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Weather in Iceland can change unexpectedly - that’s a fact. Experiencing every season of the year in a short time span can often be an adventure in itself 😀 However, this also means, that being outdoors calls for caution and responsible behavior at all times. On the picture you can see the stunning Brimketill pond at the ocean side, in a calm and sunny weather. Swipe to the right 👉🏻 to see it’s other face, in rough conditions #icelandicpledge


Just another day in the Reykjavik bay - Humpback whales 🐋 patrolling the waters 😀 📸 by @specialtours


The healing waters 💦. One of Iceland’s most iconic places doesn’t only offer stunning views and rejuvenating soak, the silica and algae present in the geothermal water can treat various skin conditions. Body and soul treatment, all in one place - Iceland 🇮🇸 😍 📸 by @whereisweatherby


Iceland’s passion for handball started almost a 100 years ago and today 3% of our population plays that sport. You might wonder why? To be honest, Icelanders just love sports. Ever since we won silver medal at the 2008 Olympics, there was no turning back. Plus, Handball is a fast and extremely dynamic sport, where a player can take up to three steps without dribbling. And the goals just keep flying in! Men’s World Championship in Handball just started and Iceland is playing today it’s first match! Iceland is the smallest nation to qualify for the championship and now we strive to have the biggest fan base out there- so join our team- join Team Iceland! #TeamIceland 📸 by @rvkevents ( for @hsi_iceland )


Good things never get old - the majestic Skógafoss shines at all times 🤩 📸 by @alex_stead


New year’s resolutions are often about doing something that we did not manage to accomplish in the year before or didn’t have the courage to pursue. How many of you out there want to visit your dream destination this year or want to go out and experience something exciting? Starting to plan your new adventures today is always a good idea 🧭 🧳 #inspiredbyiceland


Nature has its ways of orchestrating unique moments, only to be experienced for a short while, never to present themselves in the same way again #inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @alex.mazurov


The turf farmhouse of Glaumbær reaches all the way back to the Settlement time and has since been restored and rebuilt to preserve its heritage. The farmhouse of today consists od walls built with stones and pieces of turf layered up in a herringbone pattern, with long turf strips between the layers. This type of architecture is impressively durable 👌 #inspiredbyiceland


We are getting ready to say farewell to 2018 and welcome the new year 2019 with arms and hearts wide open! In Reykjavik the tradition is to celebrate that moment by gathering around bonfires that are set up around the city for the occasion. What a special time! Gleðilegt nýtt ár - Happy new year everyone!! 🎉🥳 Beautiful 📸 by @visitreykjavik


Icelandic horses have a wonderful personality, making it easy, even for first-time riders, to feel comfortable. They are gentle yet powerful, and they add a certain wow factor to the Icelandic landscape 😍🐴😍 📸 by @helloemilie for @horsesoficeland


There are approximately 350 churches in Iceland adding that cultural and heritage background to even the most remote places in Iceland. Every area of the country has some really unique churches, old and new. And what caused that? Highway 1 was opened first in 1974 and with unbridged rivers and mountains cutting places off from neighboring areas each rural district had to built its own church ⛪️ 😇#inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @siggisvansson