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EZ Reyes on Mayans MC Tuesday’s 10pm on FX


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This is already a great week! Excited for @richardcabralofficial Excited for @mayansfx I just want to send some love to my bro @claytoncardenas There’s so much to love about this guy. When he sees a a camera, his eyes don’t just look at it, his eyes make love to it 😂 No, but seriously, another amazing artist. He’s doing great things and will be the next to get a nom. Watch! Follow this guy! 🙏🏽👊🏽 #mayansmc #sonsofanarchy #soa


My #mcm goes out to this beautiful soul @richardcabralofficial We talk about the work, we love it, we live it, we sacrifice for it. This is just the beginning for you my friend. Thank you for your work on the Mayans MC. 🙏🏽 Now, everybody give this guy some love! ❤️👊🏽@mayansfx #mayansmc #sonsofanarchy #soa


A stare down with one of the most beautiful men these hazel eyes have ever seen. True story: @eldannypino and I worked together in the movie “ The Burning Plain.” I remember when the director told me that Danny was cast to play the older version of my character. I was so excited. I had no idea who he was or how he was as an actor. I just knew that the producers thought I was going to grow into looking like Danny. I don’t know what went wrong, but I can tell you he’s an incredible actor and an even better human. #fbf #mayansmc #sonsofanarchy #soa #growingthesearmsforclaytonsbigheadtoreston


At the gym working on my arms and overall strength so I can hold @claytoncardenas just like this. I have a feeling Mayans MC season 2 will be pretty intense. I’ll have to cradle my brother in my arms, look deep in his eyes, and let him know that everything will be a-okay. @mayansfx #mayansmc #soa #sonsofanarchy #igotyourbackbro


Thank you Milan, Italy and @fox_italia for the love and support for @mayansfx We hope you enjoy this first season! Now, back to the gym in preparation for Season 2! Styled by: @warrenalfiebaker #mayansmc #sonsofanarchy #soa #milan #italy #foxcircus


Here in Milan, Italy doing some press for @mayansfx Thank you @fox_italia for having me. And thank you @officially_pardo_love I don’t know how you grab some of this stuff before I do but I’ll take it. Mayans MC premieres in Italy December 6th. Hope you all love it! #mayansmc #sonsofanarchy #soa #foxcircus


Enjoy your Sunday y’all. @mayansfx #mayansmc #sonsofanarchy #soa #harleydavidson


Here are the sunglasses I wear for EZ Reyes on @mayansfx Thank you Claire Goldsmith @olivergoldsmithsunglasses for sending me a pair of the Glyn 1971 sunglasses! I wanted to wear something that had class and style for EZ Reyes. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your sunglasses. Thank you! 🙏🏽❤️ #mayansmc #soa #sonsofanarchy #ezreyes #sunglasses



With love. “The Reyes Brothers” @claytoncardenas @mayansfx #mayansmc #soa #sonsofanarchy