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#Wildlifeconservation. Directing 2019 #GreatBearIMAX. Represented by @natgeocreative. Executive Director @pacificwild . Fellow of iLCP and RCGS.


Even in the busiest times taking a moment is so important.


Spirit bear cub making sure mom doesn’t fall into the river. #greatbearrainforest #spiritbear #family


Anyone care to guess how many coastal wolves are in this family? #savebcwolves #greatbearrainforest


Coastal wolves have an extremely varied diet of species from the ocean and the rainforest. Each fall season, when salmon are beginning to enter the rivers, salal berries ripen and are a favourite of wolves. #savebcwolves #greatbearrainforest #coastalwolves @pacificwild


Another barge load of Western Red Cedar leaving the #greatbearrainforest. The average age of these trees is about 300-500 years and many of them are over 1000 years old. How sustainable is this? #cutandrun #deforestation #brazilofthenorth #cedarissacred


The reddish highlights that characterize many coastal wolves along the BC north coast are so distinct that the Heiltsuk First Nation have stories, told through the millennia, of where this unique colour comes from. From my book, the Last Wild Wolves: "In the creation story of one of the founding Heiltsuk tribes, a wolf fathers the first children of this group. One child remains a wolf and serves as a protector of the people. His siblings stay in their human form and create many of the gifts to the people, including winter ceremonials, big houses, and salmon. The mother marks the wolf father with ochre paint, giving him a reddish tinge that is still common to the wolves of this area.” #lastwildwolves #heiltsukstrong @pacificwild #savebcwolves


A new logging road is now being punched into Four Lakes, the last large tract of ancient rainforest left on King Island in the #greatbearrainforest. Not many years ago this watershed was on the fabled list of valleys that environmental groups described as the "line in the sand" when it came to negotiating a conservation deal for the Great Bear but now that the deals have all been made and conservation focus is elsewhere these timber companies can operate with impunity under so-called Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) logging practices. When I fly up and down the coast and see all of the new logging operations in previously intact rainforest river valleys it is beyond disheartening. How did we end up handing 70% of the Great Bear Rainforest to these timber companies? If anyone thinks that my criticism of EBM is unjustified then I highly recommend having a first hand look at the massive clearcut logging that is occurring in places like the Johnston River, Sandell lakes, Western and Pine rivers, Ingram and Mooto lakes - just to name a few. These were all intact a few short years ago but we were promised that EBM would somehow protect them, or at the very least would provide a massive departure from how logging was done in the past. It wasn’t many years ago that these valleys were fought for on the front lines, the boardrooms, in parliament and the marketplace. Today, the only thing more deafening than the chainsaws and bulldozers is the silence of those defending them. #temperaterainforest #greatbearrainforest #westernredcedar @greenpeace_canada @sierraclubbc @rainforestactionnetwork @stand.earth


Rain has started after a long long dry spell in the #greatbearrainforest. All eyes, paws, claws and canines are now moving towards the creeks and rivers to meet the next great event on this coast. With thanks to @_annekaphotography_ and @d.leowinata for recent wolf and whale adventures.


The heart wrenching story of the mother killer whale keeping her dead calf afloat for the last two weeks gained international attention as we are reminded of the deep social bonds that exist in the non-human realm. This tragic event reminded me of an incident a number of years ago when a female wolf was accidentally hit and killed by a logging truck on Yeo island near Bella Bella. The dead body was thrown to the side of the road and a week later the soft mourning howls of her family were still heard from the edge of the forest. The emotions felt by the loss of a family member is not exclusive to humans.


Starry nights, good friends, #greatbearrainforest river hikes. With @callummca7325 @lucy.mcallisterr @luke_kotaska Tristan Jeo.


Fur is flying as these wolves have a classic sibling wrestling match. It always seems like typical roughhouse play fighting but there is plenty else going on with subtle (and not so subtle) displays of dominant and submissive behaviour. One of these wolves may become the leader of this pack and there is plenty to prove in the meantime. #coastalwolves #greatbearrainforest #siblingrivalry #savebcwolves


Definitely baby season in the #greatbearrainforest. This Sandhill Crane family arrives each day to forage in the intertidal zone searching for mussels, periwinkle snails and insects. #sandhillcrane