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. 💙He hasn’t slept in his bed or alone the last 2 weeks. Last night’s attempt at getting him back in his bed was... unsuccessful. His end of the summer schedule really whacked up his sleep routine. Must. Fix. Before. School. Start! . 💆🏻‍♀️Any advice, mommas?


. 🤤Rolling into Monday thinking about meals I had over the weekend... . 🍗Air fried drumstick on a bed of zoodles tossed in pesto then topped with goat cheese, red pepper flakes, and nutritional yeast! This combo was YUM. MAY! . Air-Fried Chicken Seasonings Used: 🔸Onion powder 🔸Garlic Powder 🔸Paprika 🔸Chili Powder 🔸Cayenne Pepper 🔸Pink Salt and Pepper 🔸Air Fry at 400 degrees for 20 minutes


. Off to spend some quality time with family... 💗Hug them a little longer 💗Laugh with them a little harder 💗Make new memories with them 💗Enjoy their presence, always


. 🍵 Matcha Waffles... any green tea lovers out there? If so, this is your jam! I’ve been munchin’ on these all week! . 💪🏼I actually have waffles or pancakes every day as a preworkout meal. EVERY. DAY. I mix MCT oil in with my syrup and eat 45 minutes prior to working out. You can see this week’s lunch break workouts in the highlights. . 🤤Working on posting the recipe for these matcha waffles soon! These are Dairy-free/Keto/Paleo with less than 1 net carb per waffle! . Main Ingredients: 🔸 @terrasoul culinary grade matcha powder 🔸 @terrasoul coconut flour 🔸 @kirkland.signature_ almond flour 🔸 @kirkland.signature_ cage free egg white 🔸 @365bywholefoods cage free eggs 🔸 @califiafarms almond milk . 😘Happy FriYay!


. 🍗Hubs and I’s shared dinner last night! Yum. May! . 💵Chicken drums are on sale right now at @wholefoods for only $1.34/lb! Cost of this meal per serving is less than $2.00! Heck. Yea! . Air-Fried Chicken Seasonings Used: 🔸Onion powder 🔸Garlic Powder 🔸Paprika 🔸Chili Powder 🔸Cayenne Pepper 🔸Pink Salt and Pepper 🔸Air Fry at 400 degrees for 20 minutes . 🙌🏻Check out the rest of @wholefoods + @amazon keto/grain-free deals on the blog, link in the bio. Deals end 8/14/18! I saved $17 this week! . 🥑Working on my avocado art... needs work, ha! . ❌The sriracha contains agave, which isn’t Keto friendly


. 🥚Oo hey there soft boiled egg.. it’s been a hot minute! . 😍When grassfed ground beef is on sale.. you make Keto/Paleo chili! . Soft Boiled Egg 🔸Put eggs in pot 🔸Fill pot with water reaching about halfway up the egg (1-2 inches of water) 🔸Bring to a boil 🔸Once boiling, lower to a simmer and put the lid on 🔸Simmer for 3-5 mins (the longer the less runny) 🔸After boiling, run under cold water to stop the cooking process . 🥑Avocado art lesson by @veronicacleaneating


. 💇🏻‍♀️I’ve been thinking about trimming my hair for the last month or so... just 2-3 inches.. but it gives me so much anxiety just thinking about it! Anyone else have hair attachments issues?


. 🤤When 100% grass-fed ground beef, sugar-free pasta sauce, and grain-free chickpea pasta is on sale at @wholefoods.. you make keto/grain-free spaghetti for the fam! Hubs and I get zoodles and the kids get chickpea pasta, yum! . ▶️Check out the rest of this weeks @wholefoods + @amazon sales sales/deals on the blog. Sale ends tomorrow!


. 🍜I’ve been working late and hubs has been holding it down in the kitchen! Last week he made a Keto version of miso soup using chicken bone broth and shirataki noodles! My son loved this dish! . 🤤The bone broth we bought on sale @wholefoods and the shirataki noodles are the @thrivemkt brand. Depending on how strict you are with Keto, some shirataki noodles add soy as a filler, so read your labels carefully.


. 🦈Because. Shark. Week. . 🤤Finally have a reason to remake the keto/grain-free brownies I made a few weeks ago. Tweaked the recipe a good bit. It tastes delicious but doesn’t have the chewy brownie consistency I was aiming for. I’ll share the recipe once I figure it out.


. 👗Places to go; Beautiful people to see!


. 🤤An open-faced breakfast waffle sandwich.... *wipes drool* . 🥓Testing out the sugar-free bacon I bought at @wholefoods on sale this week. Not only is this bacon sugar-free, it also doesn’t contain any celery powder! Many people have been running to “uncured” processed meats because cured meats are cooked and preserved in sodium nitrites, which has been linked to cancer. Digging a little deeper in cured vs “uncured”, I’ve learned that “uncured” meats are still actually cured. Nitrites are still added, but in the form of celery powder (which is a nitrite) vs sodium nitrate. The body can’t distinguish one nitrite from the next, so you are essentially still ingesting nitrates when eating “uncured” processed meats. . 😍It’s been months since I’ve had bacon (cut out processed meats), but when I seen this.. I had to try it! OMG 🙌🏻! I’ll have to go back and get some more before the sale ends. You can find the rest of the keto/grain-free @wholefoods + @amazon sales on the blog. They have some good ones this week! . ▶️Swipe to see breakfast details and macros! Big breakfast this AM because my schedule today won’t allow me to eat until dinner time.


. 🍕Fri-Yay Night Pizza Night! For this week’s Keto pizza, we opted for a pesto base on an almond flour crust and topped it with my seasoned ground beef (recipe on the blog), tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, olives, and goat cheese! Loved this combo! . Pesto recipe 🔸50g Fresh Basil 🔸1/2 cup Garlic EVOO 🔸28g Almonds 🔸1/3 cup Parmesan 🔸2-3 tsp Lemon Juice 🔸Blend until smooth! . ▫️You can use regular EVOO and 2 cloves of garlic in place of the Garlic EVOO. When I was on the Low-FODMAP diet for my stomach.. garlic wasn’t allowed, but I was able to use Garlic EVOO, and the stuff tasted so good.. I just never stopped using it. It also has less carbs than real garlic. . 😘Enjoy your weekend, guys!


♥️My Swolemates @liznola @kaylagursin . 🎥This week’s workout video is now on @youtube. It only includes yesterday’s training session, but the bloopers are a must see! Ha! . 😐No blog post to go along with the video this week. I’ve been crazy busy at work. Life. . ▶️Subscribe to my YouTube channel! My handle is House of Hotard. You can find an easy link at the bottom of my blog. I’ll be posting sewing/DIY tutorials, cook alongs, workout recaps, and more! . 😘Happy FriYay!!


. ♥️Look who is feeling better!!! . 🙌🏻My weekly @wholefoods + @amazon keto/gainfree deals are live on the blog! I was highly impressed with the sales this week! Deals end 8/7/18! Link is in the bio!


. 🍩That one time I tried to make Keto/grain-free donuts, but it ended up tasting pretty similar to beignets... . 🤤Oops!


. 🥑Apparently yesterday was national avocado day?! How’d I miss that memo?! . 🤤Better late than never! Get this recipe on the blog under “chicken salad guacamole”! . Ingredients 🔸Chicken Breast, shredded 🔸Cilantro, chopped 🔸Avocados, smashed 🔸Line Juice 🔸Red Onion, chopped 🔸Tomato, chopped 🔸Pickled Jalapenos, Diced 🔸Pink Salt and Pepper to taste . 😘Happy August!


. 🍩BroNuts! I made this a few weeks ago for my daughter after she had a doctor’s visit required her to give blood as a pick-me-up! I just found a quick keto brownie recipe on @pinterest and made them in my donut pans. It’s almond flour based, but I think it can be improved upon. Now I just need to come up with a reason to make them again...