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🎮Twitch: hottokekimaster🕹 ⏰ Friday. Sunday. Tuesday. 9PM CT 🌌✨🙏💖🦇🦑🖤🕹💜🎶 Discord? @teamhiyasugaming 👁Website for more creepin' ⤵️

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✨Future games I'll be streaming 🖤 Now I'm glad I waited on Detroit Become Human 🤖 I was looking for Heavy Rain and found the Quantic Dream Collection!! ☺ Blind Bloodborne playthrough will be next 👀 Also Gamestop's tshirts are ALL $10! 💦 . . 🗯GOooOo say hai to these succulent beings: @exaltedsteel @hauntermelon @triceratwerk @jbrucifer666 @only1snacks @kevmullerlive & more @teamhiyasugaming -come join us on Discord ⚔


Low quality jpeg 🍲 What has everyone been doing?!👾 Katamari Reroll was hilarious. Thank you so much for a fun Twitch kickoff this year 💕 I can feel the radiating love from you all in my streams 🙏 😭 TY TY I'll be on EVERY Friday, Sunday & Tuesday with gameplay at 9PM CT. Other days will be saved for IRL/random streams 🎮💥 . . If you're lonely out there ...come join the cyberfam and be apart of the @teamhiyasugaming 🕹☆☆ . . 💦Sauce these baddies up: @exaltedsteel @hauntermelon @triceratwerk @jbrucifer666 @only1snacks @kevmullerlive and much more on our Team Discord🗯 . . 🥞 🥞


My new piglet...Tingle 🐷 I plan on showing him off this Friday at 9pm on Twitch 🙇‍♀️💕 It'll be my first stream this year so I'm kinda nervous 🗯 but I have a lot of entertaining stuff planned for you all 🥞 I cannot wait! Now time to give him a bath 💧💙 . 🙏Check out these folks in the meantime: @exaltedsteel @jbrucifer666 @hauntermelon @only1snacks @twerkydirtlion @kevmullerlive @themusegamer @thatonesushichef @exkatt @shinnraize And more @teamhiyasugaming 🎮🕹


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