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"If I could live on top of a mountain, I would" #photographer

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Nice mountains, nice stars, and nice company. Thanks for an awesome trip brother @danielzlarson! I'll be back 🏞️


Sometimes you have to take some chances to capture something unique. Thanks Daniel for sacrificing your car 😂


Back hurts, shoulders sunburnt, and body dehydrated but stunning views make it all worth it. Delta Lake, which sits under the Grand Peak, was once a local secret but its beauty is now revealed to all travelers.


Almost fell in but worth. Excited to head to Salt Lake City to backpack with my boy @danielzlarson in a week!


Canada is by far one of my favorite countries in the world. Not only is the scenery stunning, but the people are wonderful. See you in a couple of weeks 🤗


It breaks my heart how little attention Puerto Rico got after the horrific Hurricane Maria slammed the island. Even though it is a territory of the US, not many people seemed to care. My trip there was an eye-opening experience as I got to not only see the destruction, but the way Puerto Ricans dealt with it. When questioned about the hurricane, everyone had a positive attitude towards rebuilding. The festive culture and joyful demeanor was contagious. Please visit the island as it is not only a fantastic experience but a great learning one too.


Unpopular opinion: bring back winter ❄️⛄


Shout-out to the parentals for raising a smart kid, idk what happened to the other one though ♥️ Cheers to a fun 4 years SLU!


Jealous of the view that sheep get everyday... 🗻



One last timelapse before my camera is dead. Absolutely surreal experience with glowworms #nz


I love mountains 🙃 #nz


New Zealand was stunning. As I transition my life to the next chapter, this trip was a great opportunity to self-reflect on the last couple years. From the things I loved to the things I hated, I appreciate everything that has happened to me. I've been quite fortunate with my college career and have a lot of people to thank for that. Finding what truely matters to you is often clouded by the busy life that we all live. It's hard to think of all the problems in our lives when you're faced with the beauty of mother nature. If you have the opportunity, travel now. Don't wait for the next week, next month, or next year. Life is much too short!


Waterfalls are one of my new favorites to photograph. It never stops (usually..) flowing despite the obstacles that fall in it. Life is the same way. The world doesn't stop for us so take every opportunity you can.


The famous Wanaka Tree has been photographed thousands, if not millions of times. "What makes each photo unique?", I thought to myself. One of my pet peeves is hordes of tourists. It's hard to think positively with the tourists ruining the beautiful views with useless and annoying chatter. However, each one of them has a story. A story that tells why they are in Wanaka in the first place and why they need to take that photo. A story that is unique.


5AM, I'm shooting the famous Wanaka Tree under the milky way. I look over at the nautical twilight and see the stunning sight of the moon. Sometimes unplanned things are the best. #nz


A hectic day running around but staying up til 2AM was well worth it 🤗 absolutely stunning creatures #nz


Seems like I follow @chrisburkard everywhere I go... An inspiration as I travel throughout New Zealand! #nz