest is all on me. It’s about progress not perfection. 2019 I have a few goals so far. I am not done yet. No doubt It’s been a rough year for me but I’m still here growing. Increase pull-ups strength. PR my deadlift. Visit Mérida, Yucatán visit Basque Country where my great grampa was from. Make a leather wallet from scratch. Make a leather bag from scratch Make a pair leather sandals (yup scratch too). Design and make clothes again. Learn how to make African Mud cloth. Start doing freehand temporary tattoos. (It’s coming soon...) Wow thanks for reading this far! 🥰 #growth #learn


Drawing on black paper when head is pounding and can’t sleep. Somehow this is relaxing. My hand wasn’t steady for this one and I’m seeing a bunch of mistakes. #freehand #mistakesincluded


Moses, Elphie, and Munchi #furkids


Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁


Fronts Squats and overhead squats feeling much better these days. Accessory work done ✅ Post workout shoe selfie ✅




Thankful my home gym takes care of us with good Kleenex and hand sanitizer! 🤗 thank you @bri_malta @_asapfit_