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Celica Art Hostel

- Former military prison with artistic cells/rooms - unique design & concept - world's 1st eco certified hostel 🌿🍃Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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It's Friday, people! Friday! 😍 Our amazing Simona is already in full "Tom Cruise" mode and she is ready to start mixing some of the best cocktails 🍹🍸at some of the best prices 💸🤩 So don't think twice and spend your evening in our lovely THREE-FIFTY FRIDAY company 😍🤭 And we promise we'll help you drink responsibly as consumption of alcoholic beverages may cause health problems ✌️


Art like this can really brighten up even the gloomiest of days 😍✌️ Don't let the grey weather get to you, people, so go out, explore and you'll find beauty even in the most unexpected corners of Ljubljana 😍✌️ And, as always, a big thank you to all amazing artists who are able to transform our Metelkova into one of the most beautiful places in Ljubljana ✌️


Our extraordinary @lilly_hill went the extra mile and turned our info corner into the best looking info corner in Slovenia✌️😍🤭 Now you have all the information at hand, but if you feel like something is missing just turn around and our reception staff will help you out✌️


Danes se z Darjo Tratar potepamo po Sejšelih in Maldivih. 🌍😍 Če bomo na našem potepanju srečali tudi kakšno želvo, pa bomo izvedeli na današnjem potopisnem predavanju v Celici ob 19:30 ✌️ Pridite in doživite svet z nami! ✌️ 📸: Darja Tratar (@shappa_potovanja)


Beautiful flowers for our beautiful @yanetgrum 😍 Happy birthday, birthday girl! If you see her today in our hostel, wish her the happiest of all birthdays🙃😍😍


What an amazing sight of the famous Tower Bridge of London! 😍 We've had great couple of days so far and we can't wait for the @wtmlondon tomorrow! ✌️🤭


So we are currently sitting at @purezzauk waiting for our delicious pizzas to come out of the oven 🤭 We won't make you jealous with photos of our tasty treats so we're going to share a nice view of the Camden area without all the craziness that accompanies it ✌️


Hey there, neon lights! 😍 These days we'll be attending the @wtmlondon but we decided to do some sightseeing beforehand! 😍 Currently we're in Walthamstow area but we're open to all suggestions! ✌️ Write down in the comment section your favourite places that we just HAVE to visit while here! 😎


Yesterday we visited Austria's Arena in Wien. ✌️ What is today one of the most important alternative venues in Austria, this used to be a former slaughterhouse. In the 1970's, people decided to transform it into what we have today. 😍 The area is amazing, people, AMAZING! 🙃 If you are in Wien, do yourself a favour and go visit! ✌️


One of the many faces of Metelkova 😍🤭 Also, have you heard the news? 🤔 SUN IS OUT, PEOPLE!!! 😍🍁 Go out! Explore! Have fun! ✌️🤭


Considering the weather, we won't judge if you decide to spend it in bed🤭✌️ Have a great weekend people! Don't forget that we have the @vw_ljubljanski_maraton in the city! 🎽Good luck to all the runners, especially the ones staying at our hostel 🤭✌️


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