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Eminently specifiable, breathtakingly beautiful, and wonderfully consistent, Treefrog Open makes @chemetal.treefrog.interiorarts an even more complete collection of pre-finished real wood veneer laminates. The HiP Award at NeoCon–winner adds new choices in walnut, white, and grey oak.


Silver-screen glamour pervades the Hollywood Roosevelt's sister property, the @themacauroosevelt, which also happens to be the first ground-up hotel by @gullajonsdottir. A 12-story glass tower, the newcomer even boasts a suite called the Marilyn Penthouse, as in Monroe. Alongside the Hollywood moments, however, other references add nuance. Witness the nods to the island’s Portuguese colonial history, to traditional Chinese art, and—a common denominator for Jónsdóttir’s hospitality projects—to elements from nature. “Ties to the Portuguese style can be seen in the eclectic flooring materials,” she says, pointing out the lobby’s teak and a restaurant’s concrete tile. Meanwhile, bronze appears throughout, from the reception desk’s undulating front to the 368 guest rooms and suites’ focal walls, debossed with patterns resembling abstracted enlargements of leaves that might be found on an ancient Chinese scroll. Moving from natural imagery to live plants, an upside-down garden descends through an organically meandering aperture in the teak strips of the 40-foot ceiling in the lobby. “I always try to incorporate curves to make people feel more embraced,” she continues. Outdoors, facing the South China Sea, the swimming pool derives its shape from the lotus blossom, and the teak platform crossing the water mimics a lotus petal. 📸 by @kellypuleio. @sandow


Regram @intdeshomes . . . History can loom large, especially in Paris. For @sophiedriesarchitect, the renovation of actress and filmmaker @zoe_thebear's apartment in a hôtel particulier meant respecting the 17th-century space while adding contemporary touches. Original oak beams and terra-cotta floor tiles were preserved and restored. To complement them, Dries mixed in vintage items, custom furniture, and unique objects from the client’s trips to Madagascar, Morocco, and Afghanistan. She then inserted a long birch-plywood bookshelf and bench, inspired by Donald Judd’s furniture. Sol LeWitt drawings rest atop it. Nearby, vintage Scandinavian chairs pull up to a 1960’s French table. Since the client crisscrosses the globe working on projects, it’s appropriate that different interests and periods converge in her home. 📸 by @stephanjulliard. #homes #IDhomes


When redesigning the Ormond College Library in Victoria, Australia, @mcglashaneverist channeled reading room domes and stripped the interior to expose a geometric steel truss forming the roof structure. 📸 by @peterclarkephoto. @sandow


@brownjordan1945 is where beauty meets exceptional design. Join The List at the link in our profile to learn about new Brown Jordan product collections and more. #brownjordan #design


@danielarsham is a master manipulator. The @snarkitecture co-founder masterminds large-scale installations that distort perceptions of space and architecture, a practice originating from his college years at @thecooperunion. But when not directing his firm, Arsham maintains his own artistic practice characterized by simple yet paradoxical gestures toward preconceived notions of what architecture should be. Such structural experiments run the gamut from crumbling walls to decaying cultural artifacts. Take “3018,” his solo exhibition at @galerieperrotin in New York., open through October 21. Two crumbling vehicles, each an easily recognizable icon of pop culture, occupy the gallery’s ground level. Arsham rendered each in crystal, and volcanic ash, pyrite crystal, selenite, and quartz appear where mechanical components should be. Other works on display, he quips, “make architecture do things it isn’t supposed to do.” This year may be Arsham’s most action-packed. "3018" closely follows “Fun House,” a Snarkitecture retrospective at the @nationalbuildingmuseum, and the release of the firm’s monograph. This fall, he’s launching his own book through @rizzolibooks and designing an exclusive sneaker for @adidas. Text by @ryanwaddoups, 📸 by @guillaume.ziccarelli. @sandow


From inspiration to installation! See how sketches of @carnegiefabrics’s Xorel Artform panels come to life. Get the look you want through customizing the standard product. #xorelartform #xorel #carnegiefabrics #custom


With large-scale renovation projects, briefs can be tricky—it’s not the easiest feat to carve out a fresh new vision comprehensively complementary to existing bone structure. Such was the challenge for the revival of @thescottresort in Scottsdale, Arizona, a resort formally known as Firesky Resort & Spa. “We were tasked with a significant modernization makeover, yet needed to preserve the original Spanish Revival–inspired architecture,” explains Greg Bradshaw, principal at @avroko, the architecture and interior design firm that spearheaded the 190,000-square-foot renovation project in the heart of Scottsdale’s Old Town district. To ease the transition between traditional architecture and 21st century fit-out in the 204 guest rooms and public areas—with three dining options, 14,500 square feet of indoor meeting space, spa, and two pools—AvroKO turned to the Modernism movement and the capital of a former Spanish colony: Havana. Custom rattan and wicker furnishings paired with wood accents create a warm, honey-hued backdrop for a design theme Bradshaw sums up as a “mash-up of Bauhaus'ian and Cuban details and layers” – think a Havana front porch with a splash of old-world glamour. Curved brass Bauhaus-inspired chandeliers are paired with rattan settees and, as an unexpected standout feature, cane screens. Woven in fresh, amber-hued cane in a hexagonal design, these are used both as unexpected wall accents and spatial dividers throughout. 📸 by @tanveerbadal. @sandow


Aspecta One Ornamental LVT by @aspectaflooring features overlay designs inspired by exotic motifs that accent interior spaces with a rich diversity of color and textured looks.


Deep in the woods of Quebec, @appareilarchitecture designed a house and cabin that offer respite for clients seeking a serene escape. The two structures are clad in corrugated black-painted steel and are linked by raised cedar decking. Russian plywood clads the interior, which offers a natural frame for expansive views of the surrounding forest. 📸 by @michaudfelix. @sandow


Soaking up New York. Those four words defined our September 2017 issue and feel especially poignant as we reflect on the tragic events that permanently altered our skies on this day in 2001. Every year, we remember the New York of yesterday and honor 9/11’s nearly 3,000 victims. But we also remain steadfast in dreaming of a bigger, brighter, design-filled future for the City that Never Sleeps—and everything it embodies. Pictured here is the @1hotels Brooklyn Bridge, designed by, @marvelarchitects, and, who masterminded the rooftop pool backdropped by Lower Manhattan’s illustrious skyline. 📸 by Eric Laignel. @sandow


@inscapecorp: Reaching new heights with SkyRockIt™ technology! Both beautiful and functional, this height-adjustable option can be added to your bench at any time. #desk #officedesign #inscape #rockit #skyrockitbench #biophilia #moderndesign #partnership