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Todd Trisch

Wildlife and landscape photographer from California. - I feel most alive when traveling ✈️ 🦁 ⛰ 🐺 - All images are mine and all animals are wild

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BEACHCOMBER BROWN BEAR - Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park, Alaska . Being this far from civilization with wild animals is SO awesome for me. Hallo Bay is an incredible destination. Brown Bears are everywhere; therefore, great photo opportunities reveal themselves constantly. It's a beautiful place inhabited by beautiful animals.


LIONS LAIR - Serengeti, Tanzania . Elephants had pushed this acacia tree over and transformed it into a perfect hang out for a pride of lions.


RESTING CHEETAH - Masai Mara, Kenya . A long day in the Masai Mara yielded this beautiful cheetah resting and watching for prey on the African plain.


MALE IMPALA - Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya . #antelope


MT. SHASTA FALL COLORS - North side of Mt. Shasta . California has so many beautiful mountainous areas. The Mt. Shasta area has become my favorite place to spend time. It’s stunningly beautiful and away from the massive crowds. Come Fall, it’s an ideal place to capture photos and relax.


SEWARD SEA OTTERS - Seward, Alaska . Two beautiful sea otters drifting and playing off the coast of Seward, Alaska


🍁 HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🍁. Wild Turkey off Pleasants Valley Road - Winters, California


MAMMOTH MINARETS - Mammoth Lakes, California . Just West of Mammoth Ski Resort and Mammoth Lakes sits the Minarets. Beautiful and jagged peaks that dominate the area. This photo was taken a long time ago with film and I digitally converted it.


ANO NUEVO ELEPHANT SEAL - Ano Nuevo, California . As soon as Fall approaches, California Elephant seals migrate North. Ano Nuevo is one of, if not the best place to view them. They dot the beaches here and you can often see males fighting for dominance. This one is obviously relaxing. It was raining when I was there but that just added to the fun! One interesting note is that when the Elephant seals migrate North, so do the Great White Sharks. There are always resident White sharks off Northern California but the numbers certainly increase come Fall being that Elephant seals are a large portion of their diet.


RED ROCK CANYON MORNING - Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada . This was taken around 6am up Rock Rock Canyon in Waterton Lakes National Park. It's the very Northern portion of Glacier National Park. Most of the park is in Montana but a small section creeps into Canada and that's Waterton Lakes. It's a stunning area with massive peaks. It's also home to great wildlife. I got up early that day to see wildlife and Red Rock Canyon is a great area to do so. The sun was about to rise and had to take this shot. Not only were the mountains captivating but we saw two grizzlies and two grey wolves that morning! I've only seen three wolves in my life. Two in Red Rock Canyon and one at Hallo Bay, Alaska. Quite memorable. Waterton Lakes is an awesome destination for scenery and wildlife.


White-Faced Ibis - Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (Davis/Sacramento, California) . A White-Faced Ibis in Winter plumage at the Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area. I loved their burgundy colors!


FEMALE BROWN BEAR - Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park, Alaska . She was the first bear we saw at Hallo Bay. When we arrived, she was sleeping and this is a shot of her just waking up. Soon, she was eating grass and slowly walking towards us. By the end she was within 15 feet of us. Wow! It was an awesome experience.


NGORONGORO TUSKER ELEPHANT - Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania . Dropping into the Ngorongoro Crater feels like you went back in time. The number and diversity of animals are astounding. You do not see this anywhere on earth in one small place. The animals roam free across the crater floor acting as naturally as they did long ago. This huge bull elephant was so powerful and beautiful. I felt lucky to be in it's presence. . #elephant #africanelephant #tusker #ngorongoro #ig_photooftheday #tanzania #africanwildlife #wildlifephotography #natgeowild #natgeohub #travelafrica




BABOON MOTHER AND BABY - Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania . Our day in the world famous Ngorongoro Crater was over. Prior to driving out, we came across a grouping of Olive Baboons, otherwise known as a "troop". This mother and her baby certainly stood out to me and had to capture them. Shot with film and digitally converted.