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This past week I've been hiking the Tour Du Mont Blanc (TMB) with my family in Europe. We’ve been talking about doing the TMB together forever, and it has been pretty surreal to have that dream finally become a reality. Like all adventures, planning for the TMB was half the fun! I was in charge of making sure everyone had the gear they needed to stay comfortable and safe on the trail, and I found tons of inspiration in the @backcountry Summer Gear Guide (link in bio)! - I’m working with Backcountry to offer you 15% off your first order when you use the code JessD15 (offer expires July 31). Hope this helps you get out on your own outdoor summer adventure. Happy hiking! ☺️✌️ #GOATworthy


Trying to pet the fish. They weren’t having it! 😉💦 - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


I'm not a competitive person. Or at least that's what I've always told myself. But I'm actually just terrified of failing. Growing up I convinced myself that if I didn't try, then I couldn't really lose. And for a long time that logic seemed to work out for me. I built an entire identity around it. I didn't let myself want anything. And in turn I didn't get hurt. It was that simple. Until it wasn't. Until I realized that not losing, isn't the same as winning. And not hurting is not the same as happiness. I'm still afraid to put myself out there. To acknowledge when I want something. To let myself try. But now I know that there are far worse things than failing - like never knowing. - photo: @everchanginghorizon


I’m used to staying in tents and camper vans while I travel, so the last few days have been quite a shock to the system. I’m tagging along with @everchanginghorizon while he shoots for @karmagawa at some of these beautiful places in Europe. And while I’m mostly behind the scenes, I just had to sneak in front of the camera for this one! It’s not every day that you get to go for a sunrise swim at the top of the world. I’m so grateful for life’s big and little moments right now. I’m not sure how I ended up here, but I’m excited to share this crazy journey with you. - Also, New blog post is up! Read about the camera gear we use on our trips! Link in bio. ☺️✌️ - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


When it comes to hiking in the PNW, you hope for the best and plan for the worst! But even on the soggiest of days there’s nothing quite like some quality time in the mountains. Especially when every mile you hike goes toward a good cause! From now through August 31, @Nature_Valley is hosting its Summer of a Million Miles Challenge, which encourages people across the nation to get outdoors this summer. If everyone participating collectively logs at least one million miles in qualifying hikes on Under Armour’s MapMyHike app, Nature Valley will donate $250,000 to the National Park Foundation. Happy hiking! #NatureValleyHikeAMillion #ad - No purchase necessary. Ends 8/31/18. Must be 18. Details linked in bio.


Whenever I post a photo swimming, diving, or jumping into water I get a lot of questions about how cold it was. And the answer is always, I have no idea. Because let’s be honest, at a certain point cold is just cold. Unless it’s this water. Then the answer is the COLDEST. 😳💦 - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


There’s no space to grow in the known. Out on the trail, in the mountains, far away from all the trappings of comfort, I think a lot about fear and the unknown. But there are no answers waiting for me in my bedroom, on my phone, comparing my path to others, worrying about missed opportunities. I’ve been to that place. I know how empty it is. Growth happens in the unknown. And that's where I want to go. Have a magic weekend out there! I hope it’s full of things that make you just a little bit uncomfortable. 😜✨ - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


Obviously I really heart this place. 😉💙 - NEW BLOG IS UP: Packrafting Into The Unknown. Link in bio! - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


I always wanted my own private island! 💦😋 - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


I just got back from my first packrafting trip! It was an amazing week of no service, new friends, and human powered adventures. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the trip, and I still don’t have the words to give the experience justice. But it’s amazing what you can learn about yourself when it’s just you, the water, and a lot of time. - Thanks to @kokopellipackraft, @minayounglee, & @juusoringman for bringing us along! - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


What is it about trees that makes them feel so animated? Like they might reach out and talk to you at any minute. This unique grove of redwoods has developed candelabra like limbs over time in response to the harsh coastal weather. I can only imagine the stories it would tell if I could understand it’s language. ☺️ - Headed off the grid for a few days, hope you have an awesome weekend! - Photo: @everchanginghorizon


Lake Tahoe blog is up! This one is real special to me, and I had a lot of fun working on it. I hope you enjoy! ☺️ Link in bio. - Photo: @everchanginghorizon