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"If I could live on top of a mountain, I would" #photographer

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Best shots come from unplanned routes 🇮🇹


On the 3rd day of the excursion in Europe, Sandy and I spent all day hiking above the beautiful city of Zermatt. Our plan was to camp in the town for the night but at 9:30, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful night sky. We hiked until 2AM, reaching one of the most iconic spots, Stellisee. I started the timelapse in the frigid 32° and fell asleep leaning against a giant rock. I woke up just twenty minutes later to the Milky Way jutting out of the Zermatt peak. I didn't sleep that night and just stargazed. We finally returned to base camp at 9:30AM and passed out from exhaustion. What a beautiful day


All moved into Chicago while reminiscing about the beautiful mountains in Italy. I've always had the wild dream of building a mountain in the Midwest... Who has $1 billion I could use? 😋


Sometimes, the best shots come unplanned. At 5AM, Sandy and I started hiking after sleeping in a tent through a torrential downpour and severe thunderstorm. Our hike to Lagos di Sorapis should have only been around 8km but due to avalanches, the path was destroyed. We had to opt for the 3 extra kilometers but the views were stunning. We got a spectacular view of the gorgeous valley and ran into a herd of deer. That's for another post! 🤗


The most beautiful mountain there is.


This gorgeous fireball lit up the sky and left the remains spiraling in a cloud of dust. This year's Perseids meteor shower was one of the brightest as new moon had just passed. God I love the stars. #bestoftimelapse_


When you think of Italy, gorgeous mountains usually isn't the first thought to pop in your head. The Dolomites are some of the most unique mountains in the world. Vertical walls, long valleys, and sheer cliffs are of abundance. I'm super excited (if you couldn't tell already...) to visit them again!


It's mind-boggling to think that just a couple hundred of years ago, this was the view every single night. I remember the first time I saw and captured the Milky Way. I started jumping around and excitedly called my parents 😅 New moon is coming in a couple of days so get out and go see it! If you need any advice on where to see it, DM me!


See you soon Italy ♥️


Where's your next adventure to? A powerful storm on July 11th swept through Zion National Park and destroyed some of the most iconic hikes there. These parks may seem to last forever but you never know when they might be gone.


Nice mountains, nice stars, and nice company. Thanks for an awesome trip brother @danielzlarson! I'll be back 🏞️


Sometimes you have to take some chances to capture something unique. Thanks Daniel for sacrificing your car 😂


Back hurts, shoulders sunburnt, and body dehydrated but stunning views make it all worth it. Delta Lake, which sits under the Grand Peak, was once a local secret but its beauty is now revealed to all travelers.


Almost fell in but worth. Excited to head to Salt Lake City to backpack with my boy @danielzlarson in a week!


Canada is by far one of my favorite countries in the world. Not only is the scenery stunning, but the people are wonderful. See you in a couple of weeks 🤗


It breaks my heart how little attention Puerto Rico got after the horrific Hurricane Maria slammed the island. Even though it is a territory of the US, not many people seemed to care. My trip there was an eye-opening experience as I got to not only see the destruction, but the way Puerto Ricans dealt with it. When questioned about the hurricane, everyone had a positive attitude towards rebuilding. The festive culture and joyful demeanor was contagious. Please visit the island as it is not only a fantastic experience but a great learning one too.


Unpopular opinion: bring back winter ❄️⛄


Shout-out to the parentals for raising a smart kid, idk what happened to the other one though ♥️ Cheers to a fun 4 years SLU!