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Cosplayer based in Minnesota. Convention Schedule: - Anime Fusion - Youmacon - Naka-Kon

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Hey look, my Arda Wigs arrive a day earlier than expected. This shipment contained 2 wigs for my 2019 cosplans, and some resin dye for the gem that will be on Trish's strap/choker thing. Wigs are a Ferrari in Lightning Pink and a Jareth Long in Princess Pink from @ardawigs . If you are wondering why I ordered a second Lightning wig, it's because this one will work better for my Lightning cosplay and it frees up my Jareth in Dusty Rose for my Old version of Genkai, which the Jareth Long is for my Young Version of. #ardawigs #wigs #lightningpink #princesspink #ferrari #jarethlong #finalfantasyxiii #lightning #yuyuhakusho #genkai #younggenkai #cosplan


The base of Trish Una's skirt is painted. Honestly, by the end of this I started to say "all these squares make a circle". It took about 2.5 hours per side of painting and about an hour to plan out my squares. I still need to add the borders of each box, the mathematical operations symbols, and then sew it with the liner and trim. I am really excited to have this cosplay done. Fabric is Taffeda in a magenta like color, paint is @folkartpaints outdoor gloss acrylic paint in the color Licorice. #wip #wipwednesday #cosplaywip #jojosbizarreadventure #ventoaureo #jjba #jjbapart5 #trishuna #trish #animefusion2018



ANIME FUSION LINEUP ANNOUNCEMENT! So, Sailor Mercury is going to be at Anime Fusion this year in place of Black Lady/Wicked Lady. To those excited to see the debut of my Sailor Moon Villain cosplay, I am sorry by you will have to wait about two weeks longer as she is being pushed back to Youma Con. To all of my friends who will be at Anime Fusion this year, I know a lot of you enjoy this cosplay of mine and having been wanting to see it is person. I will be doing some fixing on her before the con. ๐Ÿ“ธ @ericaanicole_ For more information on the convention my Sailor Mercury will be at, check out Convention's page @animefusioncon #animefusion2018 #sailormooncosplay #sailormercury



Well, it's #mooniemonday and I am posting a WIP for a Sailor Moon Cosplay for the first time in a while. This is for the sleeves for my Wicked Lady/Black Lady cosplay. I think I need to still add a little bit of a pink or red grey to it, but I don't have grey dye right now. Scroll though to see some closer shots of the progression. #sailormoonvillians #cosplaywip #darkmoon #wickedlady #blacklady


Well, it's Wednesday and that means a look into the current projects that I am working on. Fun fact, I tend to bounce between projects until the project requires a concrunch marathon. In order of picture here is where each cosplay is: -Wicked Lady's hair buns are Styrofoam eggs painted pink and I have started to add wefts to the foam (short wefts in Dark Princess Pink Mix from @epiccosplaywigs ) -Yona's vest thing has started it's construction, all the way to a base hemming. All it needs still for this piece is the trim, embroidery, and seem finishing. -Trish Una mock up is sewn. I plan on going to the store for boning supplies, thread, resin, and other fun things on Friday. Next convention is 93 days away, and there is still a ton to do! #wipwednesday #cosplaywip #wickedlady #sailormoonvillians #sailormoon #weftwork #akatsukinoyona #yona #sewing #jojobizzareadventure #jjba #ventoaureo #trish #trishuna #mockup



Happy #mooniemonday everyone! I had been wanting to post these two pictures for a while, as they are some of my favorites from the shoot back in May. I honestly feel like it's almost a transformation scene, or at least the very end of it. ๐Ÿ“ธ @ericaanicole_ #sailormercury #cosplay #sailormercurycosplay


I like to think that this picture of my Chichi cosplay is symbolic of where I am now compared to a few months after I started cosplaying. At least in a mental and emoitonal sense. Something very few people know is that while my ChiChi cosplay was largely for my Dragon Ball Z group at Anime Detour, in a more personal sense she was me reclaiming something I hadn't realized I was missing at the time: a piece of myself and my connection the this fandom. Long story short, the first person I had planned on cosplaying ChiChi with years ago took advantage of me. Cosplaying ChiChi years later when I had recovered enough to do so with people who I trust was something I didn't know I needed, but am pleasantly surprised by. To my friends who were in this group with me, thank you. You lot mean the world to me, and sorry I didn't tell you about that sooner. To the friends I interacted with or met in this cosplay, thank you for just that. Even that much is important to me. ๐Ÿ“ธ by Shockheaded Studio at Anime Detour 2018.


When Caelin is where you are, but you miss the plains of Sacae. Honestly, this is probably my absolute favorite shot from the Lyn shoot back at Phoenix Comic Fest. Look at the contrast, composition, and just soul of this picture. ๐Ÿ“ธ @sweepofswallows Wig is a Jeannie in Emerald Green from @ardawigs #fireemblemfriday #fireemblem7 #lyn #lyndis #lyndiscosplay #phoenixcomicfest2018 #phxcf2018 #fireemblemcosplay


Sorry for the radio silence lately, I have been under the weather as of late. However, I do have a relatively old WIP to share with you all. Here is the styled Kagome wig that I will be using for a cosplay at this year's @animefusioncon in October. Now to finish the rest of the cosplay. Wig is a Hestia in Black from @epiccosplaywigs


Hey, it's #mooniemonday yet again! This was such a fun shot to get, even with my signature awkwardness. I think @ericaanicole_ and I both laughed through out this shoot at various points, and this pose was one of them. I will likely have a couple more Moonie Monday's with photos from this shoot before it turns into some craziness involving WIPs of a certain villian whom has been on my list of cosplans for years. Especially now that I have all of the material prep done. ๐Ÿ“ธ @ericaanicole_ #cosplay #sailormercury #sailormercurycosplay #cosplaygirl # #sailormoon #mooniemonday #minnesotacosplay


Well, my wig for Trish is styled!at least, in a basic since. I might trim some more later on. Wig is a Magnum in Magenta from @ardawigs and I used thinning shears, cutting shears, heat, and Got 2 Be Freezing Spray and Spiking Gel to style the wig (along with a little teasing). #wigstyling #ardastyle #ardawigs #jojosbizarreadventure #jjba #trish #trishuna #cosplaywip


I am super late to the #cosplayeraskids thing, but took a while for find a shot of that actually shows what I was like back then. You can't tell, but tiny me is in a innertube, and I was probably 3 minutes away from going under a wave!๐Ÿ˜… Swipe to see how much around 20 years makes. ๐Ÿ“ธ one of the Aunts (Childhood), @ericaanicole_ (Sailor Mercury)



Just got a quick shoot for Nausicaรค done with @jl_deviants , largely because I had family stuff this evening. Thank you for being so understanding.


Mercury Bubble! ๐Ÿ“ธ @ericaanicole_ I think I really need this picture right now. #mooniemonday #cosplay #sailormoon #sailormercury #sailormercurycosplay #amimizuno #mizunoami