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Dad, Comedian, New hour special "Me Being Me" available at jaylarsoncomedy.com @jaylarsoncomedy on Twitter. Co-host of The #CrabFeast podcast 👇🏻


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Bay Area! Tonight, @thenewparish at 7:00! #MostlyCrowdWork


#MostlyCrowdWork tour in full effect. Tonight Petaluma, tomorrow Oakland, and soon, Houston, Denver, Philly, DC, Brooklyn and BOSTON! And more! Tag a friend who should come, link in bio.


Boston! Atlanta! Ticket links now live! Go get your tickets! Also #allsquaremovie is now available on @itunes


So proud to be a part of this movie! Comes out tomorrow in select cities! And available on iTunes! You will not be disappointed! #allsquaremovie


My Portland hideaway.


Found this assembly on the couch, looks like something big is brewing!


I’m not into foot shaming but this one was like, “Sup playa”?!!! I mean this #4 toe is straight trying to make a run for it. This toe is the Bobby Brown of New Edition, Straight going solo! At first I was like, “really barefoot on the elevator”? And then I was like, “yeah, that toe sitch must make shoes an issue” if I’m the toe keeper here I get that broken and reset. That toe is a liability, I’d do that toe how they did Jack Nicholson in “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”! And last but not least, “Good for you lady! Show that thing off! That high-jumpin Olympic toe”! If you got it, show it!


@tedalexandro is hands down one of my favorite comedians! So what else would I be doing today but watching his new special, #seniorclassofearth on @allthingscomedy go get this today and thank me later! It’s available at atcspecials.com love him to death!


New family rule. If you’re gonna look better than me on the red carpet you won’t be invited next time! So much fun to finally see @allsquaremovie and so proud of @realmichaelkelly @johnhyams and @timothygbrady for making such a solid film and making me look good! Can’t wait for you all to see! #cultclassic


Chicago! 8:30 Show is SOLD OUT! There will be some walk up tickets available. 10:00 tix available! Link in bio! Come hang!!!


The Larsons are wearing yellow for Microcephaly awareness day, in honor of our sweet niece and cousin Julia!!! Microcephaly is a genetic disorder Julia has had from birth. We are so lucky to have her in our life! Its amazing how someone who can’t walk or talk can teach us so much about love, life and laughter. Hearing her laugh with my kids is easily one of the greatest sounds in the world. She doesn’t have the nickname of Sweet Bird by accident. She IS the sweetest! We love you Sweet Bird! 💛💛💛#microselfie #microcephalyawarenessday #microcephaly @jaylarsoncomedy @ltalbot15 @christian.talbot #parkerleeproject


Hey Chicago! Second show added 10/5 10:00 at @atnorthbar get to tix! Link in bio!!!


Off the road and back to Dad life! Packing fall color themed lunches today! P.S. my wife and it’s favorite pastime is seeing what they ate at the end of the day and what they left behind. And the ultimate is if some piece of food just had a tiny bite taken out of it where there tiny mouths were!!! The second pic is a tiny bite one took off an apple. 🍏


Thanks Colorado! See you again Oct 28th at The Bug Theater. -#MostlyCrowdWork


Tonight! Longmont Colorado! Excited to be back in the “Sunshine state!”


Happy Anniversary to my #1! @realkatelarson I’d probably be living in a tent somewhere without you! #8years


Indiana! I’m coming to Fort Wayne with @letscomedyftw and @aaronputnamcomedy on 10/6! Heard nothing but great things about FW and am stoked to add this show! Ticket link in my bio!


Tulsa! I’m coming to @duetjazz 11/15 get yo tickets! Link in Bio!