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Newbie Power-builder🏋🏾 I lift so that I can eat junk food and party😋🍕🍩🍺🍹 (and look good😉) Fitness • Food • Travel

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When I try to smile so many times and then just give up #humpday 📸: @10hana


In that moment theres nothing else... once you’ve made the decision, its just you, your muscles and the bar.... Lift that shit or die trying #transformyourbody


Upper chest.... definitely one of those lagging bodyparts. Since I know this is my weakness, I make sure to focus on it... • • • Doing it one arm at a time allows me to focus on it and really get that squeeze and burn💪🏾💪🏾 try it out and see if you still have upper chest amnesia😊


No looking BACK in 2018😉💪🏾 #backday #kizentraining


Thought of those days where my priority was the gym before anything but sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do😉😂 #throwbackthursday


I refuse to give up on my calves! Haha but for now I’m definitely #teamnocalves 😂😂


Why? • • • • Why bother doing something that is hard, that is not easy, that involves you putting yourself out of your comfort zone? Is there really a good enough reason to stop being comfortable where we are? • • • • We really gotta find our “Why”. Be it something simple like trying to impress someone you’re attracted to, to serious life threatening reasons... If you have a why and its strong enough... your efforts in the gym surely won’t falter. • • • • My why is that I gain confidence from my body. If I look a certain way that is far from my best, my confidence and self-esteem too are far from my best! Plus I wanna see something in the mirror that I’m proud of:) What’s your why? Comment 👇🏾 and let me know☺️


The deeper I get into this cut, the heavier and tougher my programming is getting #squat • • • In order to preserve as much muscle as possible, it is important to include heavy weights and enough volume in your workouts to give your body a reason to burn fats and not muscle. Yeah the body isn’t going to start burning muscle immediately, but get to a low enough body fat percentage and your body switches gears... its not made to look good, its made to survive, we are the ones who have to manipulate it to look good😊😏💪🏾


Gotta hit that lower chest💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 #chestday • • • During my workout split, I always add in 1/2 exercises to target my weak points. As long as I’m real with myself about my weaknesses I can look in the mirror and identify them... Sometimes it stings when others criticize you for your weaknesses, especially when you never even asked them! 🙄So the way I fight against that is, I try to identify them myself so that when others point them out to me, I’m like, “Oh yeah I already know about that, dun worry”


#throwbackthursday 😊 travelling in Lund more than a year ago, glad that this is one of the good memories of exhchange that has stuck with me:) #noregrets 📸: @nataliehoqm


First time I’ve ever done this much volume (135KG X 4 reps X 5 sets).... My back was screaming😵 after that, maybe its time to invest in a weight belt?😂 • • • On a side note the reason I’m doing more volume with heavy weights now is that its one of the best ways to maintain muscle mass while on a cut! Hopefully this strategy works really well for you as well!:) Let’s exceed ourselves in 2018😂😂 (stole my school’s track motto😉) #bodyunderconstruction


First Workout of the year... DONE. And yes it IS raining outside • • • Trying something new with different angles, haha waddaya think? Is it 👍🏾 or 👎🏾? Let me know in the comments 👇🏾😂😂 • • • Lets break some RULLLEEES😊😂😁 #2018isouryear


Ushering in 2018 with an epic cheat meal! I’m not planning to count calories for this one... I think its going to take the whole day for me to eat that up😱 #cheatday #physiquedestroyer Diet starts on Tuesday😉


Last workout for the year of 2017! Can’t wait to enjoy the last day tonight and welcome in the new year😊😊 (squat depth is the only impt thing online right?😂) • • • You shouldn’t need a new year to set new goals for yourself but thats what I did haha, hope to achieve more of what I want rather than more of what is “expected” • • • Lets break some RULLLEEES😊😂😁 #2018isouryear


When you realize u dun have to work for the rest of the year☺️(last night) #throwbackthursday


So did I make progress or no? Comment👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 • • • Its hard to tell because sometimes the mirror can deceive you. You so badly want to see improvement that you fool yourself into thinking that there is some. • • • But those of us who are in the game to become the strongest version of ourselves need to steel ourselves and face reality. Photos is one way, another way is the scale, and another way is body fat percentage. (Ofc there are variables) • • • Any progress in the right direction, no matter how small is still progress and no one can lsteal that. ONE is greater than ZERO. 1>0 #transformationtuesday


Back when my grandparents were here, I was sleeping on this mattress... Not that I’m complaining, but that mattress is thinner than me! Dunno whether its a win for my #gains or a lose for my #beautysleep 🤔😂


Barbell was unavailable... but ain’t nobody got time fo waiting! Did 25KGX4 with dumbbells instead to maintain intensity:) after all intensity IS that secret ingredient😉 #shoulderworkout