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Lifestyle Specialist /Brand Ambassador /Marketing Guru/Father/Mentor 15 Years in the Spirits/Over 10 million cases sold. Stay Hungry. Stay Humble.

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Tonight !! Tune into @revolttv at 830pm w @snoopdogg hosting the 6th Annual @globalspinawards @ciroc you Don’t wanna miss the performances !! Lets Go!!!


This video and message is so powerful !! You Keep putting out Good !! It comes back to you in TenFolds in unexpected ways you have No clue .. That’s Gods Work!! We Have to Start Giving back More as People and start helping those who are less fortunate !! Happy Sunday !! #godsplan #blessed #humbled #giveback #love


We do it for the culture!!part 1 !! It’s continues Tonight !! #cirocstarweekend #cirocboyz #deleontequila


When your parents are Making silly faces to make you smile !! but your just looking at the camera lady winking at you .. so devilish !! LOL .. #sameface #youngstorm #harlem #happy #stillsmiling #blessed


This is how you give a studio a Make over !!! LA we Here !! Ciroc Studios .. Make your next Hit ... Be your Best Hit !! We’re Not Just a Drink .. It’s a LIFESTYLE..!!! Great work @w2creative #CIROCStudios #LA #cirocboyz #ciroc #allstarweekend


Like every year !! I always tell him you got Drinks for your friends and I got Drinks for my friends !! This year i had to support my man @bustarhymes and his Super Bowl commercial with @doritos !! Ok Who y’all Got ??? Well Guess I’ll go for the Eagles .. Cause I Hate Boston Red Sox , Boston Market , Boston legal when it was on Fox .. you name it !!! LOL Let’s GOOOO! @chaunceyhamlett 💪🏾 #ciroc #Deleon #doritios #mountaindewice #superbowlsunday #smile #realNYguy #giants #vibratehigher #yankees #knicks


Grammy weekend was so Crazy !!!! Speech!! #cirocboyz #rocboys #dusse #aceofspades #deleontequila #blackexcellence


Your Smile is your LOGO !! Your personality is your BUSINESS CARD !! How you Leave others Feeling after an experience with You Becomes your TRADEMARK !!! Stay Hungry Be Inspired and most of all stay Humble !!! #beliveinyou #lovelife #humble #inspire #godisgood #family #blessed


When the enemy comes against me !! I always read him my resume .. I don’t tell him what I’m hoping for !! Tell him how much I overcome !! And I’m I’m not perfect .. but I can be better !! I like who I am .. but love more on who I’m becoming .. Watch out for this STORM!!! Happy Sunday !!! #godisgood #blessed #humble #lovelife #changeisgood


This is what Ciroc Friday’s Looks like on Grammy weekend !!! Just dance people !! Live life !! Yo @tedsmooth You killed this One !! I might have to battle Puff Daddy on this one LOL !!! #livelife #vibratehigher #ciroc #iwannathankyouchallenge @diddy


Going into Grammy weekend fired up !! Stop caring what people think .. Live your Life !! You only Got one shot at this .. Live life to the fullest .. Love , Live , Smile !!! Happy Friday !! let’s Go !! @wallo267 #livelife #behappy #dontstop #love


Wow this made my morning !! Seeing this school in P.R. Finally getting electricity back for the first time in 112 days ..wow Look at this reaction !! Love it !!! Wake everybody Time to Teach a New Day !!! #puertorico #godisgood #prstrong


I Just wanna Do Gods Will !!! #MLK #Dream #love


So proud of this women right here .. Known each other since the beginning and has never changed !! From Yonkers to Hollywood ..shows if you Believe in yourself. Anything is possible Y.O Stand up !! GO @therealmaryjblige keep On killing em !! #hollywoodstar # #proudmary #queenofR&B #yonkers914 @shareifz 🎥


This past year of my life .. I lived !! I’ve loved , Ive lost , I missed , ive Hurt others , I’ve trusted , I’ve made mistakes , but most of all I’ve learned !! I also had to learn how to forgive people people who failed me !! But I also wanted to apologize to those I may have hurt !! We all make mistakes and even regrets things in our past - BUT your past is meant to Teach You , Not to Hold you Hostage , I asked GOD To forgive my errors of yesterday and help me walk in a better Light !!im not perfect but I can be Better !! I’m humble enough to know I’m not better than anyone .. but wise enough to know that I’m different from the rest !! Stay Focus , Stay Hungry and Live Inspired !! IM ONLY HUMAM !!! #godchild #blessed #humble #human # #cantstopwontstop #live #dontstopbelieving #motivated @numogul @humancitizens


You cant surround yourself with people that don’t wish you well .. cause you can’t pray for me if you don’t like me !!Time to put those around you that wanna see you prosper and win .. Stop The Hate !! Love more !! #blessed #changeyourcircle #lovemore


You Ready !! Tonight at 8pm !! Fox 5 ... let’s Go


Hey Grab some Ciroc French Vanilla and Popcorn !! TONIGHT!!!On FOX 8pm !! Get inspired !! Start your Year off Right !! This documentary won a few awards this year !! You won’t be disappointed !!Trust Me !! Let’s go #cantstopwontstop #frenchvanillany