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*Cue Indiana Jones theme song* @gigipandian THE CAMBODIAN CURSE AND OTHER STORIES makes its debut today! This collection is filled with ingenious stories of magic, mystery, and history, so pick up your copy today: amzn.to/2At1w9d


We’ve got a gem of a deal for you— @gigipandian ARTIFACT is #onsale now for only #99cents! Pick up your copy of the first Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery now: amzn.to/2Aaxx3U


Our 2018 Fall catalog is here with a spotlight feature of @cynthiakuhnwriter SPIRIT IN QUESTION! This catalog is packed full of @usatoday bestsellers, award-winners, and cozy fall reads. Go to www.HeneryPress.com and scroll to the bottom of the home page to download now!


We’re thrilled to announce this week’s spooktacular release! Trick or #TreatYourself to Sybil Johnson’s DESIGNED FOR HAUNTING, available now: amzn.to/2M36ife


Here’s a deal you can #dig. Sybil Johnson’s FATAL BRUSHSTROKE is #onsale now for only $2.99! Grab your copy before this sale gets buried in the dirt: amzn.to/2OD8HI6


Murder is taking center stage, and this release is stealing the show. Cynthia Kuhn’s THE SPIRIT IN QUESTION makes its debut today! Grab the third Lila Maclean Academic Mystery #now: amzn.to/2unzWF9


Your Monday just got better. Cynthia Kuhn’s THE ART OF VANISHING is #onsale now for only #99cents! Grab your copy before this deal vanishes amzn.to/2gsGddk


Ho, Ho, Ho - it’s a murder, y’all! Christmas came early this year, @tonyakappes TANGLED UP IN TINSEL is now #available. Grab this Santa approved Southern charmer today: amzn.to/2IL8TPg


This deal is lookin’ sharp! For a limited time, @tonyakappes AX TO GRIND is #onsale for only #99cents. Don’t miss out on this Southern steal, grab your copy #now: amzn.to/2sRu0ns


Wipe away those tears...Annette Dashofy’s CRY WOLF makes its debut today! Grab your copy #now: amzn.to/2MHbzZT


We’re thrilled to announce that we have two fabulous additions to the Hen House! Look for @misaram5 Lola Cruz series and Grace Topping’s Laura Bishop series, both coming next year. Please help us give a cozy welcome to these new Hens!


The wait is finally over! Book four in @wendy.tyson Greenhouse Mystery series is ripe for the picking. Grab your copy of ROOTED IN DECEIT #now: amzn.to/2z4sflL #bookbirthday #newrelease #amreading #staycozy


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