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off to the market with my new favorite bag, my backpack by Tumi


a sweet experience in vilnius, lithuania where I am working


the saint of vilnaus, always in the same spot always in the same position and never asks for money


Costume fitting at cherry duck studios london. This is what happens underneath the amazing beautiful costumes I will be wearing as Catherine The Great of Russia. It will be a 4 hour piece for @skyatlanticuk and @hbo


at my first truck pull. Gardenerville Nevada. the kids ran all night trying to beat the truck. noisy smelly and fun. There was some metal out there


with my family watching Guess who? great artist on a beautiful night at lake tahoe.


watching the world cup final in a bar in Italy. I know I know, that was ages ago but time flies, what can I say?


Braham Murray who gave me my first professional job, as I remember him. A great man of the theater, authentic, energetic, committed, generous. The theater community of Britain mourns his loss. Thank you Braham


Another reason to be proud of Britain today Our divers were the first to find the children trapped for 10 days in a cave in Thailand. Thank you our brave cave divers


England win on the shoot out !!! I am in italy with friends at a restaurant (RETRO IN CASRIGNANO DEL CAPO) we are sooo happy Congratulations England


Guests at Hamden House. Can you guess their nationality? I think there is a clue in the photo


Classic English Countreh Hice. That’s how you pronounce country house if you are posh in Britain