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Do the hustle (in our amazing new '70s inspired outfits)! 🎶 #HM Boots: 0705872002 Denim culottes: 0723104001 Blouse: 0732534004 Jacket: 0675319009


It’s the season for sparkle! So why not go for crystal-encrusted hoops, dazzling layers of braclets and sparkling embellished bags? See this holiday season’s 10 most desirable accessories in our stories and on #HMMagazine Dress: 0682758002 Earrings: 0731563001 Belt: 0638532001 Bag: 0687151005


What is timeless and goes with everything? We're waiting... #HM Shoes: 0545258016 Shoes: 0553611001 Shoes: 0545258017


Weekends are for relaxing. Do it in our cosy knitwear! #HM Jumper: 0706108001 Trousers: 0673799002


All you need this season: a wardrobe full of knits! #HM Jumper: 0676573001 Jumper: 0676573004 Jumper: 0676573003


This year's knitted essential? A stylish headband! #HM Jumper: 0678977001 Jeans: 0539723039 Headband: 0428291007


This midnight blue skirt in soft satin is already a holiday classic. ✨ #HM Ankle boots: 0709173001 Jumper: 90223001 Skirt: 0696562001


Nothing to wear for this week's party? Let us help! #HM Playsuit: 0703372001 Belt: 0685051001


The little black dress meets the big white blouse = a match made in fashion heaven. #HM Blouse: 0723090001 Dress: 0708767001


What's winter without cosy knits? #HM Polo-neck jumper: 0679895001h Trousers: 067379f9001 Dress: 0664485001


Pretty palettes, dazzling jewellery and snake print galore! We asked Berlin creative @vanellimelli to select her top gifts from our holiday assortment. See the edit on #HMMagazine Dress: 0719230001 Boots: 0676640002 Silk dress: 0727664002 Eyeshadow palette: 0641349002 Vase: 0686295002 Bowl: 0644213001 Earrings: 0721128001 Candle: 0533005004