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As a founding member of The F Project we will be featuring each of our partnering brands to shine a light on rockstar female founded businesses that everyone should know about. We’re using our collective voices, sharing our stories, and celebrating one another in a collaborative commerce model unlike any other. Take the pledge @thefprojectco and exercise your spending power! When women come together, we flip the script! 💫👊 Meet Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix, the founders of O-Venture and the coveted Big O Key Ring. Janie and Caroline started @shopoventure back in 2012 to make women’s lives easier one small detail at a time. The longtime friends and working mothers have taken their patented products and grown O-Venture from modest beginnings into a widely distributed and cherished brand sold in over 2000 boutiques throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Japan. Their life-changing, patented Big O Key Ring was named by @OprahMagazine as one of Oprah's Favorite Things and Janie and Caroline have been awarded the Leg Up Award for Female Entrepreneurs by Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of @SPANX. 🙌💖 Everyone @hervitalway is obsessed with the The Big O Key Ring calling it a total game changer in the daily purse-fishing pursuit for keys!!! An oversized bracelet that slides over the wrist, the Big O Key Ring gives you a free hand for the many things that you juggle every day and ensures that you'll never lose your keys again. We love the bright, whimsical colors, sleek designs, and the vegan options. Women have big things on the agenda; now is not the time to get distracted by clutter or stress the small stuff. The Big O Key Ring is one thoughtfully designed, elegantly executed product made by women and for women and the perfect gift for the multi-tasking, rockstar, super-hero women in your life (including you). 😉👩🏻👵🏼👷🏽‍♀️👩🏾‍🔧 O-Venture is truly a family affair with Janie and Caroline’s husbands and now grown children all helping out to bring their practical and stylish solutions to women everywhere! Thank you Janie and Caroline for the shared wisdom, authenticity, and lOving fun that you both bring to The F Project - we are in awe!


Echinacea purpurea never stops being extraordinary! When we talk about proactive support here is what we strive for: adding subtle changes to the body’s intake of key phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins that nurture, energize, balance, and defend our cellular health. No one should just accept that getting sick is part of every winter. If you stay attuned to your body and really listen and pay attention you’ll notice ample cues that trouble is brewing, and the beautiful thing about the body is that if you act swiftly and give it what it needs, illness will simply pass you by. So how do we stay well? In addition to getting adequate sleep, staying away from processed sugar, exercising, and eating an abundance of brightly colored, whole foods and nourishing soups, we take premium echinacea, zinc, and non-GMO vitamin C at key times throughout the season. ❄️✨ Like with so many herbs, scientists still don’t completely understand the power of echinacea. Used as medicine for centuries, numerous studies show echinacea’s robust antiviral action and keen ability to increase white blood cell counts (the cells that fight infection). We use a pure and potent echinacea at her vital way with guaranteed levels of the cichoric acid, along with essential zinc, and non-GMO vitamin C. While everyone’s body is different we have used echinacea in practice with huge success, particularly at the first sign of illness. What are some ways that the body tries to tell us that it’s under attack? Headaches, low energy, sore throat, a general ache in the neck and shoulders. If you feel any of these things - rest, get out your herbal teas, broths, and take Our Defense, Immune Formula twice a day - and you’ll be leaping, bounding, and soaring above the fray! 🌸 ✨👊 #womenshealth #proactivesupport #energizedliving #hervitalway #womenempowerment #winterwellness #wellness #coldandflu #echinacea #supplements #healthylifestyle


Here’s to collaborative commerce and women working together to inspire and benefit one another - here’s to The F Project @thefprojectco! Take the time to get to know and follow each of these phenomenal companies and use your buying power to support more women - try not to smile when you read the article in our profile and yes, take the pledge. We’re beyond thrilled to be a part of this timely and powerful collective. Erika @goodzebra and Phyllis @reinventworld there’s an abundance of goodwill being generated thanks to your vision. When women work together extraordinary things happen. @thirdlove @goodzebra @queenvlife @piperwai @vanessaliannejewelry @stylishspoon @ragenjewels @stelleaudio @theandibrand @epicbar @takemyfaceoff @birchbenders @voyageswimwear @runenyc @olikalife @otherworldapparel @lumionskin @chillbywill@littlewordsproject @leotanewyork @rebeccaminkoff @liberteny @bakedathomeco @julessmithjewel @stylefirmla @andieswim @thesolemates @unboundbabes @loveloribrands @wearablex @allyshoes @trusstlingerie @partakefoods @hervitalway @lovvelavva @invisibelts @watermelon_road @salaciasalts @happinessplanner @jacksonshonest @effiespaper @quinnsnacks @hummkombucha @iheartkeenwah @beekeepers_naturals @eatsnowmonkey @wander_beauty @popandbottle @purely_elizabeth @hillhousehome @nutpods @sweetlorens @marlosbakeshop @eatsmartsweets @i.lovethewild @freshmonster @wild_friends @eatbobos @joliicosmetics @goumikids @tmdesign.studio @goldenbirdmarketing @lelarcswimwear


Reignite, find, nurture, and protect the giddy part of your being and never underestimate how critical it is for energized living. The journey to good health can be fraught with frustration. When you’re tired, stressed, and juggling multiple responsibilities - finding the time and energy to completely change the way that you eat, live, think, exercise, behave, etc. can be daunting which is why resolutions and radical changes are so hard for most people to stick with. But what if there’s something that most of us are forgetting about? We are charged beings. We are energetic entities; from a practical standpoint alone there are billions of electrical functions happening within each of us - there’s a complex electrical system that controls every bodily function and a disruption to that system can lead to illness. ✨🤒 Think about what is the fastest way to influence the over 30 trillion cells that are all working to maintain balance, harmony, and energized living inside the walls of your being? Every cell in the body is 'digesting’ the world around you and what you say, think, feel, eat, do, even who you surround yourself with – impacts your cellular health and your energy. Cells want to be energized. Cells want to have optimal nourishment. Cells want to rid the body of toxins. Cells want to perform thousands of elaborate processes on your behalf and they want to have the energy to be able to succeed. ✨🙌💫 So what’s your charge today and how can you keep the energy flowing? Only you can answer that question. I know for me it means waking up every morning before the sun and doing my own improvisational part dance, part tai chi - in the dark, it means meditating, fasting on occasion, gardening every day even if it’s just for 30 minutes, and surrounding myself with people who talk about big ideas and who believe in loving kindness. Health is not a linear journey. Don’t get stuck in one approach. Find ways to bring you to your health journey; the you that came into this world full of play and exploration and yes, giddy energy. Explore health from many angles and stay charged. Fantastically complex and staggeringly beautiful. That’s you. Bring you to your health. ✨👍❤


We love when our team gets to spend time in our founder’s garden and we are nuts about this picture of Hannah, the 10 year old hen, and Amy our Founder and Chief Energizing Officer (taken by the magical @melissa.mcardle). Amy set out to get chickens years ago to balance life in the corporate world. Her garden has become a grounding oasis of herbs, fruit trees, native pollinators, quiet nooks - and yes, her pet hens. It’s all teeming with energy; the kind that deeply recharges one’s being. Amy celebrates time honored traditional remedies and she loves science - that, along with her utter respect for the human body, creates a uniqueness to her approach for wellness that always gets our team all revved up. 👊✨💕 Her battle cry: Let’s understand how we age, what our cells need, and why proactive support from herbs, nutrition, mindfulness, plus clinically validated ingredients can turn our current disease management model of healthcare on its head. She celebrates using loving kindness to address root causes before they manifest into chronic conditions while inspiring the body’s own innate healing energy - 'Empower women to listen to and love their bodies and then watch out!’ To learn more about Amy and her vital way join us at @cookingtogethermarin September 23rd at the Mill Valley Lumber Yard for a celebration of all things deeply nourishing and yummy! #womenshealth #energizedliving #proactivesupport #cookingtogethermarin #fierceandvital


Simple, beautiful solutions that work with the body ✨ today we’re celebrating our clinically validated, Cranberex® Oregon Cranberry 36mg PAC that you can take as an everyday tonic ($13/month) to help avoid unpleasant occurrences, or when you really need it most. At her vital way we feel that a healthy UTI-free life is definitely worth dancing about, and it shouldn’t break the bank or disrupt one’s life to achieve this. 🙌 Disruptive UTI’s will affect about a half of all women in their lifetime; athletes, diabetics, and the vast majority of dementia patients. For many this problem will be a re-occurring one. Unfortunately, research now shows that today’s favored solution, long-term antibiotic use, may also be one factor that increases this problem as resistant strains of bacteria develop. Made from 100% Oregon Cranberries with the highest levels of active proanthocyanidins (PAC’s) - many times higher than other brands, Cranberex’s power has been confirmed by two clinical studies at Rutgers University. 🌿👩🏻‍🔬 About 85% of the world’s Cranberry crop is produced in the Northeast (primarily Wisconsin and Massachusetts). But a small percentage of U.S. Cranberry is grown in the cool coastal areas of Oregon, and this climate produces some special qualities in the harvested fruit: the proanthocyanidin content in Oregon grown Cranberry is significantly higher than in fruit harvested in the Northeast. This high content of therapeutic constituents is why the source of Cranberex® begins on the Oregon coastline. We utilize the whole fruit (rather than from juice or pommace) for the most consistent, highly concentrated cranberry product on the market. 👊🤗 #strongertoday #wisdom2share #womenshealth #energizedliving #UTI #proactivesupport #beyourownhealthadvocate #cranberex #cranberry


Our TurmerZing mention in Massage Magazine perfectly joins two of our favorite ways to keep inflammation at bay: massage and high potency turmeric + ginger extracts. Massage is bliss. Massage is powerful. Let’s be honest - the pace of life, this complex world of ours - it can impact our health and our energy. Staying open and vulnerable is what life asks of us all and so the challenge becomes how do we clear the stuff? How do we go forth with love in our hearts and purpose in our being amidst all of the noise? Massage helps. Addressing inflammation helps. 👍💗 We used to rarely get massages and viewed them only as a luxury - but now that we’re mothers and business owners who are wildly passionate and protective about staying energized, we get massages regularly. More important than new clothes, eating out, and worth occasionally ditching our daily coffee shop trip for - massage is a giving over; a time to acknowledge that getting help to work out the kinks that come from living and caring is sooooooo necessary. 🙌🤗 So often we are encouraged in our society to make health decisions that don’t honor the vastly complex, interconnectivity of our beings. To stay on track to be the best version of ourself while at the same time staying open to all of the true beauty that exists in the world, takes work. Work in accordance with the body to keep inflammation at bay and use it all - massage, yoga, wholesome nutrition, sound healing, exercise in nature, herbs, supplements, and a joyfulness practice that involves dancing silly at least once a week - because health is not just the absence of disease. 😏 If you’re local to Marin or anywhere nearby, give yourself a treat and book an appointment with the best healing massage therapist that we know @wellneststudio - Here’s to Energized Living! ✨👊 #womenshealth #proactivesupport #energizedliving #hervitalway #turmeric #ginger #inflammation #wellness #massage


Being kind to yourself and to others is a radical act of ‘change' that is deeply energizing. So often in life when we want to see progress we forget about the little things that truly fuel us. Everyone’s health journey is different and finding what works for you is wonderfully empowering - in a crazy, exhilarating sort of way. Which is why we are on a mission to inspire every women to put their health first and to reconnect with their own intuitive healing energy. Today. A superb way to make a shift towards wellness is to step outside of yourself and to offer kindness to someone who is NOT expecting it. 😯✨ An energized system is closer to health than to disease and so to move the pendulum toward health start inviting acts that energize your spirit; your heart spirit to be very specific. We have a lot more control over what’s circulating through our being than we realize. If you’re finding life a struggle right now and if you feel less than energized and less than happy - we are here to remind you to be generous with yourself (in thoughts, feelings, and actions) and then to pause the hamster brain that is telling you everything that you are not doing correctly and shift into a mindset of: what can I do right now to shine a light on someone else? It’s an odd thing to think about in times of discomfort, but there is a great deal of magic that comes from stepping outside of yourself to simply lift up someone else. 💫💕 When we’re healthy and living with more energy it’s easier to be generous in life, but even when you’re not feeling 100% you can actually use generosity to get you back to being whole. The reality is that most of us have an extraordinary amount of abundance in our lives and deep down, we all know that. If life becomes too self focused or negative, it becomes stagnant because at a cellular level we are hardwired to want to contribute and to be part of something much greater than ourselves. When we feel good about who we are and what we’re doing in the world; we take better care of ourselves. So enjoy this little daily mantra of ours to inspire you to randomly engage in acts of kindness that energize the spirit. 🤗✨👊💕


We’re loving this stunning post from @wolfandstagblog! Proud to sell our premium, clinically validated L-Theanine at such an affordable price. We’re committed to selling direct to consumer so that $$$ never prevents anyone from seeking viable, natural options to manage their overall wellbeing and enjoy #energizedliving. Hop on over to @wolfandstagblog to join the giveaway. #Repost @wolfandstagblog with @get_repost ・・・ GIVEAWAY 🎉 (👇🏻 for rules) . About 7 months ago, I was in a bad place, overwhelmed by anxiety and stress. While I feel in a much better place now, what helped me move forward the most is L-theanine from my fave wellness brand, @hervitalway 💕 . This natural supplement captures the awesome relaxing powers of green tea (with no drowsiness) and helps stimulate alpha brain waves -I.e calm waves 🌊 Taking this supplement daily helps me feel focused, relaxed and ready to tackle my inner monologue. While this is just MY story, I’ve since told many friends about l-theanine — and I want you to try it, too. . The lovely team at Her Vital Way is giving 5 people! their own bottle of L-Theanine! To enter... • follow me and @hervitalway 👋🏻 • either comment with your story of how l-theanine could help you OR tag a friend! 💁🏼‍♀️ • like this post! ❤️ • 5 WINNERS will be chosen at random on Wed July 18 😘 . RULES: open to US & Canada only. Must be 18+ 🎉


Exploring the numerous ways that alternative remedies can support the body with kindness, intelligence, and patience - while encouraging a deep respect and understanding for the body's ability to heal is a service that we applaud, wholeheartedly. We love, love, love the focus of publications like Natural Solutions Magazine that give a voice to all types of wellness practitioners. When we wrote this article on heart health and women it was with a passion and 100% commitment for proactive support; we are here, first and foremost, to inspire women to advocate for their own health. 👊✨💕 It’s shocking that heart disease is the number one cause of death amongst women with 1 in 4 women dying from heart attacks each year - and we feel strongly that this is entirely preventable. Education and outreach are essential so that an understanding of the heart, hormones, and the nervous system, along with access to solutions and lifestyle choices that are clinically proven to protect and support heart health, are known by women everywhere. 💫👍 Adding a little cellular strength training with heart protective supplements can improve energy, nervous system health, and counter inflammation all while supporting optimal heart function and arterial health. Along with regular joyful exercise, whole food fresh nourishment, mindfulness, and restorative sleep cycles - we celebrate daily proactive support that works with the body. If you are a woman we want you to know about unadulterated premium forms of Turmeric, Ginger, Milk Thistle, CoQ10 and L-Theanine and we want you to take special care of your hard working, vital heart. 💕✨💕#womenshealth #hearthealth #proactivesupport #hervitalway #energizedliving #turmeric #milkthistle


There are countless reasons why we are nuts about herbs. Loving life and having the energy to stay active and feel great is something we are passionately committed to and proactive support from supplementation helps us to protect our well being in powerful ways. To see a milk thistle growing in all of its glory is to know that it holds great medicine. 👊✨🌿 It’s stunning and fierce with sharp thistles jetting out all over and bold beautiful flowers. In addition to all that we do to stay healthy incorporating milk thistle keeps us moving. It’s a shame that more people don’t know about the many healing ways of plants like milk thistle and we’re on a mission to change that. For starters, milk thistle is cherished for its detoxifying properties and its ability to protect and regenerate cells. We love how milk thistle makes us feel more energized. So how does it do this? Well milk thistle helps to increase glutathione levels in the body. 💫🏃🏽‍♀️ Glutathione is the body’s super charged antioxidant that’s responsible for energizing and detoxifying cells. Our liver uses the largest amount of glutathione but pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, and yes, every day aging all deplete natural glutathione levels in the body. Like all herbs, the benefits almost seem to be endless. Not only does milk thistle energize and detoxify but it helps to metabolize hormones, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, balances blood sugar, and decreases the risk for cancer. So if you like to move as much as we do, keep milk thistle on hand and get to know it as part of your personal herbal apothecary. Always look for an unadulterated premium source with no less than 80% silymarin content. You’ll be amazed at its many benefits. #wisdom2share #energizedliving #womenshealth #hervitalway #proactivesupport #strongertoday #milkthistle #liverhealth #milkthistle80


A day at the beach frolicking in the cool salty water is transformative. The ocean is magical splendor and it serves as the finest source of calcium for some of the world’s healthiest cultures. ✨🌿 An essential element that helps our bones stay strong and hardy, calcium is used by the body to: transmit impulses via the nervous system; control important nutrients, such as magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium; release hormones and enzymes that keep the body working properly; and aid in the reduction of PMS symptoms. 👊💫 Aquamin, a sustainably harvested, red algae sea calcium with wildly impressive human clinical validation, is a whole food calcium source containing a full complement of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and the trace minerals boron, strontium, vanadium, copper, silica, selenium and zinc - all of which are involved in bone health. 😉👍 What we consume along with our calcium is just as important as the form that we use. K2 and D3 are vital cofactors for calcium delivery, absorption and utilization. Which is why we’ve created one powerful all in one whole food calcium supplement with optimal cofactors that is stupendous for strong bones, hair, nails, skin, enzymatic action, circulatory health, nervous system function and much much more. 🙌 At around 25 years of age we all start to lose more bone mass than gain, but what most people don’t realize is that we can replace most of what is lost each day. ✨✨So here’s to proactive support and energized living, and more time frolicking in the sea.🧜🏼‍♀️🐳💦


Let’s nourish the complex clusters of beauty within. As we wrap up Mental Health Month we’re reflecting a lot on the meaningful work that has happened. The power of platforms like Instagram is that they allow for sharing - little glimpses into the lives of strangers - that ultimately have the ability to unite us and set into motion collective healing. 💫 To assume that we learn about mental health and/or how to manage it in school or in families, is a mistake. Most of us don’t know about mental health issues it until we, or someone we love, are battling with it. 🤼‍♂️ Inflammation, poor circulation, genetics, and a compromised gut microbiota have all been shown to cause mental illness. For people suffering from debilitating symptoms, one step in the right direction can set in motion a series of positive changes that together bring healing. That’s why for the last 30 days we have been giving away samples of one of our favorite proactive supplements: L-Theanine. With a unique ability to calm and focus the mind this mighty amino acid found in green tea leaves crosses the blood brain barrier and works within 20 minutes to reduce anxiety and nervous tension and promote mental clarity. We love its consistency, safety, and numerous immune enhancing benefits and how it settles one into a place where an optimistic thought, followed by healthful actions, can occur. It’s not an answer, it’s simply a very powerful, kick-starting tool. ✨🌿👊 "WOW, all I can say is what a difference L-Theanine makes. Anxiety runs in my family. I usually wake up feeling full of anxiety and often end up getting so overwhelmed with it. Since taking this, I have felt calm, rational and, most importantly, in control of my emotions. Thank you so much for introducing me to it.” Email support@hervitalway.com if you or someone you know would like a free 2 week sample. 🙌Our personal approach to mental wellness: exercise out in nature daily, consume a variety of fresh whole foods and healthy fats, avoid alcohol and sugar, follow an anti-inflammatory diet, limit time online, sing, take 200mg of pure L-Theanine once daily, and schedule downtime regularly. 🙏💕🌲🥦🥑


The body is astonishingly beautiful - what it’s repeatedly tasked to endure and accomplish is mind-boggling. Always learn more about the body and then embrace its resilience, harmonious brilliance, and enormous capacity to forgive (to a point). ✨😉 We’ve learned, through trial and error, that the body really loves proactive support and we’ve chosen to abandon the quite harsh treatment and expectations of the body that the typical, reactive health model offers. Why? Because for us, it’s all about eliminating what you can control and countering the effects of what you can’t. 👊🌿 Take the chemical burdens that modern life places on the body as a classic example. Regardless of how well you eat, exercise, and engage in mindfulness: an abundance of chemical toxicity abounds. 😠 Even if you stop using plastic food containers, avoid fire retardant furniture and clothes, never touch receipts, abstain from packaged food, triple filter your water and try to manage stress - the reality is that we live in a world and breathe in a world that is a hotbed of modern assaults. 😷 That’s why we celebrate the proactive all over body love from our never synthetic, optimally dosed Turmeric + Ginger TurmerZing. Reduce that toxic load every day so that your liver and lymph can get on with the urgent work of keeping you energized. 💫🙌👍❤️ #wisdom2share #womenshealth #energizedliving #turmerzing #hervitalway #proactivesupport


amazon.com/hervitalway is live! Woooo hoooo! We’ve taken our formulated by women for women, adulterant-free, premium and affordable PROACTIVE supplements to the Amazon Marketplace to spread our mission of infusing every woman with energized living! 💫We are proud, proud, proud to be an independent, supplement company teaching the value of addressing root causes before they manifest into chronic health conditions and we’re kind of jazzed to now be available to everyone. A woman taking care of herself becomes a beacon for all of us - so let’s eat and enjoy wholesome food, move our bodies with giddy abandonment daily, sing and hum the vibrations of life - even when others are watching, and give our bodies proactive support to reduce our viral load, keep inflammation at bay, nourish our nervous systems, bolster our immunity, and protect our cellular energy so that it is strong, thriving and beautifully balanced. For a limited time we are offering 40% off - that’s a whopping big savings on C-14 Tested premium Turmeric/Ginger, Sustainably Harvested Red Algae Calcium with K2 + D3, Clinically Validated L-Theanine, the best UTI product on the market - Cranberex, and our favorite adaptogen for women of all ages: Schisandra. Now until Friday 5/11 on our entire line. Simply use promo code 40hervital at checkout. ✨👍💕💫🙌🌺🌿 #womenshealth #energizedliving #proactivesupport #wisdom2share


#wisdom2share. Our stories; our personal health journeys are powerful. It’s remarkable how many of us have had similar health journeys, and yet it’s also no surprise. Time and time again we are offered the same bandaids throughout our lives by a health industry that historically doesn’t know how to listen to women. We work with groups a lot, and it’s part of our company’s mission: women sitting in circle and sharing is how major change happens. 💫 The body deserves to be heard. Every day women are told that they are imagining symptoms or they are quickly prescribed something that silences the body’s messaging pathways. All women deserve access to alternative remedies and all women deserve to be offered solutions that work with the body - and all women must be heard. Trust your instincts and listen to your body. Really listen to your body. If you think that something is ‘off’ in your body, pay attention. If your doctor is not listening, get another one. 👊 The next time you are with a group of women set aside some time to just sit in circle and share. Talk about your health and really listen to one another. Be vulnerable and embrace empathy. Deep within all of us is a long and beautiful history of healing wisdom - that deserves a voice. #womenshealth #proactivesupport #womenincircle #hervitalway #energizedliving


JOY. 🤗You need it; the world needs you to share it. That is why we are so passionate about proactive support for energized living.There is no denying that feeling healthy, strong, and superhero-like invincible makes JOY a lot easier to access. Of all the benefits of good health and a body in balance, JOY is definitely our favorite. While we can geek out on the inflammation reducing active constituents in plants or how certain minerals optimize cellular activity and heal tissue, the one thing that we say that immediately resonates with people is: you’ll start to feel better; more JOYful! 😀😝 Every cell is deserving of a loving push (particularly in this toxic-laden, modern world) and for us that is what herbs and supplements do so well. While you make healthy choices about how often you move, what you eat, when you sleep, or who you spend time with, herbs and supplements work on the inside to support your valiant efforts, and further things along. They work with the body. Gut health is a fabulous example of this. Birth control pills, ibuprofen, pharmaceuticals, stress, hand sanitizers, and packaged foods all wreak havoc on our gut microbiome; compromising mucosal lining and igniting a storm of inflammation. 🌱🌿🌾 We work with countless people battling this every day. Turmeric and a Glucosamine/MSM combo have been life changing for many. By accelerating the healing process change comes sooner. Behavioral changes that create cellular changes and cellular changes that create behavioral changes - working in tandem to bring relief, and the return of JOY. Hello JOY! 🤗 #wisdom2share #energizedliving #womenshealth #hervitalway #proactivesupport


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