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Buckwheat, spinach & sweetcorn pancakes - With all those good time toppings 😛 I feel like I've been cooking non-stop. A big dinner cook up at mine Friday night, this brunch on Saturday, plus a huge meal prep and food exchange today! I freaking love it! I love making these pancakes and eating them any time of the day! Here’s the recipe again - knock yourself out 😉 PANCAKES 〰 Buckwheat x 2 cups soaked overnight with a TBS of ACV 〰 Sweetcorn pieces organic (fresh, frozen or canned is fine) x 1.5 cups chargrilled in hot pan (season with salt & chilli flakes) 〰 Rinse the buckwheat thoroughly the next morning and drop into your blender 〰 Add to the blender: 〰 Spinach fresh x 2 handfuls 〰 Garlic & Onion powder x 1/4 tsp each 〰 Stevia x 1 drop for balance 〰 Kimchi chilli powder x 1/4 tsp 〰 Sea salt & fresh ground pepper 〰 Baking powder x 1 flat tsp 〰 Water x 2 cups 〰 Blend together until creamy 〰 Pour batter into mixing bowl and stir in the sweetcorn 〰 Fry like regular pancakes with a little coconut oil 〰 Makes around 10 pancakes TAHINI SAUCE 〰 In a bowl mix together tahini x 4 TBS, tamari x 1 tsp, toasted sesame oil x 1/2 tsp, fresh lime juice x 1, pinch of garlic powder, salt & pepper, a drop of stevia and add warm water to thin out the sauce until desired consistency (it will thicken & clump up beforehand!). STACK 〰 Between a couple of layers, drizzle tahini sauce x 2 - 3 TBS and let it ooze out 〰 Top with sliced avocado, vegetarian sausage, kimchi, spinach, sprouts, sweet corn, chilli flakes & black sesame seeds Check out my saved stories for more about the toppings. And have a great week ahead lovers! 😘


Golden umami soup of roasted sweet potato, carrot, charred corn, a spicy turmeric curry powder blend and coconut milk! It’s soup season. Go wild 😉 This is a super easy, vegan, flavourful, hearty and warming blend is totally simple and I know you’ll love it 🙂 〰 Start by roasting off the veg until golden brown and smokey! 〰 Carrots whole with coconut oil, garlic powder & salt x a bunch 〰 Sweet potato chopped, tossed in a little coconut oil and S&P x 1 large 〰 In the meantime, in your saucepan heat up coconut oil x 1 - 2 TBS 〰 Sauté brown onions until lightly golden x 1 medium 〰 Mustard seeds x 1/2 tsp 〰 Dried chilli flakes x 1 pinch 〰 Sweet corn charred x approx 300g 〰 Garlic x 2 cloves 〰 Add your spice blend and fry off in the oil 〰 Add small amounts of water to deglaze & cook the spices off more 〰 Start to add your veg. Chop up the carrots into small chunks first 〰 Add enough water to just cover the veg and infuse the flavours 〰 Add in batches to the blender and puree until creamy - you’ll need to add water as you go to loosen the mix up 〰 Pour it all back into your pot to finish off 〰 Add 1 cup of coconut milk and simmer with the lid off for another 5 - 7 minutes. Season well with sea salt. 〰 Top with toasted sunflower seeds, coconut chips, chilli flakes, hemp seeds and tiny ass carrots! I promise this is hella comforting from the inside, out! You can imagine me hugging you whilst you eat 😄🤗


Fragrant, fresh picked, homegrown herb and rosebud tea... art ☺️ I recently attended one of the most zen tea ceremonies, hosted by the very special Bruno Sitton 💫⚡️✨ Every step in the ceremonial process was magically meditative and the attention to, and appreciation for the details, was deep. I loved the exploration and complexities of the teas, not to mention how to treat, infuse, pour and taste and reflect on each one. Can you identify this herb combo? It’s gonna be a hard struggle to return to an ol’ teabag in a mug situation 😉 Happy Sunday lovers xo


Breakfast portobellos stuffed with cashew creamed spinach, avocado, kimchi and sprouts! For when you want all the flavours at once 😉😛 How to make cashew cream: 〰 Soak cashews x 1 cup in water for 2 - 3 hours (I soak about 5 cups at once and freeze - so whenever I need them I can make instant milk or cream - I know. I’m a genius) 〰 Add cashews to blender with 1 cup of filtered water and puree 〰 Add : ACV x 1 tsp : Nutritional yeast x 2 tsp : Garlic powder x a little pinch : S&P : Stevia liquid x 1 drop 〰 Give it another quick blend together 〰 Pour over everything! For the spinach I sautéed a few handfuls in garlic, chilli, S&P in a little coconut. I then poured in some of the cashew cream and filled up the portobellos. May all of your breakfasts be ones of champions or at least get you through to lunch - you wild food lovers 😉


A seaside spread of Crispy Artichoke Al Romana, Eggplant Masabacha, Mixed Herb Salad with Seeds & Cranberries, and Falafel amongst other house specialities! The crazy delicious #Masabacha was made of eggplant, chickpeas, tomato, pickled lemon, garlic confit, tahini, and hot chilli 🤤🤤🤤 I need to make this everyday... and all the things. We had lunch with dear Tel Avivian friends who spoiled us with this #chiringuito style gem on the waterfront in South Jaffa! Right on the gorgeous Givat Aliya beach, 30+ degree heat, great food & vibes - it was all just so good! You gotta go! More in my stories 😉


Sabich - Fried Eggplant Pita - This was crazy delicious! I’m still dreaming about it 😍 Every sandwich is a work of art, it’s full of the perfect layers of flavourful ingredients, thinly sliced, crisp eggplant and just so incredibly tasty. Wow. We then proceeded to splash on a spicy pineapple hot sauce, smother it in tahini and stuff our faces! I learned that this popular vegetarian street food was brought to Israel in the 40’s/ 50’s by Iraqi-Jewish immigrants - in particular by a family man named Sabich. The dish popularised so much throughout the country that it became known by his name ❤️ This local hole-in-the-wall was highly recommended by friends and you can see why 😉 More in my stories!


Pomegranates are a symbol of deep sensuality and passion - there’s no denying ❤️ Israel is the land of pomegranates. Grown there in abundance for thousands of years, it is their national fruit, depicted in ancient art and in Jewish religion it is a symbol of fertility, love and righteousness. We learned about the story about 613 seeds per fruit which corresponds with the 613 commandments, of the Torah. So it’s customary to eat pomegranates during Jewish new year, #RoshHashanah, which we were there for and yes we consumed a lot everyday 🙂 And let’s no forget that pomegranates are packed with nutrients and powerful plant compounds - super high antioxidants, vitamin C and a great anti-inflammatory! More in my stories and a look around the dynamically delectable Carmel Market aka Shuk Carmel 😍


Hummus, hummus, humm-ussss! This combo plate of traditional family recipes, in Tel Aviv, was everything! I’ve had the great pleasure of eating my way through this incredible city. There’s so much I love about it! Food, family, energy, community and the beaches 💙 And our very first breakfast meal, was at the deliciously popular #AbuHassan for their three types of hummus 🤤🤤🤤- hummus, brown fava beans and #masabacha! Creamy, smooth texture, full flavoured and just so goooood! Served with warm pita, fresh onions to scoop up the hummus and the most delicious lemon & green chilli sauce! They’re one of Israel’s oldest, most famous and generation to generation, family run hummus restaurants, in the old town of Jaffa. It caters to a loyal following of Tel Avivians, labourers and tourists, who are either crammed in side by side or lined up at the takeaway window and it all moves at a fast and fun pace. It’s open early for breakfast and until around 15:00 or when the hummus literally runs out 😛 It was total joy to eat there and I can’t wait to go back! Check out a little more in my stories ⚡️


Vegan Cauliflower, Spinach & Pumpkin Seed Curry 🍛 Delicious, fragrant and satisfying. It’s finally time for some cosy comfort food! Let’s do this: 〰 In your saucepan heat up coconut oil x 1 - 2 TBS 〰 Sauté brown onions x 1 or 2 〰 Add freshly grated ginger x 2cm piece 〰 Mustard seeds x 1/2 tsp 〰 Dried chilli flakes x 1 pinch 〰 Star anise x 2 pieces 〰 Garlic x 2 cloves 〰 Add your curry powder blend and fry off in the oil 〰 Add small amounts of water to deglaze & cook the spices off more 〰 Add tomatoes chopped x 1 -2 〰 Start to add your veg: 〰 Cauliflower florets x 1 medium head 〰 Spinach leaves x 2 - 3 large handfuls 〰 Spitskool cabbage x 1 small (found this in the back of the fridge & didn’t want to waste it 😉) 〰 Add enough water to just cover the veg and cook through 〰 Add 1 cup of coconut milk and simmer with the lid off for another 5 - 7 minutes 〰 In the meantime, in a dry, hot pan, toast off pumpkin seeds x 1/2 cup 〰 Stir in most of the seeds but save some for topping 〰 Season with sea salt & lime juice 〰 Top with fresh coriander, chilli, lime wedges, coconut chips and coconut yoghurt It’s one pot, punch packing good times! Have fun with it, be creative and enjoy 🙂


Chilled, Tomato, Roasted Garlic, Chilli & Hemp Seed Soup pots! 🍅🌶 It’s such a delicious umami bomb and it’s vegan, GF, sugar-free, paleo, keto, the whole shebang! I love this soup cold or hot because it's creamy, full flavoured, and not too ingredient complicated. I was lucky enough to score a bag full of homegrown cherry tomatoes from a love of mine, and they’re sooo yummy and sweet! So I whipped up a big batch, chilled it like gazpacho, and served in pots, for our little evening sail along the canals. Here’s how to make it: •Halve the cherry tomatoes and line them up in a baking pan. •Season with sea salt, pepper & dried chilli flakes. •Bake under a hot grill until blistered, slightly charred and caramelised. •In the meantime, caramelise shallots in coconut oil until sweet & sticky. •Stir in 3 cloves of smokey, roasted garlic (I have a jar full, packed in olive oil which I saved from last Christmas dinner). •Add fresh cut chilli and sauté (dial up to whatever heat you like) •Deglaze the pot with red wine vinegar or any vinegar you have. •Pour in the baked tomatoes. •Stir together, well for about 5 minutes. •Blend in batches until well pureed. Add filtered water progressively with each batch. •With the last batch add a big handful of hemp seeds into the blender and puree that batch until creamy. •Pour the mix back into the pot with the remaining soup and stir together - with the heat off. •Add a few stevia drops if the tomatoes aren’t already sweet enough. •Add more sea salt if needed. •Top your servings with mini yellow tomatoes, and more hemp seeds. The beauty of this recipe is keeping the flavour highlight focused on the tomatoes, with the deep smokey base notes of the onion & garlic and using the hemp seeds to make it creamy (& superfood injected) instead of using dairy. Enjoy! 😘


I’m my happiest in the high heat, swimming deep, bare skin... and free 💛 This is me. A little stripped back but filled up with good vibes. I’ve been a bit offline here and laying low, as I’ve just completed a pretty intensive month of detoxing, fasting and meditation. I do it annually and it means a lot to me. I do it for a number of reasons, cleansing, sacrifice, resetting. It’s a time of being very disciplined, introspective, reflective and filled with gratitude. I’m now starting the second month of paced reintegration; at a stage where I’m feeling really connected, cleansed, balanced and filled with joy. There’s more to it of course but I’m just gonna keep it short. I also get to eat avocados again - whoop! So that’s a good emoji excuse to cover up a buddy in the background 😄 - for privacy. Anyway, it’s just so you know why the food pix haven’t been more frequent and I’ll be back with more soon. All love ☺️ Samantha


Kombucha Pink Grapefruit & Berry Popsicles! Boochie, tangy, sweet and perfectly refreshing for these hot summer days! They’re super simple once you have your kombucha ready to go! Amsterdam weather has been incredible and the days have been lazy. So, these healthy, hydrating & gut-loving popsicles are an easy to make treat to enjoy - many times over! For the second fermentation of my booch, I flavoured the popsicle batch with freshly squeezed pink grapefruit & apple juice and with a couple of stevia drops to balance out the tartness. 😛 For the popsicles themselves, I dropped a mix of blueberries, raspberries, red currants & pomegranate into the molds, filled them up with the booch and then left them to set in the freezer for a few hours - that’s it! Happy easy Monday lovers 😘


Vuurtoreneiland (lighthouse island) has been my happy place since it first opened, and continues to captivate the romantic in me every year 💙 This time, we were there for opening of the new summer restaurant kitchen (summer is still my favourite. I mean look at it), which happened to be the one hot weather night of the whole week and the second longest day of the year. The sun started setting at 22:05, I love Northern European summer ☀️ And that half moon hanging over us (swooning). From the boat ride to the fantastic food (seasonal, local, foraged, fermented, smoked, artisanal), the details are a perfectly clever, delicious and blissful journey as always. I could write pages about my adoration for the place. Simply said though, I’m my happiest surrounded by water, eating great food and in gorgeous company. Check out my saved stories for more and I hope you get to visit too 😘 #vuurtoreneiland


Avocado Toast drizzled with avo oil, chilli flakes, fresh lemon zest, Murray River salt, black pepper & a sprinkle of garlic powder on sprouted rye bread 😋🥑 Creamy, zingy, chewy and super satiating! Healthy fats, whole foods, sprouted, clean food and vegan - it doesn’t have to be difficult. And this sets me up for the whole day, so no silly cravings. Especially during busy times, try to take a minute out for some solid self care, inside and out! Avo-lovely day! (said with my Aussie accent) 😉


Sprouted Mung Bean & Kitchari inspired Vegan, GF, Curry that’s detoxifying & healing for your guts & soul 🧡 Kitchari, Kichadi or Khichdi (varies by region) is a traditional & ancient Ayurvedic recipe which is a warming, enriching and nourishing meal to support you balancing your doshas, detoxing or fasting on a mono-fast. It’s a simple one-pot dish & a delicious blend of balancing spices, vegetables and two grains which are often brown rice and mung beans or dhal lentils. My dish follows the basic spice base and changes up with the veg & sprouts. Taking inspo from my talented & dear friends Tory my Ayurvedic coach & Emma of @mydarlinglemonthyme and her delicious “Sprouted Mung Bean Curry”, I combined the recipes to make this hearty and heartwarming bowl of goodness. Check out my saved stories for a quick tutorial on how to sprout mung beans ☺️ It’s super simple! 〰 Gather the following spices: 〰 Coriander powder x 1/2 tsp & seeds x 1/2 tsp 〰 Cumin powder x 1/2 tsp & seeds x 1/2 tsp 〰 Turmeric x 1 heaped tsp 〰 Mustard seeds x 1/2 tsp 〰 Toast the seeds in a dry pan to release their flavours 〰 In your main pot heat up coconut oil x 2 tsp 〰 Sautee brown onions x 1 or 2 〰 Add freshly grated ginger x 2cm piece 〰 Add all the spices and fry off in the oil 〰 Add small amounts of water to deglaze & cook the spices through 〰 Add tomatoes chopped x 1 -2 〰 Have diced and sliced the following veg & add in this order for cooking times: 〰 Sweet potato x 1-2 medium 〰 Courgette x 1 large 〰 Spitskool cabbage x 1 small 〰 Cauliflower rice (instead of brown rice) x 2 cups 〰 Sprouted mung beans x 2 cups 〰 Add enough water to just cover the veg and cook through 〰 Frozen spinach x 1 cup 〰 Frozen peas x 1 cup 〰 Stir altogether well & cook until all is tender 〰 Season with sea salt & fresh lemon juice 〰 Top with fresh coriander, lemon & lime slices and more raw, sprouted mung beans! There’s no garlic, chilli or pepper in this recipe. Eat at least one serve together with someone you care about, a lot. Food is love ❤️


Summer salad styles, packed with goodness for our potluck picnic dinner ☺️ I’ve been on a little hiatus these last weeks, back in Australia to be present for my beautiful and inspiring family ❤️ It’s been good to peace out, take stock and reset with my loved ones both in Perth and back here in Amsterdam. When you’re busy taking care of the people you love, make sure to take good care of yourself with love too. Whatever you can do to include solid self care in your daily routine, please do, it’s imperative. And don’t over schedule your wellness either, have days where you do absolutely nothing and with no agenda. Trust me ❤️ These last weeks in NL have been incredible with the great weather and all the summer loving good times too - swimming around the city, sunbathing everywhere and picnic parties galore. So for this little dinner picnic I whipped up a chopped salad & dressing which is super delicious, filling and easy to eat by the spoonful! SALAD 〰 Beetroot, julienned 〰 Red cabbage, finely diced 〰 Baby carrots, multi coloured thinly sliced into discs 〰 Bimi aka long stemmed broccoli, blanched and roughly chopped 〰 Green peas, blanched 〰 Rucola aka rocket 〰 Salad leaves, mixed 〰 Sprouts, mixed 〰 Pumpkin seeds, toasted DRESSING 〰 Olive Oil 〰 Balsamico Bianco 〰 Brown Rice Syrup 〰 Tahini 〰 Sea salt & Cracked pepper I love our long summer Amsterdam nights and that pretty evening light that doesn’t set until after 10pm - it fills my heart with non stop happiness 😊 ps: And yes those sausages are vegan 👍🏼


Beautiful, uncomplicated and full of life 💜💚 #radishsprouts #sunflowersprouts


Everyday I’m pick-a-ling! Cucumber & Juniper Berry + Carrot, Cumin & Yellow Mustard Seeds 🥒🥕 I’ve just about finished eating these jars of pickles. I made them a couple of weeks ago, from one of my meal preps. I love that they’re a quick n easy snack to reach for in the fridge. The pickling recipe is a basic family one, all organic, which you can add your spices to. This is the carrot version: 〰 White vinegar x 3 cups 〰 Water x 2.5 cups 〰 Sea salt x 1 tsp 〰 Coconut sugar x 2 TBS (I always use coconut sugar over white sugar) 〰 Yellow mustard seeds x 1 tsp 〰 Cumin seeds x 1/2 tsp 〰 Garlic x 1 clove 〰 Ginger x 2 cm finely minced (microplaned) 〰 Add all of these ingredients together in a pan and bring to a rapid boil 〰 Reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes 〰 Carrots x approx 8 - 10 medium (washed, trimmed & halved lengthways) 〰 Pack carrots into a jar tall enough for their height and a bit more 〰 Pour in the pickling liquid with all the spices bits 〰 Leave room of about 1/2 inch of head space in the top of the jar 〰 Fasten the lid whilst it’s hot and leave it to cool down for 2 hours 〰 Refrigerate for 7 - 10 days and eat over 6 months (if you can!) It’s a great way to reduce food waste and keep healthy, delicious snacks at hand! Have fun with it, be creative and enjoy ☺️👍🏼