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💜 #Mission12 2019 12 Month Mastermind = Made For THOUGHT LEADERS like you who have an ESTABLISHED message, ESTABLISHED voice, ESTABLISHED fanbase, ESTABLISHED offerings, ESTABLISHED marketing (size doesn’t count here), and ready to ELEVATE, EXPLODE & EVOLE your PERSONAL Brand, PLATFORMS & PICK Up the PACE. Make no mistake this is about building BIG Beliefs, taking BIG Action & getting BIG Results in business & life as one. 📸 branding pic by #Mission12er herself @paula_ivy_ 📸 That’s what we do in Mission12 we support each other and raise each other up - BTW = Message me for more details


💜 IDENTITY = who are you? What’s the energy you express by the way you choose to dress... is that in sync with who you’re becoming or who you’ve been? Have you noticed every quarter I create a new wardrobe base to reflect the identity I’m intentionally stepping into for the next chapter! Last quarter was a haul from @lornajaneactive this quarter is a haul from @treeoflife_love #identity #purplepreneur #purple


💜 When your kids Love each other it’s one of the most beautiful loves to witness 💜 📸 @paula_ivy_ 📸 follow @sisterdoeshair & @amaliplus5 to see what these kids create online 😍💜📸


💜 Family Christmas Movie Night Feast 🥘 You’d think I made this spread for guests, but this only just fed our party of 5. @janakingsford , @mark_j_k @sisterdoeshair @tjaysprings & Mason Family Christmas Movie List = 🚂 Polar Express 😱 & The Grinch ✅ 🎄We are all about Christmas memories, experiences & spirit this year vs decorations, shopping and stress... (like every year since becoming #minimalists) Last weekend we made Gingerbread Houses... I’ll post a pic in the comments... it was not pretty! Love Jana xx


💜 #Resetyourmind Because every time I set my mind I think it’s done and then it’s not done… WHY? Because you’re not consistently resetting, recalibrating and re-deciding To do the things that you were called to do After you wanted to do, intended to do, and you’re not realising that every single day… everyday. On the way to that big dream is another chance for you to choose to reconnect to it and reset yourself with that BIG DREAM. And that decision is going to come up every single day of your BIG DREAMS CHASE. You’re going to be called daily to reset, recalibrate and remember what you want, why you’re doing it and what you’re here for. 💜 Love Jana xx Big Dreams Alchemist Bachelor of Communications PR I made it my business (literally) to help you achieve your BIG DREAMS Chief #BigDreamer


💜 "You're not given a BIG DREAM without the ABILITY to ACHIEVE it" I started saying this years ago. After quitting my J.O.B to be a Stay At Home Mum + Bring Home My Own Bacon (or Kale, whatever you're into) and achieve my Big Dreams of being a writer for a living. This was years before I ever thought what I do now, was even remotely within the realms of possibility. In 2006 to say that I would be a Social Media Creator, getting paid to Write and Speak and say stuff I would harass and annoy my friends with to no end. You guys think you don't know where to start online... back then, there was no FB... I mean at least not what it is now. MySpace wasn't even around. And people were definitely not making money from it. I worked my ass off for 5 years getting a Bachelor of Communications (did I mention with a heap of kids) with no CLUE what I would do with this degree. Just knowing and holding good faith, that one day I would use this accomplishment as my calling card that you literally can do whatever you set your mind to, and if you're given a BIG DREAM it's kinda your DUTY to go and achieve it, it's like a universal contrast for the evolution to your greater purpose, but we can leave that bigger convo for another day. Bottom line, I had no idea, I'd be sitting here making money from not just my writing, but my motivational speaking. It's gone through hundreds of iterations over the decade, but at the end of the day the BIG DREAM was simple. Get paid to WRITE + have a DOPE AF lifestyle. Next year I celebrate 13 years without a J.O.B. So I'm here to tell you, as living, breathing, walking proof. No matter what you're up against, no matter what you're going and growing through. We gots you and we know you're meant for bigger things than what you're currently giving yourself credit for. And like I said. If you DREAMT it - TAG YOU'RE IT! 💜 Love Jana xx Big Dreams Alchemist Bachelor of Communications PR I made it my business (literally) to help you achieve your BIG DREAMS Chief #bigdreamer #Janaism #Dreamspo #QOTD


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