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Ian McAllister

#Wildlifeconservation. Directing 2019 #GreatBearIMAX. Represented by @natgeoimagecollection. Executive Director @pacificwild . Fellow - iLCP and RCGS.


The far reaches of this image show the incursion of roads and clearcuts soon to befall this beautiful tract of rainforest in Heiltsuk First Nation territory. Rate of logging is unsustainable. Time to think about future generations. #greatbearrainforest


A little friendly banter with @paulnicklen and myself from a recent film shoot between @pacificwild and @sealegacy in the #greatbearrainforest. The best part of wildlife conservation work is being out in the field but as our film and camera systems get more complicated it means our field crews are getting larger and day to day logistics more complex - sometimes it’s a bit stressful keeping all the parts moving in a forward direction. One trait essential to productive, creative and sustainable field work, especially on longer expeditions, is humour. Love spending time with committed conservationists like Paul, @cristinamittermeier and their team to get important work done but also share a laugh along the way. With @d.leowinata @kyle.roepke @ryantidman @anthonybonello


One of the fascinating aspects of bear behaviour is how unique their personalities are. In particular, how different each bear’s fishing techniques are. This male black bear loves to dive into the creeks’ deep pools in the hopes of scaring a fish into its claws. Others wait patiently near shallow water for a salmon to migrate past. Anyone that has spent time on a salmon river where bears are fishing would probably agree that bears never cease to amaze. @pacificwild @pacificyellowfincharters #savebcbears @gitgaatspirit


On the wildest sides of the BC coast Steller sea lions have made a remarkable come back since the days that our government gunned them down on rookeries like this one. During 1913-68, Steller sea lions in B.C. were subject to major government sponsored kill programs. Breeding rookeries along the #greatbearrainforest were eradicated by intense kills in the 1920-1930s. A total of 55,000 sea lions were killed during 1912-68, and by the 1970s breeding populations had been reduced to roughly 25-33% of the peak historic levels thought to have been present in the early 1900s. Today, just as these social, intelligent and relatively long-lived mammals are staging a come back to our coast the same government agencies are entertaining the idea of another cull program even though no evidence exists to show that the intense killing of sea lions increased salmon returns in the past. The fact is that Steller sea lions are generalists and the majority of their prey-base is smaller fish like herring and pollock. The carnage and anguish on these isolated haul outs must have been unimaginable as countless killed and wounded animals suffered under this misguided attempt at saving wild salmon. If we want to save wild salmon there are two simple first steps we can take right now. 1) take all the open net cage salmon farms out of our waters and 2) stop the herring kill fishery. #marineconservation #stellersealion @pacificwild


Sea wolves live by the rhythm of tide and are just one of the countless terrestrial mammal species that are feeling the impact of a dying ocean. This wolf is a member of a pack that eats herring eggs in the spring, seals in the summer and salmon in the fall. #oceanfeedstherainforest #greatbearimax #savebcwolves @pacificwild


Grizzer cubs of the year. Koeye river. #heiltsukstrong @qqsprojects


This coho salmon does not make it home. #greatbearrainforest #wildsalmon #blackbear


Trick or treat Denny Island style. @callummca7325 @lucy.mcallisterr #greatbearrainforest


Spirit bear siblings in Canada’s #greatbearrainforest The future of cubs like these are firmly in the hands of all that care about rainforest protection, wild salmon conservation, climate change and marine protected areas. These are all critical issues facing our coast and how we respond now to the never ending assault by industry and government will be judged by future generations that will live with the decisions we make today. @pacificwild @sea_legacy @wildlifedefenceleague @skeenawild.conservation.trust @gitgaatspirit @spiritbearresearch