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The Elgammal’s pretty much agree, the West Coast is the best coast 🙌🏼🌴 #california #losangeles #travelingourplanet #family #parents #staycation #redondobeach #alhamduillah


Croatia was hands down one of my favorite top 5 spots I’ve been to. The food, vibe, scenery, and people all just melded together. How could I not be #teamcroatia now in the final match?? And I just really really hate France and won’t be mad seeing them go down 🇭🇷⚽️. I’m also low key sad that the World Cup season is coming to an end today #fifaworldcup #croatia #france #russia


Imagine my disappointment that this no longer says Hollyweed on it 😂✈️ #hollywoodsign #losangeles


Couldn’t deal with LA traffic today so I had to find an alternative to the ocean ✈️ #california #pacificbeach #losangeles


Nature vibes ⛰ #denver #colorado


One final night under the midnight sun 🇫🇮 #Finland #Helsinki #midnightsun


I wish I could say the worst part of Russia was that the @pharaohsofficial didn’t make it out of the group stage, but truth be told I’m still salty as f*ck at how THIS is a major tourist attraction/trap. I kid you not when I say thousands of people were lined up on both sides to watch this. Maybe if this happened once a year, fine I’ll give it a pass. THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY MULTIPLE TIMES A NIGHT THO!!! Check the schedule if you go to St. Petersburg so you don’t almost get stuck on the wrong side, especially considering this was taken around 2 AM 🇷🇺 #russia #stpetersburg #fifaworldcup #egypt


Feelin blue over the near end of this amazing vacay 🇷🇺 #russia #winterpalace #stpetersburg


The colors of the Red Square kept me wanting to go back....but then the celebrations on the streets meant that never actually happened and now the best memories of it I have are on Polaroids 🤷🏽‍♀️🇷🇺 #russia #redsquare #moscow


Not the outcome I wanted for Egypt, but 💯worth the experience of seeing the @pharaohsofficial and experiencing the @fifaworldcup in person after growing up watching soccer games with my cousins on balconies in Cairo and friends in Dearborn ❤️🇪🇬❤️. Who’s gonna watch the rest of the matches with me in Los Angeles now?! #russia #volgograd #fifaworldcup #egypt


House of God 🕌🇷🇺 #russia #stpetersburg


That 3 AM sunrise when the sun never truly set is unreal. I’ve been in the region for over a week, and I’m still not adjusted to HOW people here live and adjust when the sunlight never really is gone 🇷🇺 #russia #midnightsun #stpetersburg #egypt #pharaohs #worldcup #fifaworldcup



A birthday for the books and it’s not even close to over yet. Here’s to #egypt and the @pharaohsofficial delivering the best present ever when they WIN inshallah against @russia Tuesday! 🇪🇬⚽️🇷🇺 Photocredit: @rmnasr


The most haunted spot in Tallin with a message from the other side? 🇪🇪 #estonia