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Special Effects | Cosmetology| Bookings | IvorySuicide@gmail.com There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man 🖤Eric


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💖Fighting crime, trying to slay the world 🌎 💗💙💚 here’s my version of bubbles from Power Puff Girls 💅🏻💖 Makeup 💄 @jeffreestarcosmetics #thirstypalette using submerge and splash with lashes from @velourlashesofficial and @fentybeauty for my face Shot by @hecturtle


Chill out, what ya yellin 4?


Sometimes I cannot take this place Sometimes it's my life I can taste.


Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? ...


I'm here, to remind you Of the mess you left when you went away.


Here are film photos :) taken outside in natural light 💡 and here are some statistics provided by the UMKC The more women and girls watch television or look at magazines full of unattainable and idealize images of women created by “photoshopping”, the more anxious and insecure about their appearance they become. The pressure to attain the “perfect body” has women now spending millions of dollars a year on unnecessary plastic surgery and harming their bodies by becoming anorexic,dysmorphic and ill. In recent years, researchers have tried to understand the determinants of body image disturbance among young women. High exposure to media has been shown to have a large impact on women’s self-esteem in western societies. Nowadays, with the use of Photoshop, women have been tricked into thinking that flawless beauty does exist. But in reality, this type of perfection is simply unattainable. Even celebrities have imperfections, but that’s not what we often see in the magazines. I want the girls who follow me who are so young and smol to understand that you can achieve a beautiful healthy body and soul by putting in good foods and the efforts to keep ur health and well being maintained ! Nothing happens over night and Nothing is worth harming yourself. I love you all and your all so beautiful to me , no matter what you have done to ur appearance to modify it Just know that youre beautiful the way you are, and diversity is what makes us human.


Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. 🌿🦔


What disney character reminds you of me ?


“Trick or Treat “ 🎃 Have a spooky and smokey Halloween 👻with @2020.hiieffect Pre rolled Cannabis #halloween #halloweed Video- tragic.vision


Hair - Me Makeup- You guessed it! Me Wearing @fentybeauty pro filter foundation color 130 and Contour with Match stix @babycocolash for fluffy lashes @anastasiabeverlyhills for the brows @katvondbeauty for the eyes and lips 👀 and lastly @avkinder for this amazing photo! have a glam sunday babes


Wearing this super cute one piece by @thecobrashop Photo by @avkinder I love it 😍 Ps I am very smol I know :) and It’s okie !


H4CK1NG the mainframe 📡