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DM for a copy of "Destination Nowhere" Ohio DM for collabs/rates/prints Portraits can be found on @_illevens πŸ‘₯

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Thank you to everyone who has ordered the zine. Means the world. First batch will be out Wednesday ✌


Giveaway winner is @elyhill_ 😎 . If you are interested in a copy of the zine I made just shoot me a DM with your email. The fun thing about it is that it's all color (weird for me lol) - so even some of my favorite bnw shots, will be displayed in color in this zine. It contains a lot of shots I also havent posted on here. Need to get ahead on some truck repair bills, so I'll be selling them for just $20. Limited copies so when they're gone, they're gone. Thanks for everything.πŸ™


Hey guys! In honor of my truck needing 2 tows in 1 month, I decided I would put together a compilation of my favorite shots of busted whips and rural decay. I ran a limited number of copies, and 1 of them I'll be giving away to show thanks for getting to 5k follows. If you want one just comment "GIMME" and I'll throw your name in the drawing 😎 Thanks again!


Keep steppin'


Come as you are.


Heaven's Gate


One time I drove to Jacksonville, Florida from Canton, Ohio in one overnight stretch. I think this was the precursor to my caffeine addiction.


Purp going down like a Lakers' loss.


My new years resolution is to shoot less cars and more faces.


I wasn't going to post, but I keep seeing these year recaps, so I'm going to jump in real quick with this shot- was one of the funnest days with my dude @non.extant. "Funny" enough, I got my camera stolen a couple days after this shot. And you guys helped me replace it. Something I'll always be grateful for. I met some dope people this year and got to see some amazing things. I hope to keep it rolling in 2019. ✌


Clawing at the gates


A revisit to my first πŸ–€


I think most of the time, I might like the stairwells more than I like the actual churches πŸ€”


Changed my first diaper like 5 days ago, now I'm babysitting like 12 kids tomorrow by myself. Wish me luck, gang.


Still behind on Christmas shopping


God's got nice tile.


Hug Mother briefly, then we're off to see the exorcist.


Damaged people are dangerous because they know they can survive.