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What a feeling of bliss. Coming to a place like this. Stepping out to see. Making you wonder. Who are we. This is to good. To just be. Something make believe. Listen carefully. And watch attentively. For all around you. Is telling you. There’s a Creator. For we are loved. More than. The grains of sand. Remember. You are loved. By Christ. Who died for. You and Me.


@luke.sky.watcher exploring rugged terrain carved by the elements. Views like this deserved to be taken in, slowly observing its distinct attributes, like a nice glass of wine 🍷


The beauty of the Sierras


Out exploring some of the best mountain scenery in the West, with the trusty Tacoma. Where did your travels take you for Labor Day 2018?! 📷: Canon 6D - 16-35 f/4, ISO 200, 35mm, F/4, 1/180.


As I turn another year older today, I like to reflect on the accomplishments in my life, as well as the new goals that I have in mind. Going to new places and taking a break from the mundane helps rejuvenate, and inspire. Cheers to “31” and what this year will bring!!🍻


The fun of traveling to the familiar places but finding something that you weren’t looking for at all, frees you from the mold of shooting the same shot you’ve seen countless others take. All it takes is your time, curiosity and creativity. This is what makes photography such fascinating art, seeing what others wouldn’t, from your perspective.


Nothing like summer beach trips 🏄‍♂️🏖and California burritos 🌯🤤.


A maze of golden colored, hills made of sand that are constantly being eroded, and shaped by the wind and rain. It’s quite amazing the way the Earth is constantly being shaped by the natural elements. . This particular area was once covered underwater, that was filled with aquatic life. Quite amazing landscapes the Southwest is filled with!


Sizzling on the desert road 😜


Can you spot @luke.sky.watcher ?! We had a few minutes of that nice golden light before it got buried in the clouds, by the most recent storm coming from Mexico. Has anyone else been to California’s largest state park before?


Just got back from my annual Eastern Sierra trip, and boy was it a blast. Found some new views and hot springs, but also revisited some classics. Here’s a view that never gets old. What’s your favorite location in the Eastern Sierras?


Times like these will always hold memories. You can never anticipate when the sky will put on a show, but when it does, it pays to have a camera handy with a little creativity. In frame was my dad, as we came back from a camping trip this past weekend, soaking up the 360 degree burner 😱


Coming to Golden Gate Bridge, I knew it would be a hit or a miss for good conditions, but never knew it would come through like this. Definitely stoked on making the trek up here! Never know unless you go 🤙


Utah, has some extremely fascinating sandstone monoliths. This one in particular stood out in the area, and we were even treated with a sunset as the evening progressed.


Valley of Fire never disappoints. Even had a chance to see some Big Horn Sheep 🐑 😀


Yes, this tree tunnel was just as epic in person as in photos. Well worth the visit 🤙


To many places to be explored in one’s lifetime. Glad I was able to experience this place first hand, and the sheer drop below this arch. It’s an absolutely stunning arch when viewed from this perspective.


Exploring these canyons with my brother @luke.sky.watcher , and friend @everchanginghorizon was something I’ll never forget. Seeing the enchanted blue water flow through the orange walled gorge of this section of the Grand Canyon was simply mind blowing. 📸: @luke.sky.watcher