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↓ 70lbs • Ultimate weight loss goal is 100lbs gone • Whole30 Alumni (x4) • TRX + HIIT + Cardio • Always striving to be my healthiest happiest self 🌱

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Why yes, I did drag my man into Austin’s Wholefoods. And yes, I did geek out when I saw local ‘booch on their shelves. And lastly.. YES - I did ask him to take my photo with said ‘booch + I’ll never live it down 💁🏼‍♀️ 🛒 😍 # It was hard to choose but I got the ms pink [guava, mango, papaya & local honey] + texas blues [organic blueberries, lime, basil & agave] YUM.


Last night was my first night back from my quick little trip down to Texas. I WAS CRAVIG VEGGIES🤣 So my good friend and I whipped up this sheet pan meal and called it good. # -A huge sweet potato, two apples, brussels, squash, carrots and kielbasa sausage all tossed in balsamic + salt/pepper. Threw it in the oven for 425° for about 40ish minutes and E N J O Y😋 [Next time I make this, I’m going to add some cranberries or pomegranate seeds] Do you guys enjoy easy sheet pan meals too?!


And the ‘B E S T breakfast of my life’ award goes to.. 🥇 # Holy moly..this place is unreal. Many of you suggested stopping by @kerbeylanecafe and I’m so glad we did! I got the Texas Benedict [steak, poched egg, avo + pico over grilled corn bread] and also shared the pancake of the day, Elvis [bacon + banana pancake with peanut butter glaze]. Both dishes were definitely“don’t talk to me” good (🤣) and absolutely worth it😍❤️😋


Smiling because it’s Friday and dirty chai lattes are f*cking delicious 😍☕️❤️


Sisterhood (noun) : 1. Unity and friendship among women 2. Deep bond linked by common interests 3. A feeling of closeness, a community. «3 # Instagram + @WHOLE30 brought these wildly brilliant, tough as nails, inspiring women into my life. We really couldn’t be anymore different and I think that’s the super cool part of this whole thing - we are all on journeys to become healthier happier humans. And I’d say we are doing a pretty good job at that..if I do say so myself 🍂💛💛🍁


🍻 B E E R 🍻 a part of my food freedom forever! Having a blast exploring this awesome city with my beautiful (insta) friends. Cheers! Ps - we are going LIVE @ 7pm central tonight. Come hang out 😘


The bacon likely had sugar in it. The French toast was filled with gluten. The strawberries sure as heck weren’t organic. But my dad made it for me. I ate it and enjoyed every bite. 🤗✌🏼🤷🏼‍♀️And it was damn good, friends.


When F A V O R I T E S collide ✨👏🏼💫This seasonal @gtskombucha flavor alongside @perfectbar 😍❤️😛Damn good way to kick off this week! Wishing you all a happy Monday!


The differences between those two photos are not solely physical. The biggest differences are, in fact, absolutely internal. ——>>> I’m sure of myself now. I honor my strengths and I acknowledge my weaknesses. These days, I forgive myself when I fall short. I love myself relentlessly. I have stopped living for validation and started to live for myself. And damn..that is E N O U G H for me. It surely is.


Whole30 E A S Y. Hash browns, a couple eggs and a slice of prosciutto from @traderjoes. Not pictured- the biggest mug of black coffee 🤣


Desk views- - I was in Des Moines over the weekend and was able to swing by Trader Joe’s.😏 This morning I’ve got a pumpkin spice @rxbar, the green juice (my fav!) and inside my @healthyhumanlife some TJs cold brew with crushed iced. Happy Monday, dear friends! Let’s tackle our to-do lists and do it with a smile 💛😊🔆


Oktoberfest nearly broke my hand. Totally worth it.🍂🎃🍁


I couldn’t have said it any better 🌻


October 1st will always be a monumental date for me. See that girl? Back in 2016, she was pretty lost. She was tipping the scale at nearly 260 pounds, hated every ounce of herself and had once and for all decided she was fed up living in a body she no longer claimed as her own. # October 1st 2016 she dedicated herself to her first @whole30. It was also the day she created this Instagram with the handle “jennas_healthjourney” 👀😅🙈) # These past two years have transformed me in ways I truly never thought possible. Yes, I’ve lost some weight..but what I’ve realized is that’s it’s more about what I’ve gained. Through exercise, eating a whole nutritional food, and being KIND to myself I have gained a sense of who I am again. I’ve learned to love myself, even on the tough days. I have learned that I am the only one that can want this for me. I’ve learned the importance of being my own cheerleader. # I still have 30 [very stubborn] pounds to lose before I hit my goal of 100 pounds lost. This is my year. And I will get there..But today, I celebrate how far I’ve come. # Jenna October 2016 (swipe)—> Jenna Yesterday