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Photographer & storyteller Brisbane, Australia. info@jasoncharleshill.com


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Sunlight makes its way over the surrounding Peaks of Machu Picchu... @peru #peru


In the shadow of giants. Mountain landscapes while on the trail in the Cordillera Blanca, @peru #peru


On the shores of Laguna 69. At over 15,000ft and surrounded by peaks in excess of 22,000ft this has to be one of the most intense shades of blue I think I’ve ever seen. @peru #peru


First light over the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Arriving into the valley into complete darkness the night before I was filled anticipation on finally getting the chance to visit and learn more about this incredibly important site in human history. Nothing could have prepared me for how powerful this place is and as the sun rose over the distant peaks and lit up ruins of the city it was truely a magical moment in time ill keep with me forever. @peru #peru


Last month I embarked on a life changing journey across Peru. As each day went on it was evident that this country would leave a lasting impression on me with its diverse landscapes, wild spaces and most of all it’s incredible people. I’d thought I’d start by sharing an image from a breathless hike to this lake at 4600m surrounded by 6000m peaks, some of the tallest peaks outside the Himalaya. Fed by glacier, this lake was one of the most vibrant bodies of water I’ve ever seen.. @peru #Peru


Navigating through the spring melt somewhere on the South Island....


Wild, intimidating yet ever so fragile & delicate. Remnants of glacier ice on its final journey... Swipe for full image.


The dark side of the moon... Navigating through Endless volcanic fields on the road in Northern Iceland. @inspiredbyiceland #inspiredbyiceland


The journey into the centre of the earth... The wild volcanic world of Northern Iceland. @inspiredbyiceland #inspiredbyiceland