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@luc.schweizer When we arrived at the camping spot the night before, the Matterhorn was completely covered in fog. So we where very happy when we could watch how the sun lights up the peak.


@danieljnail Can’t wait for this weather again // By @danieljnail


@kacozi 📷🌟:@josephlulu "It always seems impossible until it is done."


@dpc_photography_ On the road this week and next 👌🏻🍁🍂 // Who would you take with you?


@svmtaylor Alberta 🏔 Here’s a snippet of some of the adventures we went on this week! Song: @verzachemane - Waiting For U ft. Swell What do you guys think?


@codycm Make your life a story worth telling.


@danieljnail Memories are important even if the people you make them with aren’t always there forever. You need to make them and experience life. I don’t regret my mistakes in life because I know in the end they’ve helped create who I am today. I can only keep moving forward, trust in that and continue to make the best memories possible. // Photo by @danieljnail


@kopernikk How adorable is this? 🍁🐺🖤


@juliette.orlans Hapiness therapy 🌿


@fineaspintilie One year rolls into the next, our lives change, people change and move on... but some things forever remain the same. Always a heartwarming experience flying back to the picturesque country town of Gympie where I grew up!


@davidmrule The Potash Mine of Moab looks like some sort of crazy alien lake on Mars. Here, they pump water deep into the ground to absorb potash ore. It’s then moved to these evaporation ponds where water is removed and potassium containing salts are left behind and collected for use in fertilizer. In addition to salts, epic aerial sizzlers can be harvested here. Anyways, I’m currently on a train headed to the Dolomites, and I couldn’t be more stoked for this next week. ✌️


@svmtaylor Go against the flow and follow your own path by @svmtaylor