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Child of God | Breelyn’s Dada |Twitter: JalenRamsey | For Business Inquiries reach: @DavidMulugheta


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I don’t endorse coconut water pretending to be a sports drink. @BioSteelSports is the stuff really coming out of the pro athletes’ bottles and there isn’t anything better. You got all these big brands giving away stuff for free, while the best teams in the world actually pay for BioSteel. To the parents out there looking for a sports drink, it’s natural, has no sugar and actually works. #ItsJustTheTruth


👑 2.0... you can judge me but you can’t stop my shine! I know that make em mad 🙏🏾 #ThankGod #Season3


HAPPY NEW YEAR! May God bless us all!


We chillin bringing the New Year in.2018 been the best year of my life. I made a ton of mistakes, I learned from em all... Most importantly to me, I grew more than ever with & for the people I love most. I thank God for it all. More blessings and more JOY in 2019 I’m claiming it! 🙏🏾 #AintSmilingButImHappyTho #HappyNewYear


#TBT in tha 1of1 Dap... @dapperdanharlem got me right! Stay tuned 👀


Like I said, I’m competitive and give it my all. That’s why I drink the best. Code: BoxingWeek gets you 26% off at BioSteel.com all week. #TeamBioSteel @BioSteelSports


Thank you @academy for helping me surprise these kids with 🚲... Merry Christmas Eve to all & God bless!


Major Blessed -2.0