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. For many Fall is their favorite season in Iceland. It is definitely in our top four of favorite seasons also. . . #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge #iceland #easticeland #visiteasticeland #austurland.


. Basalt columns characterize the landscapes in parts of Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but do you know how they were formed? As the lava cools over time, the pattern forms at the cooling surface and propagates down the lava, creating those geometric columns that look like the finest sculpture work. . . #inspiredbyiceland #faroeislands #greenlandpioneer #vestnorden Credit to @vestnordentravelmart 📷 by @valentinovalkaj


Settlement of Iceland is a period full of adventures, travel and discovery. It is also a time where people had to improve their farming, sailing, battle and negotiation skills to survive and grow within the forming societies. Eiríksstaðir in the West of Iceland is one such place, that takes you back in time and welcomes you to the life 1000 years ago. It was also Erik the Red's home and the birthplace of Leif the Lucky, who is said to be the first person who set foot on the American soil. If you want to look for a Viking on you, that’s your place #inspiredbyiceland #westiceland


. "The mountain equivalent of Tacos" :) . . #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge #iceland #vestrahorn . Credit to @sigvicious


. A splash of love. Just returned from a magical trip to @visitwestfjords with the crew from @inspiredbyiceland and @sagatrail_iceland . We explored both incredible cultural and natural sights, ranging from viking villages, saga spots, remote islands to stunning wildlife. In particular, we experienced how life in Iceland throughout history in so many ways has been impacted by nature and the conditions found in the country. #inspiredbyiceland #iceland Credit to @icelandic_explorer


. Places like this leave you feeling inspired and in awe of the power of nature. _______________ #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge . . Credit @simona_br_photography


. In North Iceland the season of the midnight sun is almost over. However the season of the Northern Lights is coming soon. Not a bad trade. . . #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge #northiceland #visitnorthiceland #midnightsun . . Credit to @northiceland


. Riding on Löngufjörur, the light sandy beach on the south shore of Snæfellsnes peninsula with a view of Snæfellsjökull Glacier. . . #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge #horsesoficeland #snaefellsjokull #vesturland #westiceland #iceland #snaefellsnespeninsula . . Photo by @storikambur @westiceland




Hit the road in Iceland and drive within "postcard scenery" all day long. . . #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge . . Photo by @ivareythorsson @icelandair #MyStopover