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here I am in the Spring just before a big rainstorm and viewing some amazing art at @metropolitanmuseum these two photos are pretty significant to me, this is a day I decided not to look in reflective surface or camera at myself. it seems weird to not look at yourself but on this day in specific I decided to take in everything around me and avoid looking at myself at all cost upon waking up I let my imagination decide what I thought of myself and I did this to help strengthen myself view the only things I would do to reflect how I looked to others was to receive these two Polaroids from someone selling them in Central Park and another person who is a character artist, decided to see with the outside world viewed me as compared to my internal View although the sketch came out looking essentially the same as me it only confirmed that myself view was strongly accurate. sometimes we internally look at ourselves a different way than the outside world sees us and sometimes we perceive ourselves to appear differently then we naturally are, it’s essential to build up a strong sense of who you are and how you feel and what you look like in order to build confidence not allowing myself to view what I looked like I didn’t spend my new amount of time obsessing over my hair or the way my T-shirt looked I simply got up and left. The best concealer is confidence, I enjoyed this day very much and towards the end I found myself opening my mind and experimenting with some psychedelics and taking a stroll in the park genuinely enjoying the world around me. Ps I’m not condoning the use of psychedelics to those who are not ready or can cause harm to themselves. I use them to broaden my perspective on life and not to “find myself” taking too many psychedelics is dangerous and it’s the equivalent of panning for gold in the subconscious the point here is, You are beautiful how you perceive the world may not allow you to see the beauty in the world, some people live in the dark but if u open the curtains you can see the light 💡


Hello everyone it’s me 👋🏻🧘‍♀️ here to announce that I will be returning to YouTube 🎊📽 once again to provide you all with some make up tutorials 💄 as well as new stuff coming to my channel🤭 I wanted to take a minute and apologize for my absence I have been working out the kinks of how the Internet works 💻🎥and taking my time to really cultivate the best content for you all 💝I just wanted to also add in that I am in finals week 📃🗓📚 but will soon be done ✅ 💒 this is the pinkest of pinks I have ever worn on my eyes Major sparkle action serving you @jeffreestar realness ✨🦄 and to top it all off, i’m wearing some amazingly comfortable and very soft lightweight eyelashes🎆 they’re handmade which means they were made with love 💗 and craftsmanship🎀 If you would like to get fluffy,fleeky,falsies made by a babe then head over to @babycocolash #cocopose #princesslashes #babycoco


Hello my flowers 💐, I don’t know if you noticed but I have a very small stone on my necklace. This stone is called Sodalite, and is believed to hold metaphysical properties 🔮 It brings order and calmness to the mind.🧠It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with verbalisation of feelings 🗣.Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks 💆‍♀️💙. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. ✅ Sodalite is also said to balance the metabolism, boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies😊♥️👌🏻Sodalite treats the throat, 👄vocal cords, larynx and helps with hoarseness 🐎and digestive 🍎disorders. ❄️It cools fevers, lowers blood pressure📍 and stimulates the absorption of body fluids💧. Sodalite can also help to prevent insomnia.😴💤 do you suffer from any of these? you should consider acquiring genuine sodalite allow yourself to hold it for 5 to 10 minutes in peace and quiet,meditate and allow your energies to balance out throughout the day. ☮️🙏♥️


Sometimes you need to remove the veil to see what path is in front of you. Our full potential is right in front of us, happines is behind a closed door which we have yet to open,we are blocking ourselves and restricting ourselves from true happiness and abundance. Holding back and saying things like I can’t or I don’t deserve this are what hinder you from acquiring the necessary tools to fully ascend to your highest potential and live on your highest vibrational plane. when you can fully transcend yourself away from the confinements and restrictions you set for yourself then you can take any path you choose in life. You should never have to worry or second-guess that other people are watching and judging you, privacy is not secrecy and should not be seen as malicious or selfish when you choose to live a private life. what you work on in your own privacy is your own, your goals what you truly want to achieve are your own. sometimes it is hard to have peace when you have an unavoidably public life and are placed under a microscope constantly, it wants to make us hide and shy away but it’s only self-destructive to assume that you your self are selfish or malicious because you choose to show less of your life. my house was not made of glass when I built it but it is now and if you choose to view it you are free to but you only see what I choose to show you and that’s OK and you should also adopt this practice peace of mind comes from privacy and the quiet of the outside world


Your home should be your sanctuary, a place for you to retreat from the world and feel at ease. 🧘‍♀️ 🌎 Your home is really your ‘birthing place’, 🍼 it is where you should feel grounded and centered in order for you to create, inspire and grow. 🎨 🌸 Often times however, the home may not feel this way. You may have a constant flow of negative people and energies,🚫whatever the situation in your life currently is you can always work on filling your home/workspaces with an abundance of positive energy. 🕉consider purchasing plants 🌿or bringing more light ☀️into where you are certain colors like blue 💙have a calming affect on people wear as red’s can cause someone to become angry or stressed. 💔adding photos of happy memories to your walls can help 🖼you greatly! filling your home with positive energy can really help you to raise your vibration and help you along your path of purpose 🔮


In case you all missed it yesterday, @nasa took one leap closer into the future.Mars Interior is being explored using seismic Investigations, geodesy and heat transport. The mission is a 300-million-mile trip to Mars to study for the first time what lies deep beneath the surface of the Red Planet 👽✌️🌅🛸🚀 Side note if you want to comment rudely on my photo accusing me of being just another girl on Instagram posting about something she doesn’t know about then you can go and look through my extensive Collection of Carl Sagan books 📚


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last night I was very fortunate to be in the presence of one of my favorite artists and spiritual guides @alexgreycosm The full moon gathering was an amazing collection of live music,live paintings,fire dancing and a deeply spiritual speech followed by affirmations of those attending. I feel very fortunate to have had this fun road trip with amazing friends up to an amazing place of art and worship. ps the mushroom cafe is SOOOO yummy! can’t wait until the next 🌕 Full moon !


thank you 1 million times for this beautiful rose quartz @sugartattoos The sweetest Bean 💗💕💗 this is an awesome addition to the collection of crystals that I have growing on my arm I’ll probably be putting up a video for you all out there who want to know more about the tattoos I have and what they mean keep an eye out for the video ✨✨✨✨


So leave yourself intact because I will be coming back, And in a phrase to cut these lips, I love you.


Casual game of spin the bottle with my european homies. @suicidegirls #suicidegirls


Where would you like to travel ? 🌏