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Henry Jacobi

21 Year old Professional Motocross Racer from Germany 🇩🇪 Snap: henryjacobi


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Really looking forward to next year. I’m fire 🔥 with this bike 💚. @fhracingteam 📸: 🤓


2nd day on the green machine 💚 VC / @marcdereuver


It’s like the world was upside down last sunday. The unbeatable Team from the USA had no chance on winning, @thenotoriousmma Conor McGregor had no chance either and we, Team 🇩🇪, couldn’t get on that podium what we really wanted. I’m looking forward to the MXON next year in Holland with you guys @kenroczen94 @naglmax12 PC @evaszabadfi_photo / @crunch724


Great Saturday for Team Germany 🇩🇪 and a holeshot 😛 Let’s Go Germany 🇩🇪🔥 @evaszabadfi_photo


Super Weekend in Italy with my second best finish ever. 3rd and 9th for 5th overall I’m really happy to end my world championship season like this. 10th overall in the GP standings. Grazie an alle 🤟🏽 Next weekend ReeeeedBUDDDD 🇺🇸🇩🇪 PC: @evaszabadfi_photo


Again a good Saturday here at Imola 🇮🇹 thanks for all the support from my loved ones in Germany @chrispo322 ... P:7 for tomorrow 🤟🏽 @evaszabadfi_photo with the picture


I’m beyond thankful for all the things he did for me even though he got 5 years older in that last year with me, so you’re almost 30 now @chrispo322 🤞🏽🙈 I learned more about life than anyone else could teach me. May today be the last day for you as a Trainer for me but I hope I can be a part of your family forever ❤️ ............🇩🇪Ich bin mehr als dankbar für all die Dinge, die er für mich getan hat, obwohl er im letzten Jahr 5 Jahre älter geworden ist, also bist du jetzt fast 30 Jahre alt @chrispo322 🤞🏽🙈 Ich habe mehr über das Leben gelernt als jeder andere mir beibringen könnte . Möge heute der letzte Tag für dich als mein Trainer sein, aber ich hoffe, dass ich für immer ein Teil deiner Familie sein kann ❤️


ADAC MX MASTERS CHAMPION 2018 Great weekend for me and my team. I’m super pumped. Thank you to my team @stc_racing my big family including Gina Christoph and my brother @the.mackey.122 my friends and loved persons @orssuspension @marc_ors @zollingerdaniel @renetitscher calli @nadine_krumbholz Simone Colin and thanks to all of my sponsors ADACHessenThüringen @shoeieurope @gaerneofficial @ortema.de @ixs_official @scottmotosports @husqvarna1903 Sorry for forgetting some persons or company’s but THANK YOU ❤️ @vaiosteve with the 📸📸


🇳🇱 still fighting for a great Sunday 🤷🏽‍♂️🙄


P4 today in Assen 🇳🇱 ready for racing tomorrow. 🤟🏽PC @evaszabadfi_photo


NewsTime: I’ve been racing for STC Racing since 2 years now and I had a really good time. I had the best season so far and as a Team we made it into the Mx2 Top10. I’m really thankful what everybody did for me. Nobody expected us to be anywhere close where we are now and I’m proud and thankful for all the hard work. BUT all things will come to an end and 2019 I will line up on a different bike and a different team. Let’s wait and see what I can show you in Assen this weekend 🇳🇱 Thank You STC Racing & Husqvarna


Super excited to represent Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪. That’ll make 5 MXON’s for me. I can’t wait to line up @redbudmx alongside @kenroczen94 and @naglmax12 🇩🇪🤟🏽 #MadeinGermany @vaiosteve 📸


Good Weekend for me at Gaildorf we extended the points lead to 33 points 🤟🏽 thanks to my team @stc_racing next weekend TT circuit Assen with some exciting news 🤗 PC @vaiosteve


Seems like my pool time between the practice paid off. P5 for tomorrow’s races in Turkey 🇹🇷 🦃 PC: @evaszabadfi_photo


“You can’t holeshot from there” Me: PC: @evaszabadfi_photo


0 points in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 mechanical issues and a big crash in race 2. Unbelievably sad. Maybe bad luck, we’ll change something and I hope my head gets back in the game quit soon. Thanks for all of the support from everyone when it gets tough I can count on you!♥️. @evaszabadfi_photo


Ready for Bulgaria 🇧🇬 this weekend. One of my favourite tracks back in the 2 stroke days 🤟🏽 📸: @evaszabadfi_photo


I‘m really lost for words about this weekend. Sorry to let you guys down, I just didn’t had the Starts and came from worse than 20 to 12/13 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄 happy to see my team and mechanic always 100% committed @stc_racing @miga135 #shameonme 🐵 PC: @evaszabadfi_photo