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Uploaded to the cloud sounds like heaven




Sucks now that the city closed down the Hollyridge Trail so we had to rush up the Cahuenga Trail to catch sunset. Thanks to @radioclub.jp for making the hike with me. // @sonyalpha #AlphaCollective A7RIII #teampixel


First time I’m seeing my hometown from above. DTLA sunrise views w/ @anthelion.helicopters


Hope everyone is off to a great start. I realized that I only posted 70 times last year so this year...hoping I can share more content this year with more consistent themes and maybe more edits when I no longer have to work weekends. #whpresolutions2018 @sonyalpha #AlphaCollective A7RII 12mm 2.8


Hope you all have a safe and happy new year! I took this shot two years ago and it’s one of the scariest nights because it’s really slippery to walk on metal with dress shoes, and also my hands were gripping onto the drinks so hard after I set the self-timer (This was the first and only time I didn’t have the camera strapped onto my wrist and I was scared the camera was going to drop through the holes). Cheers to more crazy memories for 2018. PS, yes I don’t drink alcohol. #WHPresolutions2018 @sonyalpha #alphacollective A7RII 14mm 2.8


Happy Holidays! Since people have started sharing their top nines, I’ve decided to as well. Here goes...my top 9 ice cream flavors of 2017: * Pistachio * Mint chocolate chip * Cookies and cream * Yuzu * Cherry blossom * Green tea * Blue moon * Stracciatella * Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream What’s yours? See you in 2018


San Junipero // @sonyalpha #AlphaCollective A7RIII 24-70mm


Take Me Somewhere Nice - @mogwaiband . Inspired by visual by Ken Wong, we recreated a real-life version of it. Shot on @sonyalpha #AlphaCollective A7RII, model (@radioclub.jp) and bowl underwater. Goldfishes shot at PetSmart 🐠🐠🐠


Who’s down for some shaved ice? @sonyalpha #AlphaCollective


In the middle of the night, in my dreams...You should see the things we do... #愛びぶ // @sonyalpha #alphacollective A7RII 24-70mm // Reimagined this classic location for #WHPclassic


Rendezvous point