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We deliver "ugly" produce to your door at a 30-50% discount. Now in LA, Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, Chicago & Indianapolis! #imperfectproduce

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Berry tip: When devouring your Imperfect blackberries, make sure they come to room temperature first, as refrigerated berries won't taste as juicy! What's your favorite thing to do with blackberries? #blackberry #berryseason


We think that curves are beautiful on people and spicy peppers alike! Double tap if you agree! #imperfectproduce #uglyproduceisbeautiful


"Where does purple garlic come from?" It's a great question and not something they teach us in school! Our quest for the answer took us 300 years back in time, to a tiny farming village Baja California, and ended up teaching us about the Guinness World record for longest garlic braid! Read the full story by clicking on the link in our bio. What's your favorite thing to do with garlic? 💜 #transparencytuesday #garlic #purplegarlic #delcabo


Our secret to getting through Mondays? Reminding ourselves that there's no one perfect way to be. On a day that asks a lot of us, we like to remember that there are so many beautiful ways to be a co-worker, a friend, a mother, and even a sweet potato. Even if you didn't finish, or even start your to-do list, there are countless ways to have a successful Monday. What's motivating you today? #mm #mondaymotivation #imperfectproduce


What comes in the box, anyway? Produce, joy, memories, goofiness, health, inspiration, community, and togetherness! What did you get in your Imperfect box this week? 🍊🥑🍓 #uglyproduce #imperfectproduce


Why did the tomato cross the road? We're still working out the punchline to this one (lettuce know if you've got any ideas!), but we do know that every day, produce travels hundreds if not thousands of miles only to be judged on narrow cosmetic criteria that don't affect flavor or health benefits. Would you eat an asymmetrical little tomato like this one? 🍅 #tomato #uglyproduceisbeautiful


Like you, we've been dreaming of a world where carrots and people are free to love who they want without being judged. Today this world seems to be closer than ever before. Tag someone who you 💚 as much as these carrots love eachother! 🥕💜💛❤️🥕 #imperfectproduce


Ugly or coolest 🥕s ever? You'll certainly never be bored in the kitchen with our carrots around! Which of these four is your favorite? #imperfectproduce #uglyfruitandveg


Coffee or chocolate? What a delicious dilemma! We're excited to be offering more delicious variety in our boxes than ever before, including coffee from @sightglass and chocolates from @alterecosf. Check out the link in our bio to learn more about these exciting new collaborations! What types of fun goodies would YOU like to get delivered with your produce? ☕️🍫 #transparencytuesday #imperfectproduce #altereco #sightglass


You're not the only one who struggles with Mondays. Just remember, we're all in this together! What are your Monday survival tips? #mondaymotivation #caseofthemondays #imperfectproduce


Happy Mother's Day from your Imperfect family! Today, even more than usual, we salute the wonderful women who worked hard to raise us, teach us, feed us, and so much more! What did you learn from your mom? #mothersday #happymothersday


You never know what will turn up in your next Imperfect box! Minnie, our VP of new markets, recently got a sweet potato the size of her head! What's the most fun thing you've ever gotten in your box? #uglyproduce #uglyproduceisbeautiful #sweetpotato #imperfectproduce