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. 🤦🏻‍♀️Every year around the winter months, I get into this mental funk when it comes to working out. I just don’t want to do it and when I do.. it’s half assed. I suffer from excuse-ism. 🔸It’s too cold 🔸The bed is so warm 🔸I’m too busy around the holidays 🔸Too many errands to run 🔸Excuse-ism . I’ve been feeling the funk creep up lately, and I’m determined to stay ahead of it this year! In my stories I asked for suggestions on how to get me moving in the AM! Love all the suggestions! I’m going to start implementing them soon! I saved them in my highlights as well! . 🙌🏻Anti-funk win today: my trainer had unexpected car issues and couldn’t make our training today. It was tempting to just stay warm at my desk and not do anything... but instead the swolemates and I pulled an old workout from the archives and paid some dues today! Not today, excuse-ism. Not today! . P.S. a 30 minute AMRAP is never a good idea 🔸7 Push ups 🔸7 Deadlifts 🔸7 Wallballs 🔸7 Dips 🔸7 Burpees 🔸7 Kettlebell swings 🔸7 Pullups 🔸DO IT! . Do you suffer from excuse-ism too? Help keep me motivated and accountable this holiday season! I’ll update in my stories if I gave into the funk, and you have my full permission to give me hell for it! (Vice versa too if you want to be kept accountable as well!) . . . . . . . #holisticlifestyle #integrativenutrition #holisticliving #grainbrain #grainfree #glutenfree #workingmomlife #workingmom #paleodiet #paleorecipes #intuitiveeating #holistic #healthykids #paleolifestyle #paleoish #paleofood #noexcuses #momswholift #nutritionaltherapy #healthymom #paleo #paleolife #nutritiousanddelicious #healthyfamily #holisticnutrition #holistichealth #paleoeating #workoutoftheday #paleokids #amrap


. ♥️God works in mysterious ways. . 👶🏻When baby boy was 4 months old, his cheeks would get red, raw, and blistered. We thought he had really bad eczema or some type of food sensitivity. We brought him to an allergist, who confirmed his rashes weren’t allergy related, but it was actually ring worm! He had a ringworm on his shoulder (likely from daycare), which infected this eczema on his face causing his cute little face to rash and blister! . 🍳Before coming up with the official diagnosis, the doctor did a full allergy work up. Turns out, baby boy was SEVERELY allergic to eggs, (class IV, couldn’t even have baked eggs) and nuts, class V. He was at the age where we were just starting to introduce him to baby food, so no solids just yet. If he had not gotten ring worm, we would have been none the wiser. We likely would have given him scrambled eggs as one of his first soft foods.. which would have been bad. Very bad. We had no epi pen on hand and we’ve never dealt with allergies before so wouldn’t even know what to do! . 🙌🏻 See! Mysterious Ways!! . 👦🏻Today, baby boy’s allergies aren’t as serious, but he still has them. Eggs are down to a Class I, almonds a Class I, and peanuts a Class II. . . . . . . #holisticlifestyle #integrativenutrition #holisticliving #grainbrain #grainfree #glutenfree #workingmomlife #workingmom #wheatbelly #paleoish #intuitiveeating #holistic #healthykids #allergies #foodallergies #paleodiet #godisgreaterthanthehighsandlows #godisgood #nutritionaltherapy #healthymom #paleo #godisgoodallthetime #nutritiousanddelicious #healthfoodie #holisticnutrition #holistichealth #momselfie #eatrealfood #paleokids #enjoyinglife


. 🍁This fall weather puts me in the mood for soup, chili, and gumbo! . Currently on the hunt to pinpoint my food sensitivities. This soup left me with no bloating or pain. I wish I could say the same about the chili I made last night 🤦🏻‍♀️. . Veggie Chicken Soup Ingredients: 🔸3 sweet potatoes chopped (divided) 🔸1 cup water 🔸1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk 🔸1 tablespoon garlic EVOO 🔸2 tablespoons @fourthandheart ghee 🔸5-7 chopped carrots 🔸chopped celery bundle 🔸1 diced onion 🔸4-5 cups bone broth 🔸1 tablespoon thyme 🔸1 tablespoon fresh rosemary (or dried) 🔸1 package of frozen french green beans 🔸pink salt to taste 🔸2 pounds cooked chicken, chopped (air fryer at 375 for 10 mins on one side and 5 mins on the other) . Instructions 🔸boil half the sweet potatoes in water for 10 mins, covered 🔸drain water then add almond milk and blend, set aside 🔸sauté all veggies (except green beans) is ghee and EVOO for 10 minutes 🔸add all other ingredients and cook for another 10 minutes 🔸mix in potato purée and cook for another 10 minutes . . . . . . . #holisticlifestyle #integrativenutrition #holisticliving #grainbrain #grainfree #glutenfree #workingmomlife #workingmom #paleodiet #paleorecipes #intuitiveeating #holistic #healthykids #paleolifestyle #paleoish #paleofood #simplemeals #easymeals #nutritionaltherapy #healthymom #paleo #paleolife #nutritiousanddelicious #healthfoodie #holisticnutrition #holistichealth #paleoeating #eatrealfood #paleokids #enjoyinglife



. 🐑Kiddos wanted to pet the animals.. my inner mom brain kept thinking “ew, don’t touch!”, but my heart kinda melted watching how cute they were with the animals ♥️. . . . . . . . #falloutfits #zooday #weekendvibes #weekendoutfit #bootieseason #fallbooties #motherhood #mommylife #pettingzoo #jeggings #oldnavystyle #tomsshoes #momootd #momoutfit #fallvibes #saturdaze #nolablogger #showmeyournola #nolamom #nolaliving #familytime #familylife #ocdproblems #cleanliving #healthyfamily #satchel #mommabear #mommyof2 #momlifeisthebestlife


. 🙌🏻(very) dirty hair, sans make up, wearing hub’s tshirt as jammies (which are inside out), and hanging with the mini Hotards! Exactly how I prefer my weekends! . We’ve had a hectic few months.. in those months, I found myself discovering my old self again.. and it’s been sooo liberating! 🔸back when I wasn’t so damn uptight about absolutely EVERYTHING I ate. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat very clean, very healthy meals, but allow myself a few liberty meals every now and then. 🔸back when food prepping didn’t take me the WHOLE dang day and I got to spend more time with the kiddos because I wasn’t counting every single calorie to the gram. 🔸back when food didn’t consume my life. . ♥️Today on the blog I open up a bit about my keto food journey. Why I started.. and why I stopped. My Keto Cessation. Hit the link in the bio! . ➡️Next: What happened when I stopped keto... hint: it sucked


. 🍎Apples are in season and I’ve been seeing apple based meals EVERYWHERE! It is giving me serious apple pie cravings… but I don’t want to put in the time and effort to bake one, so I made this quick and easy pancake/waffle apple cinnamon topping instead! . Ingredients 🔸1 granny smith apple 🔸1 tbsp of ghee/salted butter 🔸Ground cinnamon to taste 🔸Optional: pinch of coconut sugar . Instructions 🔸Chop up the apple 🔸Sautee in ghee/butter & cinnamon until apples are soft. I like to sauté for about 15ish mins. 🔸If you want, you can add a pinch of coconut sugar, but I don’t think it is necessary. 🔸Done! . The Complete Dish 🔸@simplemills pancake/waffle mix 🔸Chocolate Syrup -Using Unsweetened @sunspirechocolate -Boil a small pot of water -In a slightly larger heat resistance bowl, add the chocolate and place over the pot. The steam will start to melt the chocolate. -Add water and stir constantly until you get your desired consistency. -Add liquid stevia/raw honey to taste


. 🍟 Happy FryYay! Friday night dinner, the one meal a week where we throw “healthy” right out the window! . 😍Since going alkaline for baby girl, we haven’t been able to slam pizza like we use to on Fridays, so we’ve been testing out other grain-free gluttonous meals. We’re not really complaining though 🤤! . 🐔 Chicken, Chicken, Chicken! What combo are you pickin’! This week the kids wanted @raisingcanes! To make them grain-free, we get the chicken “naked” (not battered) and substituted the toast for more fries. . 🙌🏻We’ve been slowly trying to tone back baby girl’s strict alkaline diet. Trying to find that nice balance. She’s been tolerating potatoes and chicken really well! She hasn’t had bad tummy aches the last few days or haven’t had any blood for over two weeks! . 😈Fast food: Obviously unhealthy. A big part of intuitive eating and not demonizing food is being able to have bad food in moderation. We don’t have fast food everyday. We don’t have it every other day. We don’t even have it every week. As a family unit, we eat healthy meals for every meal 6 days a week. This one meal a week won’t give us heart disease, it won’t give us diabetes, it won’t make us overweight, and it won’t make us binge eat from being overly restrictive on ourselves. Moderation! Teaching our kids to have a healthy relationship with food. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. . ♥️What is your go to place for a nice cheat meal?


. 🖤Baby girl and I absolutely LOVEEEEEE Halloween! We started slowly diverting from the cutesy costumes when she was 3 years old (zombie little red).. and she’s been hooked ever since! I feel like we get scarier every year, and she is always up for it! My Halloween ride or die! . On the blog today, an easy/inexpensive zombie costume and makeup tutorial! Hit the link in the bio if you’re still looking for the perfect last minute costume!


. As delicious as this looks, it was a 50% fail. Very dry. Not nearly sweet enough. . Almond butter dessert bread with chocolate glaze. 🔸minimal ingredients 🔸mains ingredients: almond butter, eggs, and egg whites 🔸glaze is unsweetened @sunspirechocolate melted over steam and mixed with water until i reaches my desired consistency 🔸major tweaks need! . Failure is instructive. Being humble enough to learn from your failures... that creates success. And I’m not just talking about bread! Until the next dessert loaf 😘!


. Baby girl update: 🔸No blood in about a week. 🔸Belly aches are more painful and seem to be happening more often. 🔸Might request them do a food sensitivity test on her. 🔸Considering 2nd opinions. . When she gets bad tummy aches, we let her climb in bed with us. Baby girl has been sleeping in our room a lot lately 😕. Last night seemed to be the worst. All her meals had a great alkaline ratio, so I’m honestly at a loss as to why she’s in so much pain. The parallelism between her symptoms and what I remember having as a kid is strikingly similar (pain, not the blood). I’d hate for her to have to deal with what I‘m going through💔.


. Alcohol Sugars: When starting baby girl on this alkaline diet, I also did a total elimination of all alcohol sugars from her diet. I’m not sure if alcohol sugars are alkaline or not, but it was something new I introduced to her diet this year. It was also something she ate almost daily. “Maple” syrup on her morning waffles (sweetened with erythritol, lakanto brand). Erythritol in her evening dessert (Lily’s chocolate or something I baked). . We still love having waffles most mornings, so I had to find an alternative to what we’ve been using. Real maple syrup is alkaline, but it also has an obnoxious amount of sugar and provides absolutely no nutritional value. . Date Syrup! The kids go nuts for this! It helps that they love eating dates to begin with. Dates are not only alkaline, but when I make it into a syrup, it has significantly less sugars than maple syrup, not to mention the the nutritional benefits. 🔸boil 10 pitted dates in 2 cups of water for about 30ish mins 🔸I used @terrasoul brand 🔸while still boiling, use a heat resistant cooking utensil to mash up the dates against the side of the pot 🔸after boiling, blend smooth 🔸a lot of recipes will tell you to drain the dates with a cheese cloth, so you’re essentially draining the date’s sugar and throwing away some of the nutrients, which is why I choose to blend everything and not strain the dates. 🔸makes about 16oz and keeps for over a week in the fridge. 🔸waffles are @simplemills waffle/pancake mix. It also has a nice alkaline ratio for baby girl. The only acidic ingredient are the eggs you mix in. (and grain free)


. Frugal Find PSA: 🔸@burtsbeesbaby 100% organic pajama set 🔸regular price $16.99 @wholefoods 🔸@amazon members get 30% off + 10% off 🔸$10.70 a set after discount! 🔸I can’t even sew an organic set for that cheap! 🔸Biggest size I found was 4t 🔸Smallest size I found was 12m 🔸Baby boy is wearing 3t bottoms and 4t top (to accommodate his baby belly) 🔸Baby girl is wearing 4t bottoms and 3t top 🔸Go now! 🔸You’re welcome


. Avocado Pesto! Hub’s basil bushes are growing out of control! Besides pesto, what can I make with all the basil! 🔸1 small avocado 🔸2 garlic cloves 🔸1/4 cup EVOO 🔸Handful of basil 🔸Juice from 1/2 a lemon 🔸pink salt and pepper to taste 🔸blend it all up 🔸I tossed it in @ancientharvest lentil and quinoa pasta 🔸with gulf shrimp and goat cheese 🔸nice little alkaline friendly meal for baby girl too!


. Since baby girl started the alkaline diet, we haven’t had any red sauce.. I really miss my red sauce😢! While tomatoes are technically alkaline, her doctor specifically said no tomatoes 🤷🏻‍♀️. We try to eat whatever she has to eat to make it easier on her with cravings, and I’m honestly struggling a bit. This is harder than keto. . Throwback Chicken Parm (from before the alkaline diet) 🔸Breaded with equal parts @sarifoodscompany non-fortified nutritional yeast and golden ground flaxseed (superfine) 🔸Add additional seasoning. My kids and hubs seem to really like this mix: onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, pink salt, and pepper 🔸Dip in eggs then in batter 🔸Air fry at 400 for 7-10 mins on each side 🔸Used @cucinaantica sauce 🔸Topped with a little mozzarella 🔸On top of @eatbanza pasta