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Dad, Comedian, New hour special "Me Being Me" available at jaylarsoncomedy.com @jaylarsoncomedy on Twitter. Co-host of The #CrabFeast podcast 👇🏻


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Always cool to know the press respects you. ✊


I made some PSA’s with @justsayinpsa about how we should slow down our plastic water bottle use. They’re fun, and informative. Super easy to bring a reusable water bottle. 80% of plastic never gets recycled and 40% of our oceans are covered with it. Do our future a favor and try your best to use a reusable water bottle! Thanks! #justsayin


Threw this little joint desk/craft spot together for the kids. They color like crazy so now they have a spot for all their coloring books (middle) and they each get two shelves for their favorite books and other stuff. I always love having a desk, ever since I saw my grandfathers desks. And now they each have their first!


These are 1/3 of the kids books in this house! Every time I try to slim them down they say, “That’s my favorite” and then we read for 3 hours! #Donatetime


Buckets, shovels and Los Angeles weather! Day after thanksgiving is pretty perfect with @realkatelarson and our two monsters!


Sue loves her weather like the interior temp of her meatballs...cold! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Holler if you use your kids play kitchen utensils as actual real kitchen utensils! #thanksgiving


You have one thing to do today! Go buy @ryansickler new album #getaholdofyourself He is a great story teller and this album is hilarious! I love him like a brother and am so stoked for you all to hear this! Link is in my bio! Enjoy!!!


I can’t recommend this movie enough. So amazing. It’s uplifting, sad, beautiful, disturbing, inspiring and had me wanting nothing more than to be home with my family. Give it a watch!


Stoked for @ianedwardscomic and @allthingscomedy go to this!!! #Repost @ianedwardscomic with @get_repost ・・・ Excited to announce on December 11th I'll be taping my 1st comedy special. Christmas Day is gonna have to step up it's game. Its for @comedycentral in Long Beach, California at The Beverly O'Neill Theater. Bill Burr Presents: 2 tapings at 7:30 & 9:30. @wilfredburr & @brodyismefriend will open the shows. For FREE tickets email SARAH@MELLOCOMEDIC.COM. Or click link in bio #atcspecials #billburrpresents #ianedwards


When your brother (@adamnco) oversees the design of a hotel you get an early VIP preview. The @revolution_hotel is gonna be dope. He designed the rugs, wall paper, etc. such a great project combining Boston history with a fresh look! Can’t wait to stay here!


My friends are lucky to have me! Right @francurran2003


Get out and vote! #keepdaylightsavings


Final leg of the #MostlyCrowdWork tour starts Wednesday! Philly, DC, Brooklyn, Boston, Portsmouth! Get tix if you don’t got em! Link in Bio.


Ticket Linknin Bio! #Repost @nycomedyfest with @get_repost ・・・ Before @jaylarsoncomedy hits the stage at @unionhallny with @DanSoder and @AriShaffir on 11/9, listen to him tell one of his favorite NY stories. #MakeNYLaugh


Tune in to @andersoncooper Full Circle on Facebook Live at 3:30 to to the Sweetest of the Sweet!!! My niece Julia, AKA the “Sweet Bird” will be featured along with her amazing Halloween costume! Can’t even express how much pride this girl fills me with! How does a girl who can’t walk or talk get all the way to @cnn ? By being THE SWEETEST! That’s how! Go get em Julia!!! #Sweetbird #NotoriousRBG