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I’ve never been to the Midwest. And to be completely honest, it has never really been on my bucket list. I didn’t even know they had fall colors here... so when @everchanginghorizon told me he wanted to go photograph Michigan, I was pretty skeptical. Man was I wrong! Sooner or later I’m going to learn to trust Quin when he tells me he wants to go shoot somewhere. But until then, I’ll just continue to reluctantly travel to some of the most surprisingly beautiful places I’ve ever been. 😉🍁 - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


Getting some modeling lessons from one of the best in the game - @codathewoof. Seriously though, that face makes me smile every time. 🐶 - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


Sometimes I wonder if my future grandkids will look back at photos of me and wonder why I’m always all alone. I can just hear myself trying to explain Instagram, as they stare up at me with little confused faces. So I’m throwing this one in there just to prove that I had some friends. Even if I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I’d like! 😉 - Photo: @everchanginghorizon - Note: This is an old photo. This area is currently closed due to wildfire danger.


Photography wasn't the focus on this trip. Family was. For almost two weeks I hiked through the European Alps with my family this summer. It was something we had talked about doing for years, but life had other plans, and I never really thought it would happen anyway. Then, just when I'd almost forgotten about the whole idea, tickets were booked and it was happening. I don't know if it's the lack of service, the common struggle, or the sometimes long monotonous miles, but the trail has a way of bringing people together. I've learned a lot through travel, but perhaps the most unexpected lesson has been to not take family--however you chose to define your family--for granted. Without them, there is no home to go back to. - Shot on @sonyalpha a7rII, 70mm, ISO 100, f/11. #alphacollective


✨GIVEAWAY CLOSED✨ Last year I had the opportunity to spend a night at @AutoCamp Russian River. The property is nestled in the middle of northern California's redwoods, and as soon as I left I knew I would be back someday. Someday turned out to be sooner than I thought, and last weekend I found myself back at this magic place! While I always try my best to capture the essence of an experience through photos, there's nothing like the real thing! I’ve partnered with AutoCamp to give away a 2-night stay at the Russian River property so that you can experience it for yourselves! Check out their new location just outside of Yosemite National Park too! #Autocamp #AdventureSimplified - To enter: 1. Follow @autocamp & @jess.wandering 2. Tag a friend that you'd like to take along in the comments below! - Prize valid for Sun.-Thurs. stays only. Subject to availability, stay minimums, and blackout dates. Expires one year from contest ending. Winner must call to book their stay. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. - Photos: @everchanginghorizon


Life doesn’t always go the way we plan. When things fall apart it can seem overwhelming in the moment. It’s hard to see past the frustration, disappointment, heartbreak. But it’s pretty nuts to take a step back sometimes and realize that the best things in my life, the best people, have come out of some of my greatest failures, and my worst mistakes. I’m not sure that I believe everything happens for a reason, but I do know that if everything always worked out the way we wanted, we’d miss out on an awful lot of amazing moments. - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


I was expecting a week of backpacking in the Sierras. But when Quin picked me up at the airport he asked how I would feel about hiking down to Havasupai with a bunch of strangers instead. Apparently someone had reached out to him with extra permits for the next day. Neither of us knew anything about the guy, and the idea of hiking into the desert with a random person sounded like the perfect beginning to a horror movie. But if you’ve ever tried to get permits to Havasupai, you know that if someone offers them, you just say yes. 24 hours later I was laying next to this waterfall, looking out across one of the prettiest canyons out there, with four new friends. All I’m saying, is maybe, just maybe, it’s not such a bad idea to talk to strangers after all! - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


I felt the cool sand seep up between my toes as it engulfed my feet. The sun was setting and the sky popped with color against the white horizon. I sat down to enjoy the show. When the last streak of orange had faded, darkness rolled in heavy with stars. The park was closed now and the sky felt a little too close. A crushing desire to internalize the moment washed over me. A need to capture it. To remember every detail. Something about the immensity of nature in places like this had always elicited an overwhelming mixture of loneliness and belonging. A hazy, yet unmistakable sense that I am part of something much larger. If only for a fleeting moment. - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


NEW BLOG POST! All my favorite Oregon road trip destinations. Link in bio! ☺️ - Sometimes I worry that staring at mind bogglingly stunning photos all day will desensitize me to how beautiful our world is. That I’ll start to take it for granted. Or even fail to notice the little miracles in everyday life. But then a sunset like this one on the Oregon coast happens, and I know deep down that no amount of pictures will ever take away from the experience of being there in the moment. - Ready to get out on your own fall adventure? Use JESS15 to gear up with @backcountry. I’ve included some of my favorite fall lifestyle items in the blog. (Some exclusions apply). Happy reading! #GOATworthy #sponsored - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


It’s a big world out there. And I hope it always feels that way. ☺️ - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


New Blog Post!: Minimalist Guide to Packing Like A Pro (link in bio). - Minimalism is not the lack of something, it is simply the perfect amount of something. And that’s what you should strive for when you are packing! After all, we travel to expand our boundaries, learn about new cultures, and leave our day to day lives behind, not to drag it around in our luggage! Packing efficiently is not just smart, it’s a way of life. - Get my top tips and tricks for packing like a travel pro, and find out how I traveled all around Europe using just my @Travelprointl Platinum® Elite Carry-On, and a small day-pack! Platinum® Elite made packing for Europe a breeze, and proved to be a lifesaver when it came to organizing everything. #GetTheUpgrade #Ad - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


Excited to be on the road again! This time headed up the west coast, with a few detours along the way. First stop: Arizona 😂 - Shot on @sonyalpha a7rII, 24-70mm, f4, ISO 100. #bealpha #alphacollective